Rumor Roundup: Waterproof iPhone? Paula Deen-abetes?

By , dealnews Media Editor

Get your ru-moron! Whoops, wrong hyphenation!

  • iPhone 5 to be Waterproof?
    I consider it a good thing that existing iPhones will die after a dunk in the toilet. After all, how eager would you be to put it to your face to take a call after that happened? [InRumor]

  • iPad 3 Event in February?
    It's to align the product with their new ad campaign, "iPad is for lovers" in which they equate a gift of an iPad with Valentine's Day. Many, me included, think that makes a mockery of the sanctity of Valentine's Day. [AppleInsider]

  • Windows 8 Tablets to Cost $599 and Up?
    And that, right there, is the sound of your hopes and dreams of affordable Windows tablets being held under water until it's legs stop kicking. (Hopes and dreams are supposed to have legs, right?) []

  • Facebook Looking to Take Over YouTube's Music Video Supplier?
    RickRolling on Facebook to get 1,000x easier. "Like". Also: Can you believe that 9 out of 10 people on the Internet have / have been Rickrolled? (According to this study.) [ZDNet]

  • Paula Deen Confirms She Has Diabetes?
    If only we could all eat terribly until our body stops producing insulin and then land a lucrative contract with a diabetes drug manufacturer. (This is also my life-plan. So far, I have "eat terribly" down pat ... still crossing my fingers on the rest.) [RumorFix]

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i call BS on the waterproof iphone, if people cant short out their phones apple doesnt make more money by charging to fix it or people buying new ones
Oh man, rickrolled again!