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Blog Archives for 2012

Early Super Bowl Commercials Are Akin to Leaked Black Friday Ads

In the last week you may have sneaked a peek at a few of this year's leaked Super Bowl ads. And while watching a middle-aged Ferris Bueller and a pint-sized Darth Vader, you may also have wondered why a company that's paying roughly $114,000 per second to air a commercial during the Super Bowl put it online before the big day. The answer is, of course, to generate excitement and early buzz — which naturally makes us think of all that good Black Friday hype. Read on for the details, as well as the leaked videos.

Inspired Valentine's Day Gifts: Save Money, Earn Brownie Points

Instead of the safe flowers-and-chocolate Valentine's route, take a non-traditional approach to gift-giving this year. Since our atypical options are less in-demand than those Cupid-spattered gifts, you'll not only get a better value for your money, but you'll also be offering up a nice, thoughtful surprise. Here are some more inspired Valentine's Day gift ideas.

dealnews Podcast - Episode 196: Leapy Ear

The dealnews Podcast Episode 196 has arrived to meet your dealnewsy needs! This week, the podcasters discuss Google's Privacy Policy unification, watching the Super Bowl, a Netflix memo that says Amazon is creating a new video streaming service, JCPenney's annoying commercials about its decision to stop sales, how old Google thinks you are, and more.

The Best and Worst Things to Buy in February

The short month of February is here, but don't worry: 2012 is a leap year, which means savvy consumers will have one extra day to cram in more deal-shopping! Check out our list of the best and worst things to buy in February, which we compiled after poring over the extensive dealnews archives of sales, coupons, and individual products from years past. If you're curious about Presidents' Day sales, gifts for Valentine's Day, or prices on electronics, outerwear, and more, then read on.

Camera Deals to Smile On: Olympus E-PL1 Bundle for $380, Sony, Canon, more

Photography has become more and more popular a hobby, and it's no wonder: Cameras just keep getting better and better, yet remain surprisingly affordable in a great many instances. From Olympus to Sony, we've fixed our deal-finding telephoto lens on five cameras you won't want to overlook.

Streaming the Super Bowl: This Year, There's No Excuse to Miss It

With last year's Super Bowl grabbing an audience of 111 million, NBC has ordered a sequel! And if being able to see two teams — one of which you might actually care about — battle it out on TV wasn't enough for you, this year the NFL and NBC have announced that the "big game" is going to be streamed online and via select handset devices, too! But what does this all mean for you, the concerned Super Bowl viewer? What is this mysterious "streaming" and how can you do it? And if you already have a super fancy HDTV, why would you ever opt for a smaller screen?

How to Select the Best Jeans for Your Money

It's awesome to score a pair of jeans for super cheap, but it's even more satisfying if you know that pair will last you for a long time. But how can you really know what the longevity of your jeans is before they actually get put into regular wardrobe rotation? Check out these tips on how to choose the most valuable pair of jeans for your buck, and peruse the current deals we found that aim for prolonged life while still spending as little as possible.

Stay, Eat, and Drink in New York City for Less

Even if you have visited New York City in the past, it's an ever-changing place. Now's the time to fully explore this bustling city once again. And this time, let yourself live like the rich and famous (but without the price tag, of course) and find the perfect Manhattan hotel to call home base for a little while. This week, we've got deals on accommodations throughout Manhattan, as well as discounted activities to keep you busy on your visit to the city that never sleeps.

Photo Printing Services: The Price of Your Pictures

A lot of people thought that digital photography would make physical photographs obsolete. But it seems people still want photos to hold onto, to press into a scrapbook, or to stuff in a shoebox. In fact, the competition between photo printing services is so fierce that vendors, from pharmacy chain stores to exclusively online picture services, are vying for your business with enticing promotions. We look at six deal-friendly photo printing services to see what they have to offer for the money.

Go Green, Kid! Eco-Friendly Baby Deals

Get the little ones going green early! From reusing second-hand items, to sporting cloth diapers, and sleeping sweetly in organic bedding, we have a handful of green baby-centric deals that will keep both parents and the little one happy.

dealnews Podcast - Episode 195: Cheese Spoon Printer

The dealnews Podcast is broadcasting Episode 195 to your ears! This week: Apple announces its plan for textbooks, 3D printers may change the face of piracy, Megaupload is shutdown, Starbucks will start serving beer and wine, and more.

