How to Get Free Shipping on Amazon

If you're not interested in paying for shipping at Amazon, and you're not interested in paying for Prime, then this guide is for you.

Yikes! What to Do When Your Amazon Package Is Missing

Now that Amazon packages are trackable to within minutes of delivery, one lost parcel can seem like a mystery worthy of a podcast. Before you freak out, check out our guide for what to do when your Amazon package never arrives.

Amazon Is Extending Free Shipping for EVERYONE

Every year, a handful of retailers offer free shipping for the holiday season. This year, Amazon offered truly free shipping for everyone — no Prime required — and is extending this benefit through the end of January.

Have You Had an Amazon Package Stolen?

Many shoppers have boxes delivered during the holiday season, leading to a higher risk of package theft. Check out how one city and company are fighting it, and learn what you can do to prevent your goods from being stolen.

Last-Minute Christmas Shipping Deadlines for 2018: Get Gifts Under the Tree in Time!

Avoid the stress of a mall stop right before Christmas. If you're shopping online, check out these cutoff dates for last-minute Christmas delivery to ensure your gifts arrive in time.

Walmart Is Expanding Its Pickup and Grocery Delivery Services

Walmart strives to compete with Amazon, and now the budget retailer is introducing more ways to entice shoppers. Check out how Walmart is improving the pickup and delivery process for its customers.

Will New UPS Fees Make Your Holiday Shopping More Expensive?

UPS recently announced that this year it would be instituting shipping surcharges during its busiest time of the year: the holiday shopping season. Should you factor these price increases into your November and December budget?

Why UPS is Serious About Drone Deliveries, But You Shouldn't Expect One Soon

UPS has now delivered a residential package via drone. Here's the lowdown on UPS drone deliveries: the reasons they could help the company, how they work, which customers will benefit the most when they become the norm — and why that won't be for a while.

How to Get One Extra Month of Amazon Prime for Free

If you're a Prime member and a receive a late delivery, you're entitled to a free 1-month extension of the service. We've tested it out multiple times, and so have our readers!

Christmas Shipping Deadlines for 2016: Make Sure It Arrives in Time!

Avoid the stress of a last-minute mall stop and exorbitant shipping fees by checking out our list of cut-off dates for Christmas delivery. We've collected deadlines for the season's most popular retailers, and some of them will even upgrade your shipping if you meet certain requirements.

Can Anyone Compete With Amazon Prime?

Walmart and Best Buy have begun the daunting task of trying to beat Amazon Prime at its own game. But what exactly do their new services offer, and can they stand up to Amazon's bevy of extras? Let's look at how they compare.

Your Small Amazon Orders Are About to Get Cheaper

Amazon really wants small merchants and overseas sellers to use their shipping services, so it's slashing rates. That's good news for shoppers, who will get more Amazon items, faster and cheaper.

48 Major Retailers That Offer Free Shipping, and How to Get It

A lot of online stores will ship your orders for free, but those bargains often come with limitations. To help you navigate, we've put together a list of 48 retailers that offer free shipping, and some tips on how these deals work.

Some Shoppers Claim That Amazon Has Accused Them of 'Prime Abuse'

Amazon Prime members are guaranteed a free 1-month Prime extension if their 2-day shipments are late. But our readers tell us the mega retailer is sometimes denying those claims. We looked at Amazon's seemingly confused policy, and what you can do about it.

Staples Rewards Members Just Lost a Major Perk

Most retailers require a minimum purchase before an order can bag free shipping. Staples was one of the holdouts, offering members of its rewards program unlimited free shipping on every order. Now, the policy has changed, and members are required to spend at least $14.99 before they qualify.

Customers Are NOT Pleased With the Amazon Free Shipping Increase

Amazon's minimum for free shipping for non-Prime members just increased to $49. We surveyed shoppers to see how the change would affect their shopping habits.

Walmart Won't Offer Free Shipping This Holiday Season

The big holiday retailer players are fully in the game, announcing free shipping, rolling out the commercials, and even offering a new take on curbside pickup. But one key retailer is missing from the free shipping mix: Walmart.

Walmart Will Offer an Unlimited Shipping Service That's Cheaper Than Amazon

The biggest retailer in the world today announced the launch of a new free shipping program that, for half the cost of Amazon Prime, promises online deliveries in just three days or less. But without the numerous Prime-like perks, can Walmart win over today's online shoppers?

POLL: Will Target's New Free Shipping Pull Customers From Amazon?

Great news for Target fans: the retailer is offering free shipping on orders of $25 or more, half its previous $50 minimum.

