Rumor Roundup: Apple Textbooks? Wii U eBooks?

By , dealnews Media Editor

Start off the New Year right by resolving to read up on these rumors:

  • Apple getting into the school textbook market?
    Of every book read for class, 30% of your education has to be given to Apple. [Edukwest]

  • The Wii U will have eReader functionality?
    Though I wonder if people would really be as interested in reading books about plumbers? [GamingBlend]

  • Apple having trouble lining up content partners for their iTV?
    Weird! Why wouldn't television networks be queuing up to sign with the company that successfully devalued music-as-albums, breaking them into individual, cheap tracks? It's not like TV networks offer a larger package of programs, of which only a few are worth paying money for, or anything. [USA Today]

  • Yahoo! to buy Netflix?
    It's a perfect match. Yahoo! gets to offer streaming movies, and Netflix gets marketed towards an audience that — let's be real — has probably never heard of Netflix and will think that: a) it's a miraculous way to watch movies, and b) is a reasonable price. [CIO Today]

  • Apple to allow self-published iBooks?
    Great, now every hack with a word processing program will think they're an author. Did I mention my short stories are available as iBooks? [macgasm]

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