5 Reasons Not to Buy the iPad 3

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The general consensus 'round the ole Internet is that Apple is going to bestow the iPad 3 unto us on March 7. It will be groundbreaking in that usual Apple way, and you will want it — that is, unless you fall into one of the categories below. That's because there are five very good reasons not to buy the new iPad 3. For some people, these explanations may bring to light why they, too, probably shouldn't buy it. For others, these reasons will just help them to understand those other crazy people. So here's why you might not be buying the iPad 3 next week.

1. You Want to Save Money
We feel bad even mentioning this one because of course it's a luxury item and we should all really get over its price already! But the iPad 3 will be expensive, and many people will cringe at the price. If you want a money-saving option, buy the iPad 2 once it goes on clearance (or pick up a refurb from Apple). After all, no matter what bells and whistles are crammed into the latest model, the iPad 2 is probably still going to do 90% of what the iPad 3 will.

2. You're Going to "Wait and See"
With so many promising new Ice Cream Sandwich-based Android tablets on the horizon, maybe you want to see what that platform has in store over the next couple of months. Or maybe you've heard the rumor that the first Windows 8 tablets are scheduled to arrive in Q2 of this year, and you want to see how those things compare to the iPad before making the leap. Either way, you won't snatch up the iPad 3, and someone will naturally accuse you of being an "Apple Hater."

3. You Don't Want to Re-Buy So Soon
It seems like just yesterday that you preordered that brand new iPad 2 of yours. It's still in good condition, and you use it every day. Maybe you feel like you haven't gotten your money's worth out of it yet, and you'll skip the iPad 3 and wait for the iPad 4 (which will most certainly be announced in about a year's time). Also, you don't need to have the latest and greatest to feel good about yourself.

4. What's 4G?
Rumor has it (as Adele sings) that the iPad 3 is going to be 4G LTE connected. But what does that mean to someone who lives in an area that has never seen a 4G tower and is barely covered by any kind of cellular signal? None. It matters none. (Sure, it'll be WiFi connected, but so is the iPad 2, so 4G isn't exactly a selling point for these potential buyers.)

5. You've Got Other Investments
You're already invested in another app ecosystem. Perhaps you've spent a lot of money in the Android Market or Amazon App Store. Switching platforms would mean having to re-buy a bunch of apps and games.

These are all fine reasons not to buy Apple's upcoming tablet, but it's still going to be a compelling product that will test your willpower. Of course, the best reason not to buy an iPad 3 on March 7 is if Apple doesn't announce it at all! OK, OK, but if Apple does in fact announce its iPad 3, will you buy one?

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iPad users are elitist morons. Why would you pay hundreds of dollars and then pay hundreds of dollards more in apps and music, when u can get all those things for free on a Droid? Oh, i know why, because you're an elitist and owning apple products make you look awesome right??? dummies
@tartarm: But these are all points that bear to be repeated. TechGeeks and fanboys are like little children.This whole article goes without saying! I consider myself an Apple fanboy, but sometimes I have to err on the side of practicality. You have an iPad2, or netbook, or laptop? Keep it. You don't have an iPad at all? My goodness, how have you lived this long without one? Wait on technology, no need to join the "me, too" crowd.
No offense, but these aren't "good" reasons. They are reasons that could be applied to almost any electronic purchase.  I thought there'd be more technical information or cost analysis instead of just " Something better might come out" or "Save your $$"

If I had an iPad 2, I'd probably wait for the 4.  But I don't. ;)
I fall into category 3.  But if money were no object...
I count myself on the "probably get an iPad3" mostly because I've loved my iPad 2 and my wife wants an iPad. She'd be happy with an iPad2, SO, if I get a second iPad2 or get an iPad3 depends on the new features and availability in the next couple months.
6. Instead of buying an iPad 3, take that money and buy one share of AAPL. A year from now, use the profit from that share to buy an iPad 4, a year later repeat,...