Study Shows the Best Time to Book Flights Is 6 Weeks in Advance

Trying to plan a budget-friendly trip can be a difficult task wrought with indecision and second-guessing. Airline prices can sometimes fluctuate on a daily basis, and although you know not to wait until the last minute to book, should you also avoid buying too early? A recent study shows that you might be able to get the best price by being patient — up until a point.

Come and Get It! 5 Kitchen Goods Deals: Cookware, Knives, and more

There's nothing like a bowl of hot soup and warm bread on a cold winter's afternoon. Instead of ordering in (because who really wants to venture out into the January streets), why not try out a new recipe or two. Missing a few tools of the trade from your kitchen aresenal? You're in luck, for we have five kitchenware deals — on cookware, appliances, knives, and more — that will make for some excellent meals to come.

8 Ways to Fight Depreciation of Your Electronics

Anytime we get our hands on a shiny, new piece of technology, all we want to do is revel in its glory. But, as its digital days progress, there will be newer and better gadgets to be had — and you'll start to think about selling what you've got. To better your chance of earning more money for a trade-in down the road, we advise undertaking a few measures early on to preserve the value of your electronics.

War of the Warranties: AppleCare vs. SquareTrade

If you're debating what the best plan of action is to insure your new Apple computer, iPhone, or iPad, then you may be weighing your options in terms of AppleCare and SquareTrade warranties. We see numerous deals and coupon on the latter, but does that mean it's a lesser, "budget" version of the former? In a heads up comparison, we looked at the cost, coverage, and overall value of SquareTrade and AppleCare warranties.

Rumor Roundup: Waterproof iPhone? Paula Deen-abetes?

Rumors! You know the Internet is going to continue to crank out "news" about Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Paula Deen, et al. The least you can do is read them. That's why we put all the latest buzz from the Internet into one place, the Rumor Roundup! If you don't read them, the Internet will feel like it went through all that trouble for nothing!

Explore Washington, D.C. for Less: Deals on Hotels, Food, and Free Activities

Attention travelers looking to further explore the U.S. of A. — our nation's capital is calling! Take a trip to Washington D.C. with our curated deals on flights, accommodations, and activities, so you can explore the sites, get some discounted grub, and see the District on a dime.

Happy Early Valentine's Day! I Got You Deals on Flowers, Candy, and Jewelry

T minus three weeks until Valentine's Day. And in the spirit of love, we've brought you these five deals on flowers, candy, and of course jewelry. What lady doesn't love roses, fine chocolate, or Swarovski? And what gent wants to be empty-handed come February 13? Thought so. See how easy we've made this?

Apple's MacBook Air vs. The Lenovo IdeaPad U310, Intel's Cheapest Ultrabook

Yesterday we compared the specifications of three of the most notable upcoming ultrabook releases we saw at CES. Today, we're taking the Lenovo IdeaPad U310 and stacking it up against one of the most popular existing super slim laptops, Apple's MacBook Air. Will the standard in ultraportables get some competition from the the ultra-affordable Lenovo?

Acer, Dell, & Lenovo 2012 Ultrabook Battle: Which is Worth the Money?

Ultrabooks were the undisputed star of last week's Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, with most computer manufacturers offering their own take on the super light and thin trend. So with the floodgates wide open, it's time to see which (if any) of these newly-minted laptops are worth your hard-earned cash. We stacked three of last week's major headliners against each other to see if 2012's ultrabook lineup is worth the hype.

dealnews Podcast - Episode 194: I Will Dance in a Hotdog Costume for $5

The dealnews Podcast Episode 194 has passed inspection and is ready for human consumption. This week: Apple has a plan for textbooks, Zappos and get hacked, cell phone makers vow fewer phones in 2012, more original programming coming to Hulu, Spotify is no longer free, $5 Facebook girlfriends, and more.

CES Shows Us How to Get Hot Tech Trends on the Cheap

Last week at CES, we saw a lot of enticing upcoming electronics, but many products were priced out of reach for most consumers. Luckily, we unearthed some bargain options for a handful of super-hot tech trends. Here then are the top three products we saw at CES that promise cool tech for the rest of us.

