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Blog Archives for June 2017

Dell Inspiron 3000 Laptop Series: Everything You Need to Know

If you're in the market for a new, entry-level laptop or a 2-in-1, then the Dell Inspiron 3000 Series is aimed at you. We lay out the various options and look at what the reviewers have been saying to help you narrow down your choice.

7 Best Things to Buy in July (Including Amazon Prime Day Deals!)

July means hot dogs, fireworks, and trips to the beach. With so many people outside and on vacation — and with fewer people actually shopping — stores are especially eager to cut you a deal! Read on to see how to get the lowest prices on clothes, video games, and more in July.

Find the Perfect Samsonite Luggage for Your Summer Vacation

Summer is the season to travel, which is probably why Samsonite is taking 30% to 40% off during its Independence Day Sale! We've picked out eight items that meet a range of requirements, so you'll have no trouble finding a bag that suits you.

Amazon Prime Day Begins July 10! What Deals Can You Expect?

Amazon has held a Prime Day shopping event for the past two years, and we've finally got details about 2017. So when is Prime Day going to happen, and what deals can you expect? Read on to find out.

Will New UPS Fees Make Your Holiday Shopping More Expensive?

UPS recently announced that this year it would be instituting shipping surcharges during its busiest time of the year: the holiday shopping season. Should you factor these price increases into your November and December budget?

Don't Sweat It! 9 Tips for Getting Air Conditioning on a Budget

While we may take air conditioning for granted, it's generally an expensive luxury. With these tips on how to choose an air conditioner and maximize its effectiveness, you can keep those AC costs under control.

10 Great Deals From Crate & Barrel's Outdoor Furniture Clearance Sale

If you still haven't gotten your summer patio situation sorted, what are you waiting for? Crate & Barrel is cutting up to 50% off select outdoor furniture. It's the biggest discount we've seen on these items since last year, so we've rounded up 10 of the best deals from the sale.

Half of You Are Skeptical About Amazon's Prime Day

Since its inception in 2015, Prime Day has split the shopping public. Consumers either loved it, or hated it with a passion. We asked our readers to weigh in ahead of Prime Day 2017, and we were shocked at what we learned.

How Much Is Shipping on Amazon, and When Can You Get It for Free?

It can be hard to figure out what shipping from Amazon will cost. If you're looking for free (or cheap) shipping, you want to know the ins and outs of the company's shipping policies. Ready to cut your Amazon shipping costs? Here's the info you need.

Cloud Storage Prices Have Changed a LOT This Month

Amazon has done away with its unlimited cloud storage service. Instead, the megasite's pricing now matches recent changes Apple has made. These industry shifts have many wondering if Google will be next to tweak its cloud storage plans.

"Green" Cleaning Products Aren't That Expensive — But Aren't Always Green

Health and environmental concerns can lead many to choose green cleaning products. But can you afford it, and are they actually better for the environment? We compare traditional vs. eco-friendly cleaners.

Represent Your Fandom with the Lids Clearance Sale

Ballcaps! They're handy to have around, and they can be pretty affordable — especially when Lids is cutting up to 75% off clearance caps. Because these items are final sale, we've rounded up eight hats that you're sure to love.

Apple's New HomePod Costs $349 (and Other Essential Things to Know)

If you're considering outfitting your home with a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo or Google Home, you should know about a new option: Apple HomePod. What's it do? Read on for everything you need to know about Apple's latest gadget.

Are 'Negative Credit Incidents' Hurting Your Credit Score?

Good credit is necessary for everything from apartment rentals to car loans. Find out how your credit stacks up, and how long it takes to bump your score up to the next level.

Leather for Life: 10 Top Picks From Coach's Summer Sale

With more than 75 years of experience, Coach has practically perfected the art of leatherworking. Ever better, it's currently taking 50% off a selection of men's and women's styles during its Summer Sale. Plus, all orders bag free shipping. Basically, the stars have aligned for you to shop for leather accessories, so here are 10 great options.

You Need to Have These 5 Money Talks Before You Get Married

Talking about money long before you say "I do" will put your relationship on the path to a solid financial foundation. Here are four steps to get the pre-marriage money conversation going, and five financial topics to discuss once you want to delve deeper.

9 Retro Transformers Collectibles for the Forever Fan

Transformers: The Last Knight premieres on June 21, and we think it looks spectacular! Naturally, we took this as an excuse to search eBay for nine of the coolest (and most obscure) Transformers collectibles in history.

4 Reasons Making Just Minimum Payments Is Bad, and How to Pay More

Minimum payments are one of the insidious ways creditors keep you in debt if you let them. Learn about how those minimum payments get calculated, the effects they can have on the total amount owed and on your credit score, and ways you can pay more than the minimum.

10 Ways to Get Your Fit on From adidas' Awesome Sale

There's no denying that adidas is one of those athletic labels that totally gets fashion. It's exciting, and so is the adidas Friends & Family Sale — where you can get an extra 30% off everything. Here's 10 items you should check out before the sale ends.

13 Terrible Father's Day Gifts to Avoid

Father's Day is almost here! To prevent an awkward situation, here's a list of 13 awful gift ideas to avoid. Your dad won't thank you — but you'll know he was thinking it while repressing his feelings because that's what society tells men they have to do.

