Staff Picks: The Best of the Best


When you see a Staff Pick deal, you know someone at Castle DealNews has declared it a particularly noteworthy bargain. So allow us to quickly highlight some of the... um... highlights. (Of what are already highlights. It recurs.)

Pro Deal Tip: There's many more Staff Pick deals beyond the ones we've highlighted here. Keep scrollin' to see them all.

adidas Saleadidas Sale
Store: adidas
Discount: Up to 60% off + extra 30% off via code "HOTDEAL"
Shipping: Free shipping for members
Expiration: June 18

The coupon code is "HOTDEAL", but how hot is the deal, exactly? Until technology catches up with ambition, we can only measure deal heat relatively, so the most we can do is say it matches their Memorial Day Sale. Remember Memorial Day? Oh, we had some good times then. The coupon doesn't just knock an extra 30% off sale styles either – it also applies on full-price products, which are full-price no longer.

Eastsport Rival 18.5" Laptop BackpackEastsport Rival 18.5" Laptop Backpack
Store: Walmart
Price: $7.89
Shipping: Free shipping w/ $35
Lowest By: $17

Under $8 for a laptop backpack is always a great deal. This one fits laptops up to 17", and also has approximately one thousand extra pockets. That's an exaggeration, but by less than you might think. Choose in-store pickup if you can, to dodge $7 shipping fees, or spend enough to get free shipping anyway. Just don't end up paying as much for shipping as you are for the bag itself.

Columbia Men's Northern Utilizer JacketColumbia Men's Northern Utilizer Jacket
Store: Columbia
Price: $32 via code "JUNESAVE"
Shipping: Free shipping for members
Lowest By: $78
Expiration: June 20

"Northern Utilizer" sounds like a codename for a hitman. Or maybe the brand name of an industrial solvent. Either one is pretty cool. But also cool is this jacket, which actually bears the "Northern Utilizer" name, and it's $78 off its regular price thanks to coupon code "JUNESAVE".

GoPro HERO12 Black Action CameraGoPro HERO12 Black Action Camera
Store: eBay
Price: $299.99
Shipping: Free shipping
Lowest By: $49

Best Buy via eBay, it's a low by $49 on this here GoPro cam
Best Buy via eBay, the finest price ever so high costs can scram
Best Buy via eBay, 4K video at 120fps will make you say "damn!"
Best Buy via eBay, now for some highly specific nostalgia bait in the form of Kablam!