Staff Picks: The Best of the Best


When you see a Staff Pick deal, you know someone at Castle DealNews has declared it a particularly noteworthy bargain. So allow us to quickly highlight some of the... um... highlights. (Of what are already highlights. It recurs.)

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Eddie Bauer Greatest Hits at WootEddie Bauer Greatest Hits at Woot
Store: Woot! An Amazon Company
Discount: Up to 79% off
Shipping: Free shipping w/ Prime

This isn't an album of the outdoors fashion guru's foray into the musical arts, despite how much it sounds like it might be, and how much we'd like that to be the case. We imagine that album would be full of inoffensive, vaguely inspirational soft rock – Kenny Loggins' "Danger Zone" but for hiking. Instead, we must imagine these songs in our heads and in our hearts as we reap the benefits of Woot's discounts on shirts, shorts, jackets, and more. Actually, it'd probably just rewrite the chorus to an inarguably appropriate "highway to the Nature Zone". Yeah, that's about right. (Or it would sound right if old man Bauer hadn't died a month before the song's original release, thus presumably limiting his knowledge of the chorus. Ah well.)

Sierra Designs Men's Cold Canyon HoodieSierra Designs Men's Cold Canyon Hoodie
Store: Backcountry
Price: $26.98
Shipping: Free shipping w/ $50
Lowest By: $63

Fleece hoodies have an Achilles heel apparently. That weakness is supposedly wind and Sierra Designs has seemingly conquered it by gracing us with a fleece hoodie featuring nylon panels and "an internal windbreaking layer" with "integrated thumbholes" that are also important for some so-called scientifically sound heat retaining reason. These are big words and cannot be taken purely at face value without some in-field hands on experience of the Sierra Designs Men's Cold Canyon Hoodie. Mercifully, taking that very plunge now involves saving 70% and $63 off the standard price. You may plunge without fear. Fearless plunging!

Apple Watch Series 8 GPS + Cellular 45mm Smart WatchApple Watch Series 8 GPS + Cellular 45mm Smart Watch
Store: Amazon
Price: $399
Shipping: Free shipping
Lowest By: $100

It's time to once again sound the Apple Alarm because an all-time price beckons anew. The product is the Apple Watch Series 8 GPS + Cellular 45mm Smart Watch. The price is $399. Most charge $500 for it. And the Apple Alarm? This on repeat for 10 minutes. Look, if you can survive that you've well and truly earned the ability to buy this watch at the best price we've ever seen.

Now, here's the Goosebumps theme made using the Doom soundfont. This has no relevancy whatsoever but it's too good not to include somewhere somehow. As you were.

Apple Accessory Blowout at WootApple Accessory Blowout at Woot
Store: Woot! An Amazon Company
Discount: Up to 92% off
Shipping: Free shipping w/ Prime

In the great battle between the Caseless Heathens and the Precious Keepers of Pristine Phones, only one of the two is prone to wrapping their portable communicators in a protective exterior. As such, there's less of interest to the former group here but the discounts of up to 92% off various Apple accessories do extend beyond mere cases into power adapters, wireless chargers, cables, and even a pair of Beats Studio Buds. So a truce I say, all in the name of enjoying discounts and dollar savings. If there's one thing that can unite us all, it's that...right?

Schwinn Boundary 24" 18-Speed Electric Mountain BikeSchwinn Boundary 24" 18-Speed Electric Mountain Bike
Store: Walmart
Price: $398
Shipping: Free shipping
Lowest By: $346

That's around $22 per speed, which we are now making the barometer of bike value. Ignore everything else you have ever read about bikes: all you need to know is the price, and the speeds. Then just a little bit of division, a little bit of pausing, a little bit of rummaging around for a calculator, a little bit of remembering that there's one on your phone, a little bit of typing, a little bit of surprised eyebrow raising, a little bit of realizing you did the division backwards, a little bit of extra division, and bam, you've got all the info you need. Bikes!