Why Wait in Line When You Can Buy Online? iPad 2 Fans Answer

By Beth Pinsker, dealnews Editorial Director

There were hundreds of stores selling the iPad 2 and iPad 2 Accessories on its release day last Friday, but still thousands lined up around the country at Apple stores to get their hands on the new gadget the very first day. Why? Instead of sitting for hours in the cold, the rain or the hot sun, they could have just ordered online. For the iPad 2, online ordering actually started 11 hours before stores opened, and if you got a purchase through by 4 am, you only had to wait a week for shipping.

But that's not good enough for some people, and that goes for other Apple products, concert tickets, Black Friday deals and other must-haves that turn otherwise normal consumers into dedicated campers.

We wanted to know what was behind this urge to wait, so we headed down to the Apple Store in SoHo New York, where there were several Best Buys within walking distance, not to mention Verizon and AT&T stores with no lines. Still there were about a thousand people circling a city block. Here's what they said about staking (out) their claim:

What do you think? Would you ever wait in a line like this?

Beth Pinsker is dealnews' Editorial Director. She was most recently the Editor of WalletPop.com and has been a life-long bargain hunter. Follow her on Twitter — @bethpinsker. You can also sign up for an email alert for all dealnews features.
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It's because of dealnews that I don't have to suffer through that craziness anymore.
Ipad2 is great, but I'll wait...
I simply cannot imagine anything so important that I would wait in line so long. It would have to be something that I couldn't get online or at a later time. I love new gadgets but I tend to wait until they aren't in so much demand.
Order online and get it in one week, who wants to stand and wait. Your friends bragging rights will be old news in 1 week when you get yours in mail, without breaking a sweat.
On line is the only way to shop for me.
I love dealnews!
Is it cheaper ?
This is a hype and the success of advertisement from Apple company
I don't wait for much. I'd order online.
I think this is more of hype....
Tried but no luck. Guess not surprising. Took a gamble hoping people who had iPad wouldn't line up for iPad 2.
I would rather order online than wait hours at the store!
who has time and money these days ?. By the time you buy ipad2, ipad3 will be out.
I don't wait in line for anything but buying groceries. I LOVE being able to shop online any time, day or night, no hassles, no parking issues, no rude store clerks, no expensive gas burned. Having the stuff delivered right to my door is the best. Love shopping DealNews!
Wow! I can't be mad at the people for waiting.I wait on black Friday...
Winning an iPad2 would be cool.
No patients here. I couldn't wait more than 30 minutes.
I also would like the iPad2, I've never had anything Apple, so you could consider it my entry level ummm, tablet? I wouldn't drive all the way to an Apple store to get one, but I have relatives who have done this, even going early on the first day of sale. I'll be happy with the one DealNews ships to me.
I want an iPad 2, it is really cool. And I love dealnews, it has been helping me all the time
Bleeding edge means you really have to BLEED!
waiting in line? unless i was first, no way!
Great to win from dealnews!
For commercial products definitely not if the wait is over 30 minutes... probably not if it's over 10. I'll normally wait a few days and buy when it's more readily available.
I love dealnews. I hate wait in line. If I have a chance to buy online, I'd like to do that.
Because iPad 2 is not avarible in Mexico.
Why wait in line when you can order online? Waiting one week more for the iPad 2 to be conveniently shipped and delivered to your home makes much more sense to me.
Why not simply win one from dealnews?
Why wait in line...buy online and avoid the hassels
Wow I would never wait in line like that online is where its at!
Take $3000 go home, place an online order, pocket over $2000, ditch the hassle. win win win.
same here..even for a couple hundred
Wow...$3,000? I would have left in a heart beat.