This Week's Rumor Roundup: iPod, PSP, Palm PRE, BioShock, more

A bountiful harvest:
  • Unibody iPods?
    Well, I guess that means the end of use-replaceable batteries in these ... Oh, right.
  • Midway to be bought by Ubisoft? Warner Bros.? Private Chicago investor?
    Please let the private investor buy it, PLEASE! I mean, just think about it: "Mortal Kombat vs Oprah!"
  • New PSP to have dual analog sticks, sliding screen, touchscreen, no UMD, downloadable content, and a winter release?
    All these rumors about revolutionary changes to the current model are just another way of saying, "We hate everything about this device, so we're going to imagine a new, better world where the PSP as we know it does not exist."
  • Palm PRE next week?
    This info is based on what a Sprint store employee told some random dude. I never thought I'd say this, but: The bar for credible rumors has just been lowered.
  • Barnes and Noble eBook?
    I just hope they can bring all the real-world B&N experience to the device. As in: One quarter of the screen real-estate will be dedicated to trying to sell you coffee, there will be kids cluttering up the aisles reading manga and getting in the way of you finding the book you want to actually BUY, and the device will not allow itself to be taken into the bathroom.
  • RIM to release Storm2 in September?
    They'll be ditching the oft-maligned "SurePress technology" in favor of something totally different ... called "TruePress technology". Name it what you want, but pushing on your cellphone's glass screen until you hear a click will ALWAYS feel wrong.
  • "BioShock: The Movie" directed by Gore Verbinski?
    The up-side? Gore has ditched the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie for this. The downside? They're probably going to make a fourth Pirates movie, anyway.
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