Staff Picks: The Best of the Best


When you see a Staff Pick deal, you know someone at Castle DealNews has declared it a particularly noteworthy bargain. So allow us to quickly highlight some of the... um... highlights. (Of what are already highlights. It recurs.)

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Boots at Nordstrom RackBoots at Nordstrom Rack
Store: Nordstrom Rack
Discount: Up to 84% off
Shipping: Free shipping w/ $89
Expiration: December 3

Boots ahoy, at Nordstrom Rack they exist for all to enjoy
Boots ahoy, up to 84% off is their cunning discount ploy
Boots ahoy, men's, women's, and kids' resolve to resist they will destroy
Boots ahoy, 3D films are a "waste of money" according to actor James McAvoy

The North Face Clothing at eBayThe North Face Clothing at eBay
Store: eBay
Discount: Extra 10% off $50 via code "2023-HOLIDAY"
Shipping: Free shipping

When heroic do-gooder lawyer Harvey Dent has his face cruelly disfigured in a classic fleece-jacket-melted-onto-human-skin attack by the mob, he becomes the unpredictable but warm and stylish supervillian: North Face. His trademark move? Discounting a selection of jackets and sweatpants and stuff, and offering extra discounts on spends of $50 or more via coupon code "2023-HOLIDAY". Batman is puzzled, but reliably willing to punch Dent into oblivion anyway. It's the only language the outré vigilante understands.

Toy Sale at Macy'sToy Sale at Macy's
Store: Macy's
Discount: Buy 1, get 2nd for free + extra 10% off via code "FRIEND"
Shipping: Pickup, or free shipping w/ $25 for members
Expiration: December 25

Idly scrolling through this sale, looking for two items to get for the price of one and then to take 10% off that total via coupon code "FRIEND", we see a Baby Yoda doll. And start to wonder if the "No, Baby Yoda is actually called Grogu" nonsense was the original "No, Twitter is now called X". Two perfectly serviceable names that were fully assimilated into pop culture thrown away, presumably for different but equally daft reasons. In any case, that Baby Yoda doll could be one of the two toys you save on here. Always two there are.

Nike Air Max Cyber Monday SaleNike Air Max Cyber Monday Sale
Store: Nike
Discount: Up to 60% off + extra 25% off via code "CYBER"
Shipping: $5 s&h or free shipping w/ $50 for members
Expiration: December 2

There's a scenario where you planned on buying some Nike Air Max shoes during Black Friday, but then circumstances got in the way. Medical emergency, or some work thing, or rogue elephant. We don't know your life. And similarly, you don't know ours, and you'll be left wondering why we almost immediately went to "rogue elephant" as a reason you might have missed the big day. We are cool and mysterious here in the Castle DealNews Ministry of Roundups. What's not mysterious is coupon code "CYBER", which nets you the extra discount here. Also cool: "rogue elephant" for some reason has its own entry in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Didn't expect that.

LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick BoxLEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box
Store: Amazon
Price: $20.99
Shipping: Free shipping w/ Prime
Lowest By: $14

This LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box at Amazon is the best price we've seen in years, with a sensational 40% off discount. That's the good news. For the inevitable bad news, it breaks my heart to confirm that despite this being labelled a box full of classic LEGO, there isn't a single Rock Raiders piece to be seen anywhere. Thus, the implication is this – the big wig suits at LEGO don't consider Rock Raiders a classic. What, you're telling me that the "space travellers/miners trapped on an alien planet" set that lasted one year form 1999 to 2000 before being discontinued isn't a classic? The set that's only remembered and brought up repeatedly by a single disgruntled deal jockey isn't a classic? But Sparks! He was so cool. Never forget.

There he is. Sparks, or Sparky as his friends called him. According to lore: "Sparks is an expert on all things mechanical and electrical. Unfortunately, he is also very very clumsy." Sparks' haphazard nature can be seen clearly here, where he inadvertently causes a landslide in the name of securing a precious energy crystal. Classic Sparks! And classic Rock Raiders. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.