What You'll Pay for a Super Bowl HDTV Upgrade: 42" Sets See the Best Deals

With the Super Bowl upon us, you might be starting to look at your television, wishing for something with more oomph to make the biggest sporting event of the year really pop. That's why we took a look at what kind of HDTV deals a sports fan can expect to find this month. Read on to see which sizes see the best discounts and what prices you should aim for when buying.

A Guide to January's Diet Helpers: From Athletic Gear to Calorie Counters, more

If November is the month of the mustache, and December is the month of goodwill to all mankind, then January is the month of the diet. Sitting at a desk all day can be a drag, but even more so when your pants seem a little tighter than they were in October. But never fear, if you've resolved to get fitter this year, we've found the right dieting tools to help you along with your weight loss goal. And if saving money is also something you aim to do this year, well, of course we've got you covered.

Rumor Roundup: Apple Spies Were at CES? RIM to Sell Itself?

Rumors! You know the Internet is going to continue to crank out "news" about Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, et al. The least you can do is read them. That's why we put all the latest buzz from the Internet into one place, the Rumor Roundup! If you don't read them, the Internet will feel like it went through all that trouble for nothing!

8 Ways to Cut Costs in 2012: From Automatic Savings to Green Home Goods

2012 remains full of promise — promises to yourself, mostly. Did you vow to lose a few pounds, get organized, quit smoking, or the like? We hope you also resolved to save money this year! With a few simple cutbacks, you could be saving thousands of dollars to put towards a dream vacation. Here are eight small ways to save money at home or while out and about in 2012 that, over the 12 months of the year, will add up to some big bucks.

Got that Canon Rebel T1i Deal? Great! Now What Will it Cost You to "Go Pro"?

Recently we listed an excellent, Editors' Choice–caliber deal on a refurbished Canon EOS Digital Rebel T1i 15.1-Megapixel Digital SLR Camera. The price tag is tantalizingly cheap, but rarely does one buy a new camera without needing a few extra accessories. If you're looking to get serious about a photography hobby, we've gathered a few necessities and tallied up the additional costs associated with becoming a novice digital photographer.

How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring

Valentine's Day is coming up, and if you're one of the many who's decided to propose on the most romantic day of the year, you may be in the market for some jewelry. Unfortunately, finding the perfect engagement ring can be as difficult as asking your girlfriend to marry you. While we can't help you with the latter, we can show you how to pick a ring that will match both her style and tastes.

dealnews Podcast - Episode 193: "Live" from CES

The dealnews Podcast Episode 193 is "Live" from CES. Tune in to find out what's been going on at the Consumer Electronics Show, the largest tech show to ever grace Las Vegas.

Ready, Set, Exercise! 5 Fitness Deals: Free Ski Lift Passes, Water Bottles, more

Have you found sticking to your new year's resolutions to get fit difficult? It's almost two weeks later, and perhaps your resolve is wavering. But now is the time to shore up your resolve. With great energy, we've rounded up the top health and fitness deals, which include free ski passes, stainless steel water bottles, and more!

Sanders for Every Surface: How to Select the Right Sander for the Job

If you've been keeping up on our home improvement features, your workshop is already equipped with at least one outstanding power drill and saw. Now it's time to finish up your projects by picking up the perfect sander. You could sand down your project by hand, spending hours and energy to get just the right smoothness of the board. Or, if you don't hanker to try the Amish life style, electric sanders get the job done right in just a fraction of the tim.

Rumor Roundup: Apple Textbooks? Wii U eBooks?

Rumors! You know the Internet is going to continue to crank out lies about Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, et al. The least you can do is read them. That's why we put all the latest buzz from the Internet into one place, the Rumor Roundup! If you don't read them, the Internet will feel like it went through all that trouble for nothing!

When Can You Get the Best Price on CES 2012's Hottest Releases?

CES officially begins this week, and there are some trends that we can already begin to discuss — like, for example, the proliferation of new ultrabook laptops from a variety of manufacturers. But because dealnews readers are savvy tech consumers, we didn't want to stop at just discussing the likely trends. So we decided to track the deals we listed on past CES releases, to see when it's the best time to buy 2012's most notable electronics.

The Bahamas on a Budget Await: Discounted Cruises, Beach Resorts, and more

What is first thing that pops into your head when you hear the Bahamas? Beaches? Glimmering waters? Warm air? Yes, yes, yes. A once-in-a-life-time trip? Expensive? Heck no! We've tapped into all your tropical travel notions and found vacation packages in the Bahamas for the budget-minded and budget-less travelers alike.

