This Week's Rumor Roundup: iPhone, Skype, Gears of War, Nintendo, more

Get yer hot, buttered rumors here!
  • New iPhone in June?
    We can't have those customers who bought the first-gen iPhone hanging around with a regular month-to-month contract, now can we? Quick! Release a new phone and lock 'em in for another two years!
  • Verizon to subsidize netbooks?
    Save $200 to spend $1,400 over the life of the 2-year Verizon contract? It's a bargain! Thanks, Verizon, for teaching us the true meaning of "gouging".
  • Skype coming to the iPhone?
    Why wouldn't Apple want to ruin its lucrative relationship with AT&T by offering free calls via WiFi?
  • Nintendo's DSi to feature virtual console downloads?
    O! Nostalgia! You tempt me to pay top-dollar for the newest-gen product, so that I may play old, poor-resolution, spinach-green games.
  • Dell buying Palm?
    Dell shoulda thought of this before Palm announced the Pre and got all "buzz-worthy". Now they'll have to pay top-dollar ... OR, they can just wait until the Pre reveals itself to be an absolute failure and pick the company up for a song!
  • Another "Gears of War" expansion pack?
    Called "Dark Corners", it will be an immersive action game that requires your player to replace blown-out streetlight bulbs. Ah! The pun! The last ditch effort of humor.
  • iPod shuffle's mysterious chip is really a microphone?
    First, we were told it was some sort of hardware DRM, now we're told it's a microphone?! Maybe it's some sort of DRM/microphone hybrid that will be the salvation of all the people aboard the Battlestar Galactica?! (Hmmm ... Actually, that might have been a better ending to the show.)
Jeff Somogyi is dealnews' Media Editor. He would like to cut the last eight minutes off of the BSG series finale.
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