What Do You Think of This Year's Black Friday Sales?

As the dust settles on another Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we want to know about your shopping experience. Share your thoughts in the comments below!
Black Friday Deals

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Another Black Friday season is coming to an end (but we'll always have the memories). So now that the dust has begun to settle — and we here at DealNews have begun to recoup from sleep deprivation — we're wondering what you, our readers, thought.

What were the Black Friday highlights for you? Did you score the deals you had your eyes on? What did you end up buying? Any pleasant surprises or crazy stories? Was our coverage helpful? Do you think this year was better or worse than last year? What do you think of Cyber Monday so far?

We'd love to hear all about your Black Friday experiences, whether they were good, bad, or indifferent. Please share them in the comments below!

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1. Cyber was better than BF. was last year, too.
2. free shipping is a requirement for me to buy.
3. my "in store" BF experience went like this.....
two obese women yelling. another joined in. i left.
Great deals on TV's, problem is I wasn't in the market for one. I got a nice deal on a Powerwheels ride-on for my kids. The Kohl's cash offers were good, I liked that more "door-buster deals" were available online, I didn't have to go to a single store to get what I was looking for.
Not a single bargain for the Apple Watch Series 2. Nothing else was spectacular, either. There were great deals on TVs, but I'm not in the market for them.
Decent deals on video games this year, the limited Destiny Bundle ps4 pro bundle matching the standalone ps4 pro price was a nice surprise (i jumped on that), and there were some good prices on AC: Origins and the new Wolfenstein. +Target had some nice $15 older games I hadn't seen at that price level before. Also the Target 15% cybermonday discount didn't seem to break their website this year which was an improvement.
I got a PS4 bundle last holiday for 199 and this BF was on the lookout for a controller and PS plus card (so I can play online). didn't see many deals at all for anything PS4 related. The pre owned game deal was alright but that deal usually is good for those blah games.
I agree with the general consensus here that the deals were not impressive. I was not targeting a TV however was looking for more automotive stuff. Advance and Autozone had their standard 30% off, but you can find that many times throughout the year. I actually thought this was the worst BF yet.
I thought black Friday deals on cyber Monday deals were very good this year. I ended up buying things that weren't exactly on my to do list but they were too good to pass.

Amazon was the winner, that's a given. However, Walmart surprised me as they had excellent prices and on check out I was able to save eight dollars by choosing the slower shipping.

The one item that I regret that snagging was the TCL Roku 55 inch 4K TV at $380 after taxes from target. This deal was before Black Friday and I thought that black Friday would either match or even drop below this. Unfortunately the TV was sold out pretty much it almost every store, I guess I'm not the only one who realize how good this brand is . However, I was able to order it for a little bit over 400 from Amazon, but it has a two month shipping estimate. Better late than never I guess
I also found that deals on Black friday were better than deals in the previous 3-4 days. I even saw some sites dropping there prices or adding freebies compared to their marketed prices for black friday. In some cases, they dropped it on Friday and in some cases they dropped it by cyber monday(probably price mathcing competitors). I distinctly remember the amazon deal for fire tv where amazon started with a deal on alexa orders for fire tv but then dropped the prices on fire tv anyways. I also saw a bunch of deals starting to flow in on UE Boom speakers once the kohls deal went live.

This was the first time I started buying a couple of days before black friday. next time I am gonna wait till BF.
The deals were definitely not spectacular this year. The only amazing thing, was that the sale items were more availability this year. Amazon had very few items that were at a great price.
The deals were NOT spectacular outside of the Best Buy (BB) 4k Smart TV for $180 and the Fry's iPad Mini for $270. When I went to BB on Black Friday (BF), everyone rushed for the TV's, but sadly, the Monday TV deals were better (excluding the BB doorbuster.)

In So California, it was 97 degrees and it was unbearable waiting in lines outside. Think about waiting in line at Disneyland but the line wont move during the hottest part of the day, with no water sprinkles.

The PS4 Pro got better after the GameStop deal was announced at $350. BB followed with $350 and a free Destiny 2 game. On Monday Target dropped the price to $340.

It seemed like there were only one or two great deals and a few good ones. Then I assumed when stores realized that sales were sluggish, they quickly jumped with the price slashing on TV's and PS4's.

Honestly, I didn't buy anything on BF or Monday even though I was prepared to spend. I have saved money for past years only to be disappointed by this one.
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)

Hmm... that doesn't sound good.
correction: The game I did place an order for on 11/23...
I shopped at Toys R Us this year, after years of boycotting them. I've had several bad experiences in the past (customer service issues and unfulfilled Holiday orders) but chose to give them another try as they were one of the few retailers with deals on Nintendo 3DS games. I wanted 2 games, but one quickly sold out. I signed up to be notified when it became available. After Black Friday, it was back in stock, for full retail price of course. Oh, and I never got an email telling me it was back in stock. I just happened to check online. The game I did place an order for on 10/23 still has not processed; I have not received a shipping confirmation email and the order does not show on my online account. I am not confident that I will ever receive this order.

Besides this one issue, I was pleased overall with the deals. So much better than last year. Amazing deals on TVs, Movies, and video games.
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)

You know, we noticed that as well... we still have to do a formal analysis of the deals, but it did feel like Cyber Monday had stronger TV deals than usual.
TV deals were great. But the TV deals were better on cyber Monday than Black Friday.
Overall good deals this year on Laptops (was not that much last year) whereas Camera & Tablet deals was not that great this year compared to prior year.

A Kindle Paperwhite thanks to Target's 15% off sitewide was a good deal as Amazon did not have any better deals we had seen in the year.

Purchased clothes for family, a watch, chromebook & a paperwhite ebook reader.

Thank you DealNews Team for your awesome coverage of the deals!
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
The only thing I bought this year was a pair of jeans at the Gap. And I'm actually wearing them already, pretty good shipping times!
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)

Aww, shucks! Thank you for spreading the DealNews word ;)
I thought it wasn't bad. I did get a few things, mostly stuff I was looking for for myself. Should have gotten the Brother Serger, but waited and purchased one today, but for $15.00 more. I hate that. Needed a new shredder, and a trash can. LOL Both good deals. Lego's for the grand kids and outfits for the great grandchildren. But, over all, I thought last year was better. The deal news feedback is very helpful. Thank you for your hard work. I brag on you guys all the time.
Some good deals on tablets, of which I already have more than I need, but that's been about it. Been pretty much a yawn festival IMO.