The Best iPhone 15 Deals: Get An iPhone 15 Pro For Free!

Apple announced the latest iPhones, and we've got the breakdown on what deals to expect and features to fawn over.
iPhone 15 colors

Apple users have been eagerly awaiting iPhone 15 news, and now preorders are officially open! We've got the breakdown on all the new and improved features as well as the best deals you can shop now.

One thing that's abundantly clear this year is that Apple wants users to upgrade, so some of the offers on tap are surprisingly pretty great. Check out the top ones below, and get ready to preorder your shiny new iPhone!

iPhone 15 Trade-In Preorder Deals

For now, the best iPhone 15 deals are pretty much all trade-in offers. While you'll get the best value by trading in recent generations of iPhones, you'll often have the option to trade in select Android phones as well. However, the offers for those are much lower, so don't expect significant discounts if you're making the switch from one ecosystem to another. Check out the current best options from all the major carriers below.

AT&T iPhone 15 Deals

First up, according to the details at Apple, AT&T users can actually get an iPhone 15 Pro for free. That's right, you can snag one of the higher-end models for free as long as you have an iPhone 13 or higher to trade in.

Get the iPhone 15 for free: You'll need an eligible trade-in and Unlimited plan, and discounts will be in the form of 36 months of credits.

Get the iPhone 15 Pro for free: You can get the base Pro model with a 6.1" screen at no cost with eligible trade-in and Unlimited plan. Like the iPhone 15, the iPhone 15 Pro will be $0 after 36 months of credits.

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T-Mobile iPhone 15 Deals

T-Mobile users have even more options for free iPhone 15 models than AT&T does, so if you're on the fence about which carrier to go with, this might be the push you need.

Get the iPhone 15 for free: Trade-in an eligible device and opt for a Go5G Plus or Go5G Next plan to get the latest iPhone for free. You'll see the discounts over the course of 24 months in the form of bill credits.

Get the iPhone 15 Plus for free: Want to upgrade to the next tier? You can get the iPhone 15 Plus at no cost as long as you have an eligible trade-in and either a Go5G Plus or Go5G Next plan. Like other offers, this one will be discounted through 24 months of bill credits.

T-Mobile is hands down offering the best iPhone 15 preorder deals via eligible trade-ins.

Get the iPhone 15 Pro for free: You'll need to have an eligible trade-in and be on a Go5G Plus or Go5G Next plan. Discounts will come in the form of monthly bill credits over the course of 24 months.

Get the iPhone 15 Pro Max for $50/month: While it's not totally free, it's still a great price for the highest tier of the newest iPhone models. You'll need an eligible trade-in and either a Go5G Plus or Go5G Next plan just like the other iPhone 15 offers at T-Mobile. As long as you qualify, you'll receive up to $1,000 off over the course of 24 months in the form of bill credits.

Verizon iPhone 15 Deals

Unfortunately, Verizon isn't showing iPhone 15 users a ton of love and appreciation. Their offers feel like a bit more of a hoop to jump through in order to acquire a free iPhone of any kind, so be prepared to check a lot of boxes.

Get the iPhone 15 for free: You'll need to have an eligible trade-in, though Verizon notes that you can trade in "any model" in "any condition" and still be eligible. However, given that the deal notes savings will be "up to $830" it's highly likely that the older the model and the worse condition, the less value you'll receive towards your shiny new iPhone 15. Additionally, you'll need to buy a new line and opt for the Unlimited Ultimate plan, which is currently $50 per line, per month. It does come with other perks for Apple users, but it's good to know ahead of time as the savings will come in the form of credits over 36 months.

Get the iPhone 15 Pro for free: Like the other promotion from Verizon, you can allegedly trade in any iPhone in any condition and be eligible for at least some credit. The combo of the right model, Unlimited Ultimate plan, and new line could mean getting this upgrade for free. And as with other carriers, the discounts will be seen in the form of credits over 36 months.

