Best Black Friday Doorbuster TV Ads 2018

Store credit will effectively drop a 58" Samsung TV to less than $400!
Black Friday Doorbuster TVs

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Doorbuster TVs are one of the biggest items on many shoppers' wishlists for Black Friday. Because of that, they tend to sell out very fast. We've rounded up the best Black Friday doorbuster ads to help you plan your shopping trip and snag the deals you want.

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Best Black Friday Doorbuster TV Ads 2018

  • Hisense 40" 1080p HDTV for $99 at Walmart
    Why Buy It: Great price for a smaller screen

    Frequently, we see 32" sets on Black Friday drop below $100, but if you're looking for a slightly bigger TV, this is a solid buy, especially if it's for something like a kid's room. Just remember, these super-affordable sets will sell out fast!

  • Polaroid 32" LED TV for $79.99 at Target
    Why Buy It: Cheapest TV we've seen so far

    We suspected that at least one retailer would have a sub-$100 TV on Black Friday. It's a pleasant surprise to see Target offering this smaller set at a very affordable price. Remember: Deals this good will go fast!

  • LG 70" Smart 4K UHD LED TV for $699.99 at Best Buy
    Why Buy It: Great price for a huge screen

    Most brand-name big-screen sets will easily set you back at least $1,000. This giant LG TV is a fraction of that, so if you're in the market (and your home can handle it), this deal is a solid choice.

  • 65" Roku Smart 4K UHD LED TV for $398 at Walmart
    Why Buy It: Fantastic price for a big 4K TV

    Even without a brand attached, this a good Black Friday buy. If you're in the market for a new TV, paying less than $400 is an excellent big-screen deal.

  • Element 55" Smart 4K UHD LED TV for $199.99 at Target
    Why Buy It: Super-affordable 4K TV

    We predicted that off-brand 4K TVs would only fall to $250 at big-box retailers like Target. However, this Element dropped even lower than we expected, making it a true doorbuster TV deal.

  • Samsung 58" Smart 4K TV + $165 Kohl's Cash for $549.99 at Kohl's
    Why Buy It: Store credit makes this deal a must-have

    A name-brand set at the upper end of the midsize spectrum for this price is definitely a winning deal. Factor in the Kohl's Cash, and it's like dropping the price to $384.99. That makes this a great TV deal you shouldn't miss.

  • Samsung 75" Smart 4K HDR UHD LED TV & Xbox One S 1TB Game Pass Console Bundle for $1,279 at Sam's Club
    Why Buy It: Bundle is cheaper than the TV alone

    We've seen this massive set go for $200 more just on its own. Not only does this bundle cut the price, but it also includes the Xbox One S console.

NOTE: The information below was assembled before the Black Friday ads came out. Please refer to the ads above before making any shopping plans.

Black Friday Doorbuster TV Deal Predictions

  • A few stores will have sets between $80 and $100, but they'll go fast
  • Doorbusters will once again be available online as well as in-store
  • Off-brand 55" sets will fall to $250 at stores like Target

Not every Black Friday doorbuster deal on TVs will be worth your time. The truly excellent doorbusters require strategy, as they tend to sell out quickly. Read on to see what we're expecting from TV doorbuster deals in 2018 — along with the more typical prices for each size category.

In 2017, Amazon offered a 32" set at a serious low of $70. Given the current instability in the electronics market, we don't think we'll see that price again. Instead, we expect to see 32" doorbusters priced between $80 and $100.

We expect to see 32" TV doorbusters priced between $80 and $100.

Outside of limited-stock doorbusters and other early bird offers, the price on these smaller sets will typically be around $125 which is only $25 to $45 more than the doorbuster deals.

Remember, though, these are some of the lowest-resolution TVs you can buy right now. You won't get top quality out of your Blu-ray player, for example, since Blu-rays typically run at 1080p. But if you just need a guest room TV, these 720p sets will be a great buy.

Looking for a bigger set? We could see 49" models fall to a low of $175. If you're shopping units bundled with gift cards, this is one of the size categories where it could pay to pounce on a doorbuster as soon as you can — otherwise, you could find yourself paying a lot more for the same set. If you do miss the early sales, $380 is a decent price for a 49" TV on Black Friday.

The most common TV discount on Black Friday will be the 55" category. Doorbuster deals will drop these models to $275. However, outside of those first few hours, we're expecting the prices to nearly double. Most 55" TVs will come in at around $500 during regular Black Friday sales. Note that retailers like Dell will be bundling these sets with gift cards, and those should come in at higher prices — around $600 at least.

The most common TV discount on Black Friday will be the 55" category. Doorbuster deals will drop them to $275.

If you're in the market for something slightly bigger, 60" sets will hit doorbuster prices of around $498. Fortunately, missing these doorbusters won't impact your wallet too terribly; expect to pay around $600 if you're shopping outside the doorbuster window.

If you're shopping for huge screens, then you're likely to see bigger discounts. We're expecting 70"-plus doorbuster deals to fall between $850 and $999 at stores like Target. Otherwise, expect to shell out between $1,200 and $1,700 for these massive TVs. Aside from Target, be sure to look to Amazon, Best Buy, and Dell for the best sales on big-screen TVs.

The following advice works for most consumer electronics, but is doubly true for televisions: Don't kill yourself trying to get in the door. The deals you'll see on the internet will rival or exceed those you'll find at most brick-and-mortar outlets. For instance, almost all of Best Buy's "doorbuster" deals also ran online last year.

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Click here to see all the best Black Friday ads

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