People Hate United Airlines, But They REALLY Hate Spirit

The results of our DealNews Air Travel survey are in! Decreasing legroom topped the list of airline annoyances, followed by carriers piling on fees for everything. What's more, a lot of fliers really hate certain airlines, but still fly on them. Read on for the full results.

Yes, You CAN Shop Around and Haggle for Medical Procedures

If you have looming health care costs on the horizon, you're probably getting anxious about how you'll pay for them. Fortunately, prices can vary from doctor to doctor. Here's how to get the lowest prices on your medical bills.

Michael Kors Will Close More Than 100 Stores

After opening more than 150 stores in 2016, Michael Kors announced that it would be closing almost as many in the coming years.

9 Top Picks for Outdoorsy Dads From Cabela's Father's Day Sale

Dads are tough to shop for, but it's really no excuse to skip Father's Day, especially when Cabela's is taking up to 70% off a selection of apparel, tools, and outdoor and camping gear. during If your dad is a total mother nature's son, here are nine gift ideas he'll love.

RadioShack Is Having a Very Sad Store Closing Sale on Twitter

In what might be the biggest and saddest garage sale the nation has ever seen, former reader-favorite RadioShack is selling its pre-owned shelving, printer paper, and clipboards off in order to bring in some sales before it finally closes its doors.

Should You Ever Pay Debt With a Credit Card?

Using a credit card might seem like a good way to pay off debt, but it isn't always the best — or cheapest — solution for everyone. Here's what you need to know.

This Is Everything We've Written About Amazon

Amazon has grown from a bookstore, to an everything store, to more than a store. So it's no surprise that we write a lot about its numerous perks, services, and products. Here's all of the guides and how-tos we've written on getting the most out of the largest online retailer in America.

Amazon Might Owe You Money for Unauthorized In-App Purchases

Amazon is offering refunds for parents whose kids made in-app purchases. If that sounds familiar, it's because Apple and Google have already been forced to offer similar refunds. Read on to learn more.

The Biggest Shopping Myths of June: Are Tools Really a Good Buy for Dad?

We have years of data to back up our recommendations for the best things to buy each month. But in the course of our research, we've seen a lot of misinformation out there! Here are the biggest misconceptions about the best deals of June.

6 Subscriptions Your Pet Wants From PetSmart

If you have a pet, chances are you've made one or two late-night runs to the store to grab food or litter. Pet lovers, there's a better way! PetSmart is taking an extra 20% off select pet essentials when you choose to autoship a subscription. Here's six pet subscriptions that'll make your life easier today.

Should You Buy a Car With a Credit Card?

These days, many shoppers are turning to credit to pay for their new ride. However, every card comes with its own set of pros and cons. If you're thinking of buying a car with a credit card, here's what you should know.

Here's How to Get Free Stuff on Amazon

You can get Amazon credit just by purchasing Amazon products, Amazon gift cards, and even downloading free apps. Those credits can be used on future Amazon purchases. Read on to see how to get free stuff on Amazon.

10 Clever Ways to Save on a Summer Vacation

As summer vacation season approaches, you may have sticker shock looking at the price of taking the whole family on a trip. But there are ways for the savvy shopper to save on a summer getaway. Let's run through your options.

10 Bras Under $25 From the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale

What a week to be female: Wonder Woman is rocking the box office, and Victoria's Secret's Semi-Annual Sale is here! The store takes up to 50% off a selection of intimates, activewear, and beauty products, with prices as low as $3.99. We've rounded up the best bras that cost less than a week's worth of Starbucks so you can shop them before they're gone.

7 Gifts NOT to Buy a Graduate

Graduation season is upon us! Knowing what not to buy is perhaps just as important as knowing what you should gift your grad. Unless you want your gift to end up in the garbage bin, heed the advice in this handy guide.

Does Price Matter When Buying Sunscreen?

Avoiding sunburns can be pricey! Instead of skimping on sunscreen, try to save instead — you don't have to go for the most expensive brand to be protected! Read on for everything you need to know about buying and applying this summer essential.

Your Complete Guide to Wedding Registries: The Best Perks, Stores, and More

The traditional registry is now as archaic as a groom's powder blue ruffled tuxedo shirt. These days, you'll find ones for honeymoons, charities — even pizza! We round up the various types of wedding registries available, so you can choose the best option for your lifestyle and future.

The 9 Best Travel Credit Cards for 2017

Whether you go on vacation a few times a year or fly frequently for work, there's a good chance you could use extra rewards and perks. And travel cards are a good way to get them. Here are the best credit cards for travelers — and tips for picking one.

National Donut Day Is Here! Here's How to Get Free Donuts at Krispy Kreme

Happy National Donut Day! Read on for all the places you'll need to visit today if you want to take full advantage of this food holiday's sweet freebies.

8 Top Picks From Nordstrom's (Amazing) Half-Yearly Sale

If you've recently stood in front of your closet and thought you had nothing to wear, you should absolutely check out Nordstrom's Half-Yearly Sale. The store is cutting up to 40% off a selection of apparel, shoes, accessories, and home items. Plus, all orders receive free shipping. We've selected 8 items that are so fashionable and versatile that you'll be excited to get dressed again.

The 9 Best Things to Buy in June (Including Free Donuts!)

With lots of shopping to do for dads and grads, you could risk depleting your whole beach budget this month! Find out how to save on Father's Day, outdoor outings, and more in our guide to the best buys of June.