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Half of You Are Skeptical About Amazon's Prime Day

Some think it isn't worth it, but almost everyone is interested in seeing what the site will have to offer this year.
Amazon Prime Day

Since its inception in 2015, Prime Day has split the shopping public. Consumers either loved it, or hated it with a passion. We asked our readers to weigh in ahead of Prime Day 2017, and we were shocked at what we learned.

And although there's no official date yet, be sure to check out our guide to find out when the next Prime Day is likely to occur and which deals will be worthwhile.

Readers Are Deadlocked About Prime Day

We asked our readers if they tend to shop Prime Day, and if they think Amazon's holiday is worth it. Out of all the responses, 51% think it's worth it and 49% think it's not. That's a pretty even split, which isn't that surprising. What is surprising though, is these numbers don't carry over to readers' shopping plans: only 10% of respondents said they definitely won't be shopping on Prime Day.

While 49% of respondents said they don't think Prime Day is worth it, only 10% said they definitely won't be shopping on Prime Day.

While 48% of those surveyed said they will be shopping Prime Day this year, many (43%) remain undecided. They're likely waiting to hear more about the event and what will be on sale before they commit one way or the other.

Why Aren't They Shopping?

Of those planning not to shop Prime Day this year, 51% said it was because they don't think the deals are good. About 18% of those surveyed said they don't have Prime, and another 10% just plain aren't interested in the event.

As for those who don't believe Prime Day is worth it, 64% didn't shop it last year. Reasons varied once again, but 35% said they didn't think the deals were good. However, 19% said they didn't know about it.

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Good Deals or Glorified Garage Sale?

On the first Prime Day, many shoppers were hugely disappointed by the deals. Last year's event was better, but many still didn't think the trouble and heavy traffic on the site would be worth it. In fact, 52% of our respondents didn't shop it last year. (Roughly 29% said this was due to the fact they didn't know about Prime Day, and 23% said it was because they didn't think the deals were good.) Perhaps the first Prime Day left a bad taste in the mouths of shoppers, and Amazon failed to overcome that hurdle last year.

No One Wants Alexa Deals

In 2016, Amazon started offering deals that could only be redeemed with certain Alexa-enabled devices. Customers could access Alexa on Echos, Dots, Taps, and certain Fire tablets to redeem these special discounts. It was the first time Amazon had offered such promos, although they went on to offer similar deals during Black Friday.

Out of all our respondents, 92% didn't buy Alexa-only deals last year, and 58% said they wouldn't consider buying one in the future.

Out of all our respondents, 92% didn't buy Alexa-only deals last year, and 58% said they wouldn't consider buying one in the future. Reasons differed, but 68% said it's because they don't have an Alexa device (which also suggests they aren't planning to buy one). Another 14% said they don't trust the assistant, and 11% said it's not convenient.

Electronics Are in Demand

For those that are planning to shop this year, 26% are hoping to score great deals on electronics. Another 13% are on the hunt for home goods, and 12% aren't sure what they're shopping for yet. As far as what shoppers think will go on sale, 24% say electronics, 11% say home goods, and 10% point to TVs as likely discount candidates. (For what it's worth, there were over 90,000 TVs sold last year during Prime Day.)

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If you're planning to shop for electronics, it could be the best time to score Amazon-branded items. Last year, there were discounts on the Fire TV Stick, Echo, Fire TV media player, Fire tablets, Kindles, and more. Toys were another big seller in 2016 (with over 2 million sold), so it's also a good time to start your holiday shopping.

Readers, are you planning to check out Amazon Prime Day this year? What are you looking for? Sound off in the comments below! And be sure to bookmark this page if you're planning on shopping; we'll be adding all our top picks from the sale.

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Amazon will look at Ebay prices and maybe go below them a few cents like they do now. Ebay is still the best price. I really do not know why Amazon sells so much. Must be the shipping fast thing. For me cheaper is better than faster.
My biggest problem is that I've run out of things to want. So I scroll through the deals and get bored real quick...
Scroogus Maximus
Prime Day: Dump Stuff We Can't Sell By Marking Up, Then Down As An Alexa-Only Deal (Which We Know Everyone Hated.)
Amazon prices haven't been a "deal" for a couple of years. I still try to find that "holy grail sale" only to be disappointed. I still keep Amazon Prime, shop for specific items if same prices elsewhere. the shipping speed is worth it too.
Waste of time, IMO.
Ski522, Do you always read articles and blogs so you can scold the target audience or are we special? Is your life so dreary that you must troll the web to try and feel superior? You go away, and let those who are interested, shop. Back to the subject at hand. Both Amazon Prime Days were busts. The first was overloaded and the really good deals sold out in minutes. The second seemed to have products on sale that were overstocks and leftovers. I got the impression it was random crap they wanted to get out of their warehouses. The only real "bargains" were Amazon made products, and how many of those does one really need? I had higher hopes and wasted my time trying to find decent products at an excellent price. I doubt I will bother with it this year. (I spend thousands on Amazon every year, and also sell occasionally. They really must step up their game on promotions such as this, or risk losing customers like myself.)
The whole Amazon business model and (my) experience is surreal. While Amazon plays games with it's customers, raising and lowering prices at their whim (or whenever the wind changes direction) I still shop there, mainly for just a few very specific items.

Time is a currency that we all get the same amount of every day and I will not be wasting my time trying to find a "good" deal within the wasteland that is Amazon ...
"Wasn't last year's "best deal" a barrel of personal lube?"

LOL, I had totally forgotten about that until you brought it up and I do recall something like this last year.

Never trust amazon prices or sales, always do your research if you want the best deal.
I wanted to like it, but I just didn't feel comfortable purchasing 144 adult diapers for my grandpa.
Searching for deals on recent Prime Days was too cumbersome, experienced site slow downs, and suffered cognitive overload. A mad dash going nowhere.
Wasn't last year's "best deal" a barrel of personal lube?
ski522 yes people ALWAYS want a great deal. Not just at Christmas/Thanksgiving SAVE, SAVE, SAVE, SAVE, SAVE, SAVE
Looking forward to Prime day. Although I have Prime, I will be checking Best Buy and other online stores for their competing sales. As a long time Amazon customer, well over 10 years, I can definitively say Amazon's pricing has radically changed. In past years, I felt confident not comparing Amazon's prices. Now, I always compare, and usually find lower prices elsewhere. It look likes they are really pushing marketplace sales, rather than being direct sellers.

I'm very angry at Amazon pushing apps down and finding charges on my CC. Thought it was CC fraud, and cancelled my main CC. Turned out the common problem of their mixing pay videos with Prime. I went to a movie to read a description. Never watched it. Already had all premium channels per Direct TV. Received an email thanking me for downloading Starz app. Ignored it since there was no charge. Then a charge for a subscription to Starz appeared on my CC. I no longer keep a CC on file.
Prime Day is Amazon's chance to dump excess crap no one wants. Last year I was unable to find significant savings from the Amazon Prime Day price vs. everyday price using camelcamelcamel. It's a complete scam

I can tell you as small business owner that some people are obsessed with shopping and that they are going to spend their money somewhere. I am open for business and would very much like to get those shopping dollars vs letting my competitors get them and I'm sure that Amazon feels the exact same way. Sales are a way to attract people to your business who otherwise might decide to go out with family and friends. It is ALWAYS better to make a little margin by having a sale than to sell nothing at normal prices. Just ask Radio Shack and KMart.
Isn't Christmas and Black Friday enough...are people that obsessed with shopping?!?!? Go out an enjoy summer with your family and friends!