Update: Walmart's Pre-Black Friday Sale Includes a Super Hot TV Doorbuster

The store is directly competing with Target's stellar 40" TV ad.

Update: Walmart has posted the circular for this pre-Black Friday sale, which you can find here. (Click the "Pre-Black Friday" button on the bottom right to load an ad for your local store.) As it turns out, the retailer has indeed zeroed in on Target's doorbuster TV deal, offering a 40" LCD HDTV for $115, or $4 under Target's Black Friday ad. No brand is mentioned, although we're fairly certain that it will similarly be from an off-brand manufacturer like Element. Walmart also doesn't note the resolution; Target's deal will have a 1080p screen, and there's a chance that Walmart's will be just 720p. If you're interested in this early offer, pay attention to this spec.

Also of note, Walmart will release its PlayStation 4 deal, which comes with a $50 gift card, early. If you're not keen on the bundled video games in other deals, then this is probably the better offer for you. (Check out all the top gaming ads here.) Walmart is also knocking two unspecified LG and Sony 60" Smart TVs to $648, which is $78 under our prediction for a name-brand set of this size. However, keep in mind that Walmart itself will also offer a bigger 65" Vizio for the same price next week.

These deals will be valid starting tomorrow in-store only and will, in theory, run through November 27. (We're skeptical that the 40" TV will last that long though.)

Walmart announced today that it will once again offer a "Pre-Black Friday Event" in which it will match the prices of various items found in competitor ads. Last year, the scheme seemed a bit more marketing than genuine value, but it might be a far more notable event in 2014.

Last year, Walmart offered no details whatsoever about what items this "early price matching" event included; a shopper had to visit the store to find out what was eligible, which led us to believe that it perhaps didn't entail the more noteworthy deals from competitor ads.

However, this time around, Walmart gave us some hints about what will be included, and the store will announce the specific items and prices tomorrow on Walmart.com, to be purchased starting on Friday, November 21. It's unclear if the prices will only be announced online, or if they will also be available to purchase online, but we suspect it might require an in-store visit.

Will Walmart Match Doorbuster Prices?

What really made us do a double take though is the fact that these early price matched deals will reportedly include a 40" LED HDTV, 60" TVs from LG and Sony, and a PlayStation 4. Those descriptions certainly lack enough detail to be certain which ads they are competing with, but there's reason to hope that they might match some notable offers we've already seen from other retailers.

Keep an Eye on the TVs

For example, one of the hottest deals of the season will be Target's Element 40" TV for $119, and it's possible that Walmart is aiming to match that price, if only on a similar model. That would be the best price ever for such a TV.

Moreover, hhgregg is offering an LG 60" plasma TV for $488, which blows away our prediction for 60" plasmas by $71 and makes it the cheapest 60" 1080p plasma we've ever seen. Could Walmart be matching this deal as well? (As far as the 60" Sony goes, we didn't see any ads thus far that knocked such a TV to an especially notable price, so we're less excited about that.)

As for that PlayStation 4 deal, Walmart already announced that it will sell the console for $399 with a $50 gift card, which we actually thought was one of the best offers for the PS4 that we've seen so far. Other stores are bundling the console for the same price with brand-new video games, so we suppose Walmart might go that route instead during this pre-event. In that case, you might want to hold out for the gift card deal, if the titles don't strike your fancy.

Details Will Emerge on Thursday

We'll know for sure what Walmart is price matching starting tomorrow, and deals will be available to buy on Friday. The selection of items will also include a Canon wireless printer, Keurig K-40 machine, KitchenAid stand mixer, and some LEGO sets.

Readers, did any of you shop this pre-Black Friday event at Walmart last year? Did you find anything worthwhile? Let us know if the comments below. Also consider subscribing to the DealNews Select Newsletter to get a daily recap of all our deals. You can also download the DealNews apps, check out the latest Black Friday ads, or read more buying advice.

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I bought that TV at Walmart for 115. And it a 1080 and LED tv and it a element TV, I did take the insurance out on the TV. The insurance was 14. Dollars for 2 years. Will worth it I think.
Also - see this old article from 2009. It might have something to do with it:

Yeah, zip code 53511. The price is clearly marked as $278 for that 40" TV. It is $278 at other southern Wisconsin stores too. As soon as you cross the border into Illinois, it drops to $115. I wonder if this is being impacted by anti-dumping laws?

Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
@NicoleBunner So, this sale is being referred to as a price matching event, but in reality it's only a sale in which some preselected items get a price adjustment to match what competitors will do next week. There's no 50" TV in there for $199, BUT keep an eye out for our Amazon analysis coming soon... looks like they'll be offering a deal that competes with Best Buy's offer.
Lindsay, do you know if walmart will match BestBuy's 50" panasonic tv black friday deal of $199 if walmart doesn't carry that exact tv? Just wondering if they'll price match a similar 50" tv...do you know? I'd call my local store, but their customer service is subpar at best. Thanks!
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
@gkisystems Hey there, can you give an example of a ZIP code that shows the 40" TV for more money?
Bull crap alert - the pre-black Friday pricing starting tomorrow at Walmart for the 40" TV is $115 in some markets and $278 in others. I wonder if they will price match their other stores even if those other stores are less than 30 miles away. Example: Beloit, WI vs. Harvard, IL stores.
Greg the Gruesome
At the bottom of the first page of the circular it says the price-match offer applies in-store only.
Greg the Gruesome
It's just after 4:00 AM EST and the circular for "Black Friday Prices Before Black Friday" is on walmart.com. I haven't looked (yet) to see if any of the deals will be available online.
Most big retailers have certain items (TVs, Laptops, etc.) made specifically for them. So some items are impossible to match as it's only available at their store. Happy hunting.
Last year's deal on the Skylander's Giants game was very good. They priced it at $35, which I believe tied Walmart's own price for the game on Black Friday. I'll be looking for Skylander's Trap Team edition on Thursday. Also, I did have to visit a store last year; the deal was not available on line.