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Blog Archives for 2009

Budget mini HD camcorder face-off

High-def isn't always synonymous with high prices. We took two sub $200 pocket camcorders out for a test drive to see which can give your home videos some much-needed HD pizazz.

Buying a men's suit online: Tips from the experts

Whether it's for work or an upcoming wedding, a suit is an essential part of every man's wardrobe. Fortunately, thanks to the Internet you don't have to spend a fortune to buy one. and show us how to make your first online suit purchase both easy and affordable.

Bike Buyer's Guide: Bikes for all budgets

Thinking of buying a new bike? We spoke with the experts at Bicycling magazine for some tips on how new and experienced riders can find the right bike.

Weekend Laptop Roundup: HP 1.6GHz 12" for $600 after rebate + free shipping, more

This weekend's most popular laptop deals include HP's new Neo-based 12" Pavilion 1.6GHz laptop for $600, Compaq's 15" 2.2GHz Presario laptop for $380, Acer's 14" 2.16GHz Aspire laptop for $450, and more.

Terms to know before going green in tech: 80 PLUS, Energy Star, more

Want to go green, but can't decipher the lingo? We've broken down the terminology so you know what's behind some of today's most important certifications.

Budget online services: Warranties, PC repair, more

These days, everyone is out to save money. To help on your cost-cutting mission, we've gathered a list of tech-related online services, from warranties to PC repair, that will help you cut fees.

Weekend Laptop Roundup: Dell 2.16GHz 15" for $550 + free shipping, more

This weekend's most popular laptop deals include a 14" Acer 2GHz laptop for $500, Sony's 15" 2.16GHz VAIO laptop for $600, Dell's 15" 2.16GHz Inspiron 15 laptop for $550, and more.

Your Earth Day Checklist

Earth Day is once again upon us. For us, it's a time to reflect upon how we're harming the environment, simply by living. For news organizations, it's a time to dust off all the old tips from last year and re-present them as new. With that in mind, we've put together a handy checklist of "tips" that you're sure to hear more than once over the next week.

This Week's Rumor Roundup: Rock Band, Zune, iPhone, more

When the Internet makes stuff up, we collect those lies and compile them, each week, into what we like to call our Rumor Roundup. We're also pretty sure that that last sentence was a run-on.

Online TV sites with social features: Joost, CBS,, and Hulu

Like it or not, online video streaming is about to change. In an effort to attract more viewers, Hulu, Joost,, and other online video destinations are adding social networking features to their respective sites. But are these features worth checking out or will they simply bombard your viewing experience with chat widgets and emoticons? We hit our favorite sites to find out.

DealWatch: Price trends on 1080p LCD HDTVs

With the holiday season long gone, your chance at buying an inexpensive, new LCD HDTV is over. Or is it? We analyzed the past nine months-worth of TV deals — with price trend graphs — to find out if now is still a good time to buy.

Tax prep roundup: Reviews of TurboTax, TaxACT, and H&R Block

Still haven't filed your taxes? Don't panic. With more than 24 hours to go, you still have several options for filing your 1040. One of our editors tried out three different methods to do his federal taxes — see which worked out the best.

Ultraportable comparo: Dell Adamo, Apple MacBook Air, Voodoo Envy 133

Dell's new Adamo is the company's most aesthetic laptop to date. But is this luxury notebook worth its $2,000 asking price? We compared it to its biggest rivals — Apple's MacBook Air and Voodoo's Envy 133 — to find out which machine offers the best value.

Weekend Laptop Roundup: ASUS 1.6GHz 10" for $350 + $20 s&h, more

This weekend's most popular laptop deals include a 10" ASUS 1.6GHz netbook for $350, Compaq's 15" 2GHz Presario laptop for $450, Acer's 14" 2GHz Aspire laptop for $500, and more.

This Week's Rumor Roundup: iPod, PSP, Palm PRE, BioShock, more

Someone once said, "Man cannot live on facts alone." Even though we're pretty sure that person was lying when they said that, why take the chance? Check out our Rumor Roundup to see what the Internet is probably lying about. What else have you got to do for the next five minutes, anyway?

How to properly maintain your home appliances: Refrigerators, air conditioners, more

If not properly maintained, household appliances can bleed money via expensive repairs and replacements. We spoke with Marshall Brain, founder of Discovery Communications' tutorial site and Monica Teague, spokeswoman for appliance manufacturer Whirlpool to find out how to keep your household appliances running like new.

Peek Pronto: Is its no frills data plan worth switching to?