Tablet Sales Increased by 256% in 2011, Decreasing Price Points a Factor?

Recent reports say that 72.7 million tablets were sold in 2011, which is a major jump from 2010. With several slate manufacturers dropping the price of their products, it's no surprise that there's now more mobile technology literally in the hands of the people. We take a look at how manufacturers are competing for space in the crowded mid-level slate market.

New Year, New Software: Get Help with Your Taxes, Learn Italian, and more

Your "festive" rendition of "Auld Lang Syne" last weekend signified hope, wistful longing, and determination to get the most out of 2012, but it also means that another fiscal year is in the books. And that means that the taxman will soon come a-callin'. Luckily, we've got software deals of all sorts in today's roundup — which includes a discount on a tax return program, as well as software for more creative pursuits (which should help break up all those numbers you'll be crunching).

Happy Birthday, Commodore 64! Here's Why You're Still Better Than a Mac Pro

This week marks a very important moment in personal computing: Thirty years ago, the world was first introduced to the Commodore 64. But if you think the aging Commodore is a quaint relic from days gone by, then think again! Here's a list of five things the Commodore 64 can do that even that shiny new Mac Pro can't!

Green Dad's Final Roundup of 5 Energy-Saving Gadgets

Are you curious about how well those purported energy-saving gadgets work? Can any of them actually save you money? Green Dad took a look at five popular devices to help you separate the green gems from the not-so-green junk.

dealnews Podcast - Episode 192: 6.5 Million Angry Birds in a Pear Tree

The dealnews Podcast is flinging Episode 192 at you, will you catch it? This week: Verizon implements and then rescinds a $2 payment fee, RIM slashes PlayBook prices, Angry Birds is downloaded 6.5 million times on Christmas day, Starbucks will raise coffee prices, and more.

Got that Pilot Lesson Deal? Great! Now What Will it Cost You After the Groupon?

If you've ever dreamed of soaring with the birds with the Earth scrolling beneath your wings, then you might have noted the fairly popular deal we posted on flying lessons last week. If you're one of our readers who jumped on the deal, you may now have visions of flight school (and maybe Top Gun) dancing through your head. But just how much would it cost you to get your private pilot certificate?

Take Advantage of This Month's Winter Apparel Sales & Snag the Perfect Parka

It's been a mild winter season in most of the country thus far — especially compared to last January — and we've been enjoying our fall jackets and hoodies all the while. But since it is in fact January and the temperature is dipping, it might be time to break out that fur-trimmed parka. Don't have one, you say? Well, this month is the best time to buy one! Since we don't want you to get heatstroke trying on 15 parkas in a 70-degree department store, read through our guidelines for picking out the best winter coat.

12 Things That Will Be Less Expensive in 2012

Does the sagging economy, national debt, and our list of the 11 things that will be more expensive in 2012 have ya feeling down? Well, to help counteract some of that 2012 gloom, we've gathered 12 items we predict will cost less in the coming year. From HDTVs to wine, cash-strapped shoppers should keep an eye on prices for these items. So cheer up and read on for the good consumer news.

Menswear Meets Vanity Sizing: Popular Apparel Brands Offer Inconsistent Sizes

Vanity sizing is an all-around confusing practice that makes shopping less enjoyable than it should be, but traditionally it's been a problem within the vague sizing standards for women. Now it appears that men's brands have been fudging the numbers too, for standardized waist measurements. So is a size 36" ever actually 36"? And what does this mean for buying clothes online?

The Best and Worst Things to Buy in January

After all that shopping you likely did in December for the holidays, you may be looking forward to a month without having to whip out your credit card. But January is an excellent month to bag deals on select items, like winter apparel or a relaxing vacation package. So before you resign yourself to steering clear of stores all together this month, check out our list of the best and worst things to buy in January.

Rumor Roundup: 2 iPad 3s? New Guitar Hero? A la Carte Subscriptions for iTV?

We know one thing that won't change in 2012: Rumors. The Internet is going to continue to crank out lies about Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, et al. The least you can do is read them. That's why we put all the latest buzz from the Internet into one place, the Rumor Roundup! If you don't read them, the Internet went through all that trouble for nothing!
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