Other iPhone 15 Deals

If you'd rather shop at a specific retailer, note that some are participating in preorders, but not all. For example, Target's iPhone 15 pages just note "coming soon," so there's a good chance you won't actually be able to purchase the new lineup there until they release on September 22.

You can preorder the entire lineup of iPhone 15 models at Best Buy, but if you want the best deals, you'll need to have an eligible model for trade-in and qualified activation. Then you'll receive up to $830 towards the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, which should result in a free iPhone 15 in some cases. If you want the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, meeting the requirements will get you up to $1,000 off, which is basically a free iPhone 15 Pro.

Costco is offering Costco Shop Cards with select Apple device trade-ins, but it's important to note the iPhone 15 is not currently available online. You can try heading to your local warehouse to see if you can preorder there, but it's not a guarantee. If you want to avoid making an unnecessary trip, give the warehouse a call and ask if they're available; but be prepared to venture in-store to take care of the preorder if it is.

Older iPhones Are Now Cheaper

The iPhone 14 is $100 Less

Part of the annual cycle of releasing new iPhones means that very often the previous models see a drop in price. This year is no different, with the iPhone 14 starting at $699 now and the iPhone 14 Plus starting at $799. Even better, you can get up to $650 in credit with valid trade-ins, which can help to cut the cost even more.

Unfortunately, the iPhone 13 and iPhone SE did not drop in price. If you were hoping for extra savings on those models, you may have better luck around Black Friday. If you can't wait until then, though, T-Mobile has some promotions around older models as well. If you shop online, you can snag an iPhone 14 or iPhone 13 for free. These are both only available online, so plan accordingly if you want to take advantage of these offers.

iPhone 15 Pro colors

What Else to Know About the iPhone 15

What Colors Does the iPhone 15 Come In?

The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will be available in Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green, and Black. The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max comes in Natural Titanium, Blue Titanium, White Titanium, or Black Titanium.

How Much Does the iPhone 15 Cost?

iPhone 15

  • iPhone 15 128GB from $799
  • iPhone 15 256GB from $899
  • iPhone 15 512GB from $1,099

iPhone 15 Plus

  • iPhone 15 Plus 128GB from $899
  • iPhone 15 Plus 256GB from $999
  • iPhone 15 Plus 512GB from $1,199

iPhone 15 Pro

  • iPhone 15 Pro 128GB from $999
  • iPhone 15 Pro 256GB from $1,099
  • iPhone 15 Pro 512GB from $1,299
  • iPhone 15 Pro 1TB from $1,499

iPhone 15 Pro Max

  • iPhone 15 Pro Max 256GB from $1,199
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max 512GB from $1,399
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max 1TB from $1,599

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What's New With the iPhone 15?

The iPhone 15 received some noteworthy improvements over the previous generation. It'll have the Dynamic Island that was only featured on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models; plus, it'll have the A16 chip first seen in the iPhone 14 Pro. Both the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will also have a USB-C port, 48MP main camera, boast all day battery life, and an ultra wideband chip that should make "Find My" functions more precise.

What About the iPhone 15 Pro?

The higher-end iPhones will also have USB-C ports as well as a customizable Action Button that replaces the long-standing mute switch. The Pro lineup also features thinner bezels and is overall more lightweight than previous models due to the titanium build.

The iPhone 15 lineup is the first one to have a USB-C port, which will make it easier to charge all your Apple devices and other tech with the same cable.

The iPhone Pro models will feature the new A17 Pro processor and a 48MP main camera, while the iPhone 15 Pro Max will also have a 5x telephoto camera for aspiring shutterbugs.

When Will the iPhone 15 Be Released?

The iPhone 15 lineup became available for preorder starting September 15 at 5:00 a.m. PDT. Otherwise, they will be available for purchase and preorders will begin shipping out on September 22.

Curious about other iPhone offers? Check out the best iPhone deals available right now!

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