Paying too much for your smartphone's data plan? At $19.95/mo, the Peek Mobile Handheld delivers one of the least expensive data plans we've seen. But can this e-mail- and text-only handheld pry us from our smartphone? We spent a week with the device to find out.

Deal sites for foodies: Cheap eats in NYC, San Francisco, LA, and more.

Eating out can be expensive, especially if you live in a major city. Fortunately, the following food sites can help you keep track of food deals from New York to San Francisco.

Weekend Laptop Roundup: HP 2GHz 16" for $600 after rebate + free shipping, more

This weekend's most popular laptop deals include a 16" HP 2GHz laptop for $600, Toshiba's 15" 2.16GHz Satellite L305 laptop for $430, Asus' 16" 2.13GHz gaming laptop for $900, and more.

This Week's Rumor Roundup: iPhone, Twitter, MySpace

More fiction than fact, that Internet continues to go above and beyond to deliver all sorts of false information direct to your computer terminal. Well, we've taken these falsehoods and rounded them up in what we like to call our Rumor Roundup.

Letters to the Editors: Ultraportables, A/V cables, more

From ultraportable laptop recommendations to advice on overpriced A/V cables, we answer our first batch of reader mail.

Weekend Laptop Roundup: Compaq 2GHz 16" for $400 after rebate + free shipping, more

This weekend's most popular laptop deals include a 15" Compaq 2GHz laptop for $400, Toshiba's 15" 2GHz Satellite A305 laptop for $600, HP's 15" 2GHz media laptop for $700, and more.

This Week's Rumor Roundup: iPhone, Skype, Gears of War, Nintendo, more

Ever wonder what news would be like if it were reported without worrying about facts? Then check out our Rumor Roundup to see what the Internet can "report" while turning a blind eye to reality!

Swap sites that let you trade for free

Tired of spending your money on items you only use once? From unwanted CDs to used apparel, the following sites will let you swap your old media with others for free.

Weekend Laptop Roundup: Toshiba 2GHz 16" for $650 after rebate + $15 s&h, more

This weekend's most popular laptop deals include a 16" Toshiba 2GHz laptop for $650, Lenovo's 13" 2GHz IdeaPad U330 laptop for $900, Gateway's 13" 2.16GHz laptop for $550, and more.

Advice and etiquette for gamers going to GDC

Heading out to the Game Developers Conference? We've put together a list of advice and etiquette for you to follow that will make your n00b self seem just a bit more 1337.

This Week's Rumor Roundup: Guitar Hero, Metal Gear, Canon

The Internet is like rice pudding. Rumors are like raisins. Some people like raisins in their Internet, some prefer their pudding to be rumor free. No matter how you feel, we still think you'll enjoy our Rumor Roundup in which we mock all of the raisins.

Weekend Laptop Roundup: Gateway 2GHz 15" for $550 + free shipping, more

This weekend's most popular laptop deals include a 15" Gateway 2GHz laptop for $550, Apple's 13" 1.6GHz MacBook Air laptop for $999, Everex's 13" 1.6GHz StepNote for $448, and more.

This Week's Rumor Roundup: Apple, Wii, Guitar Hero

When the Internet gives you rumors, you make rumor-ade. Check out all of the sweet, sweet items that we've freshly squeezed for this week's Rumor Roundup.

5 Ways to Find a Great Value Wine

Despite the recession, about 13,000 different wines are still on sale in the United States, and that's one thing people are not likely to give up on. So if we can't live without it, how can we find a good bottle for little money? We spoke with the experts to find out.

This Week's Rumor Roundup: PSP, GTA, Wii

The Internet is to rumors as New York City apartments are to cockroaches. Each is crawling with the other, no matter how many times you spray. So, why beat 'em when you can join 'em? Enjoy our cockroach roundup Rumor Roundup.

Web sites that stream free concerts (updated)

Purchasing concert tickets is getting increasingly expensive, but what if you could stay at home and watch your favorite concerts for free? Thanks to the Internet, music fans can do just that. From Radiohead to The Rolling Stones, we've found several websites that let you stream live and pre-recorded concerts so you don't have to deal with overpriced beers and sticky floors.

Making Cheap International Calls

Want to reconnect with distant relatives and friends? Unless you're aware of your carrier's international calling plans, you may want to think twice before picking up the phone. We've compared some VoIP-based calling plans that can help you make inexpensive calls across the globe.

Letters to the Editors

Do you need advice on how to buy a refurbished laptop? Or have you ever wondered how we pick the deals that make it up on our site? Drop us a line — we want to hear from you. Read on to find out how you can contact our editors.