E-Retailers Offered More Free Shipping Last Year, But Can it Continue?

This holiday season saw a record number of retailers offering free shipping, often with no minimums, and shoppers responded by placing orders with free shipping in equivalent record numbers. But as this service shifts from a perk to an expectation, will retailers be able to maintain it? Or will consumers end up paying another way?

USPS Slashes Shipping Prices for Online Stores, But Will You Benefit?

It's a good day for e-commerce companies, as a recent change to the United States Postal Service's rates will slash prices by up to 58% for some business shipments. This is a huge threat to industry leaders FedEx and UPS, and could be a boon for consumers — but it could also backfire on the USPS, as increased volume going into the holidays could cause major delays.

Today Is the Last Day to Get Amazon Prime at the Lower Rate

Amazon announced that it will start charging $99 a year for Prime, but there's still time to lock in the lower rate. Today is your last opportunity to subscribe and pay just $79 for the shipping service.

Want Amazon Free Super Saver Shipping? That'll Be $10 More, Please!

Amazon announced that it will raise the minimum purchase requirement to qualify for Free Super Saver Shipping from $25 to $35. This comes just a week after Best Buy upped its minimum purchase too. So how will this affect customers this holiday season?

How to Save on Any Online Order, from Groceries to Overweight Items

Living in the age of online shopping and m-commerce, it has become arguably harder for stores without an online presence to compete with the lower prices of many online merchants. But still, are there any items you'd never consider buying online? From clothing to groceries, we discuss how potentially problematic purchases are made easier through online shopping.

UPS Suspends Guaranteed Christmas Delivery for Ground Orders

This is a busy week for UPS, but it appears as if the shipping giant isn't up to the task. When entering an order number on the UPS tracking page, a message is displayed that says UPS Ground delivery guarantees are suspended until December 26. Are any of your orders affected by this delay?

Will There Be More Free Expedited Shipping Upgrades This Year?

The pressure is on to get all of your online shopping done in time for Christmas, but what happens if you miss all the standard shipping deadlines? Our deal archives show that soon enough, many online retailers will begin to offer discounted expedited shipping. But when can you expect these promotions, and from what stores?

Free Shipping Wars Rage as UPS and FedEx Announce Increased Rates for 2013

Savvy shoppers have come to expect free delivery from merchants, but both UPS and FedEx announced that they will increase their shipping rates for 2013. Will this make it more difficult for retailers to offer the free shipping that consumers now crave?

Notoriously Slow Shippers: Avoid These Stores for Last-Minute Gifts

Shopping online can make buying gifts for the holidays much easier, but it also requires some advance planning to account for shipping times. As we near Christmas, you should start taking into consideration the potential risks that come along with online shopping for the holidays. Inside, we've got a list of stores to avoid if you're looking for a 100% risk-free Christmas purchase.

Seattle Times Slams Amazon for Working Conditions, Lack of Philanthropy

Amazon's bargain prices and its logotype A to Z arrow (or customer satisfaction "smile") have earned the company worldwide notoriety. But if you've been reading The Seattle Times' scathing series of reports, Amazon isn't as idyllic of a company as some may have thought. With purported grievances from sales tax evasion to a glaring lack of philanthropy, the Times suggests that Amazon's image has become a source of contention amongst the community, the company's peers, and even its employees.

UPS Garners Complaints for Losing Packages, Offering Poor Customer Service

When you shop online as much as we do at dealnews, you're going to experience the occasional snafu with delivery. In particular, we've encountered many complaints about the service provided by UPS. So we want to know: how often has your excitement over an arriving UPS delivery turned into anger resulting from a missing package or terrible customer service?

Photo Printing Services: The Price of Your Pictures

A lot of people thought that digital photography would make physical photographs obsolete. But it seems people still want photos to hold onto, to press into a scrapbook, or to stuff in a shoebox. In fact, the competition between photo printing services is so fierce that vendors, from pharmacy chain stores to exclusively online picture services, are vying for your business with enticing promotions. We look at six deal-friendly photo printing services to see what they have to offer for the money.

5 Editors' Choice Toy Deals: Dora, Thomas & Friends, Star Wars, and more

Christmas! Hanukkah! Festivus! Kwanzaa! These words all signify a great season to be a child, so we've rounded up five more of the best toy deals out there for tots and toddlers. We've got five Editors' Choice bargains from a Dora the Explorer ball pit to a Star Wars light saber night light. (You could always just say you're buying that light saber for a kid...)