Staff Picks: The Best of the Best


When you see a Staff Pick deal, you know someone at Castle DealNews has declared it a particularly noteworthy bargain. So allow us to quickly highlight some of the... um... highlights. (Of what are already highlights. It recurs.)

Pro Deal Tip: There's many more Staff Pick deals beyond the ones we've highlighted here. Keep scrollin' to see them all.

Nike SaleNike Sale
Store: Nike
Discount: Up to 49% off + extra 20% off for members
Shipping: $5 s&h, or free shipping w/ $50
Expiration: September 24

Finally, a Nike sale on this confounding deal congregation website! It's about time, says you. Ah, sweet sarcasm. A Nike-based deal is among our collective top five favorite things here at Castle DealNews (the other four will remain a mystery....for now) as is surely evident by the sheer volume of Nike present on the site. However! The long revered supplier of activewear has well earned their placement here by frequently bestowing upon us and by extension you, dear reader, deals worthy of attention. Yes attention, posts, words of praise, and of course rambling monologues that ultimately end in useful information being conveyed, such as being able to use code "APPDAYS" as a Nike member (it's free to join) to save an extra 20% off shoes and non-shoes already reduced by up to 40% off. Very useful and very worth the hundred or so words it took to get there. All are in agreement on this.

(We've also agreed that if you shop via the app, you'll get 25% off instead, which is nice.)

Titan Osaki OS-Aster Full-Body Reclining Massage ChairTitan Osaki OS-Aster Full-Body Reclining Massage Chair
Store: Home Depot
Price: $999
Shipping: Free shipping
Lowest By: $1500
Expiration: September 28

To recline is the dream, at Home Depot that becomes a chair-based reality
To recline is the dream, for the lowest ever price and $1,500 off, a wise instance of frugality
To recline is the dream, auto massage programs and zero gravity mode for restoration of vitality
To recline is the dream, I will not rest until the Frutiger Aero aesthetic returns and rules over all, bow down to its immortality

Luggage Sale at WootLuggage Sale at Woot
Store: Woot! An Amazon Company
Discount: Up to 79% off
Shipping: Free shipping w/ Prime
Expiration: September 30

As Woot's sale headline accurately indicates: Luggage luggage luggage. It's the travelling accessory named for the awkwardness with which you drag it dutifully behind you as if it were the feeling of shame you have for that one particular moment in high school that you just can't seem to forget, especially on sleepless nights where you lie staring at the ceiling with nothing to do but linger in regret. But regret shall have no dominion here – only savings on Samsonite, Rockland, Travelers Club, and such.

Amazon Photos AppAmazon Photos App
Store: Amazon
Discount: $15 off $30 for Prime Big Deal Day
Expiration: October 7

If you're not already using Amazon Photos, this is your hopping-on point – upload your first photo by October 7, and you'll get a credit for $15 off a purchase of $30 or more on October 10 or 11 (Prime Big Deal Days). One assumes it doesn't even have to be your own photo – you could probably just upload any old screenshot or JPEG. Take a screenshot of this article and upload it. DealNews: the practical savings website™.

Schwinn Boundary 24" 18-Speed Electric Mountain BikeSchwinn Boundary 24" 18-Speed Electric Mountain Bike
Store: Walmart
Price: $398
Shipping: Free shipping
Lowest By: $346

That's around $22 per speed, which we are now making the barometer of bike value. Ignore everything else you have ever read about bikes: all you need to know is the price, and the speeds. Then just a little bit of division, a little bit of pausing, a little bit of rummaging around for a calculator, a little bit of remembering that there's one on your phone, a little bit of typing, a little bit of surprised eyebrow raising, a little bit of realizing you did the division backwards, a little bit of extra division, and bam, you've got all the info you need. Bikes!