This Week's Rumor Roundup: Kindle, Windows 7, Wii

Someone once said, "Man cannot live on facts alone." Even though we're pretty sure that person was lying when they said that, why take the chance? Check out our Rumor Roundup to see what the internet is probably lying about. Your life might just depend on it.

MagicJack Revisited: How reliable is this company's customer support?

The MagicJack phone adapter is the least expensive VoIP plan we've seen. However, numerous complaints have hit the blogosphere, from both press and customers, claiming the company lacks proper customer support. We revisited MagicJack to find out what the customer support experience is like.

This Week's Rumor Roundup: Apple, iPhone, Windows 7

Mainly "who is laying off how many" and "which company is going to close forever" rumors were the norm for the past couple of weeks. It was quite depressing. But, we come to find out that tech rumors are recession-proof! So we've rounded up a smattering of the good stuff for you. Enjoy!

New Atom-based budget all-in-one desktops

Your desktop PC is about to get a makeover. The same companies that refined the netbook have set their sights on the all-in-one in hopes of dethroning today's models with lower prices and smarter features. But are these new desktops better than their current counterparts? We compare three incoming models to find out.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Wired Women

Flowers and chocolates are the classic staples of Valentine's Day, but there's plenty more gifts to get for your sweetie, especially if she's sweet on gadgets and tech. For the wired woman of your life, this list will help get you through this year's day of romance.

Amazon Kindle 2: A good value?

The Kindle 2, Amazon's eagerly-awaited follow up to the Kindle, has made its official debut. With a lower price tag and slimmer design, it's already won the hearts of Kindle fans. However, can it help the average book reader save money too?

Weekend Laptop Roundup: Toshiba Satellite 2.16GHz 15" for $430 after rebate + free shipping, more

This weekend's most popular laptop deals include a 15" Toshiba Satellite 2.16GHz laptop for $430, Gateway's 15" 2.1GHz AMD laptop for $550, Sony's 1.5-lb 8" 1.33GHz VAIO P for $900, and more.

Money-saving tips for a bad economy

Saving money doesn't mean having to give up on your daily indulgences. With a little creativity and some ingenuity you can beat the gloomy economy and still afford to buy the things you like. We've gathered dozens of tips to maximize your money.

Upgrading? The best trade-in deals for your used tech

From outdated laptops to aged iPods, when it comes to trading in your old tech for cash, there are plenty of options to choose from. We checked the policies of a few major manufacturers to find out which company offers the most lucrative trade-in program for your worn out tech. Plus, recycling options for greener disposal.

Six ways to extend the life of your old PCs

Looking to get rid of an old PC? Before you send it to the recycling bin, chances are you can still get some use out of it. (Like turn it into a security monitoring system.) So before you trash ol' reliable, here are six ideas for extending the life of unused systems.

MSI X-Slim 320 vs. MacBook Air: Which ultraportable is the best value?

MSI's forthcoming X-Slim 320 laptop has all the characteristics of a MacBook Air competitor. With its $700 starting price, it's also one of the most affordable ultraportables we've seen. But is MSI's new system a better value than a refurbished MacBook Air? We put them side by side to find out.

Inside Circuit City's Liquidation Sale

Contrary to popular belief, most liquidation sales generally increase rather than decrease store prices. It's been a week since Circuit City's liquidation sale started and we were wondering what kind of prices we'd find in-store, so we went to our local Circuit City in Union Square, NYC, to find out what kind of deals, if any, we'd find. Here are our findings ...

Palm Pre: The affordable smartphone we've been waiting for?

Palm is re-entering the handheld market with a new smartphone that's being called Apple's biggest competitor. Due later this year, the touch-sensitive Palm Pre will make its debut alongside a new Palm operating system called WebOS. We compared both the phone and the software against today's hottest smartphones to see how it stacks up against the competition.

CES Buzz Terms for 2009: OLED, MIDs, 240Hz, more

Now that we've seen 2009's gadget lineup, it's time to make sense of all the new features that were thrown our way. In an effort to make your shopping easier, we've created a glossary of what we thought were some of the most important terms at this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

Five ways to shop safely on a smartphone

As smartphones become more like PCs, merchants are making it easier than ever to shop from your mobile. But are purchases made from your cell phone safe? We spoke with the experts to find out.

How to save on winter sports gear

Shopping for winter sports gear can be tricky, especially when you're no longer an amateur but just not quite ready to shell out for professional-grade equipment. To help you make the best decision, we've got some tips from the experts. So, before you hit the slopes, follow these guidelines so that you can make an informed choice when picking up your first snowboard or pair of skis.
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