Yikes! What to Do When Your Amazon Package Is Not Delivered

From tracking services to refund requests, here's everything you can do to protect your Amazon packages from theft and misfortune.
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Over the course of a year, Amazon delivers billions of packages. But with so many orders being placed, Prime customers and other people will occasionally have to deal with an Amazon missing package or delivery delay.

Now that Amazon parcels are trackable to within minutes of delivery in many locations, one lost package can seem like a mystery worthy of a podcast. Is your Amazon package missing? Before you freak out, check out our guide on what to do if your Amazon package didn't arrive.

Take Full Advantage of Amazon Package Tracking

To track most packages, you should sign into your Amazon account, click on "Returns & Orders," then select the "Track package" option. You'll be able to see the purchase date, shipping date, when the package was sent out for delivery, and arrival info. You can also see specifics on where the package was left: for example, "near the front door" or "inside the residence's mailbox." Keep in mind this may be dependent on the delivery person noting such details, so not every shipment may have this crucial information.

Amazon Map Tracking allows you to follow the real-time progress of select Amazon packages.

Looking for something more robust? Amazon Map Tracking is a feature that allows you to track the real-time progress of select packages delivered by Amazon.

On the day of delivery, click "Track package" from your Amazon account, shipment confirmation email, or the notification on Amazon's app. You can then see the remaining number of stops the driver has before the delivery arrives at your door. Note that map tracking is disabled for wish list or gift orders to protect the recipient's privacy.

Amazon Photo on Delivery is another shipping service that can come in handy. It'll send you a photo to confirm the delivery has been made when a package is left unattended. If you'd rather not have Amazon take photos of your property, you can opt out by contacting customer service.

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Most Amazon orders are trackable once the packages have shipped. The only real exception should be standard international shipments, and perhaps certain items sold by Amazon Marketplace sellers.

How to Contact Amazon About a Missing Package

If your Amazon package shows as delivered but you can't find it, don't panic! Amazon recommends first checking the delivery details — ensure the address is correct, check the porch or garage, and see whether one of your neighbors accepted your order.

In "rare cases," Amazon packages show as delivered up to 48 hours prior to their actual arrival. If you're within that window, wait to see if your order shows up — it could still be en route.

In 'rare cases,' Amazon packages show as delivered up to 48 hours prior to their actual arrival.

If your Amazon package hasn't arrived after those 48 hours, you should either contact Amazon to report the missing package, or get in touch with the carrier or third-party seller. Who should you call? Consult your tracking information.

If the package arrived at Amazon's facility or the carrier facility, contact Amazon with the delivery complaint; if it didn't arrive at the facility, contact the third-party seller. Either way, you want to have the order number handy.

When dealing with Amazon, go first to the "Customer Service" page. Select the type of issue you need help with, the order that's affected, that the order says delivered but isn't there, and that you need more help. You can either click "Start chatting now" to interact with a bot, or click "Request call now" to get help over the phone. If you opt for the latter, you'll need to enter your number, and click "Call me now" to talk to a representative by phone about your Amazon delivery problems.

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If a third-party seller was responsible for the order, you should go to your orders and select the seller. Then click on the "Ask a question" button, and Amazon's Seller Messaging Assistant program will likely pop up. After the prompt about what you need help with, choose the option for "An order I have placed." The program will lead you through the steps to resolve your issue. Note that a seller has 48 hours to respond before you can contact Amazon to file a missing-package claim.

You might be eligible for a refund request under the Amazon A-to-z Guarantee of protection in these cases when you purchase third-party-seller items:

  • Three days have passed since the latest estimated delivery date.

  • The tracking from Amazon says it was delivered, but no package has arrived.

  • The order is different from expected, or you've returned it in accordance with Amazon's return policies.

While no figures are available for missing Amazon packages, Amanda Ip with Amazon PR says the vast majority of packages make it to customers without any issues.

"Refund requests can take up to one week to investigate," Ip says. "We will notify you of our decision via the email address associated with your account. To view the status of your request, locate your order in the list on the Your Orders page and select 'Problem with order.'" You can also monitor the status via Amazon Pay.

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What if Your Amazon Package Is Late?

If a guaranteed delivery date provided on the checkout page was missed, then you could be eligible for an Amazon package refund. Check first to see that the refund requirements are met — including shipment to an eligible address via an eligible shipping method. Then go to the contact page to report the late delivery.

Prime members may receive $5 to $20 in promotional credit when a Prime order is late.

Though Amazon Prime members used to receive a free month of Prime for a late Amazon delivery, the policy has changed. Now Amazon offers a refund of shipping charges when an order is late, while Prime members may receive $5 to $20 in promotional credit, a 20% Prime discount, or something else.

What to Do if Your Amazon Package Is Stolen

According to a report from C+R Research, 23% of Americans have reported having a package stolen. If you believe your Amazon package was stolen, contact Amazon for a refund, or to request the items be sent again. You should also file a police report about the Amazon package theft, especially if you have security camera footage the police officers can view.

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Have an Amazon Package Stolen? How to Prevent a Repeat

If an Amazon package was stolen from your doorstep, you can take steps to prevent so-called "porch pirates" from striking again. For example, consider the Amazon Hub Lockers or Counters available in various cities. Find one by ZIP code, add it to your Amazon address book, and then select that delivery option during checkout. The package is shipped to that location, and you'll want to bring your delivery confirmation email when picking it up.

Currently, in 50 cities and surrounding areas, Amazon also offers Key by Amazon for Prime members. This service provides keyless entry for guests and in-home deliveries.

While you have to pay for the Key-compatible smart lock and camera, the in-home delivery carries no extra charge for Prime members. With the camera, you can see who enters your home to deliver packages. It can also be used to let in guests, cleaning staff, and pet sitters. Note that in-home deliveries have been paused indefinitely due to the pandemic; Amazon suggests In-Garage Delivery for contactless delivery instead.

Twenty-three percent of Americans have reported having a package stolen.

With Key for Garage, customers can monitor and control their garage doors with the Key app. Plus, Amazon Prime members in select areas can get in-garage deliveries — assuming they have a compatible myQ-connected garage door opener or hub.

Amazon has introduced Key for Gate, as well, which lets customers have orders delivered inside their gates. "It's ideal for single-family homes and small multi-unit apartment buildings with electric garden and driveway gates or doors that can be triggered via relay," according to Amazon. You'll need the Ring Access Controller Pro 2 and Key by Amazon app in order to set it up.

Some people have decided to be proactive and teach porch pirates a lesson. A variety of videos talk about about how to create a decoy package that contains a glitter "bomb." An ex-NASA engineer even upped the ante and added "smelly skunk fart spray" and "police sounds" to his trap.

Of course, when it comes to package theft, you can occasionally rely on karma. One Florida woman got a squirmy surprise when she stole a box containing 500 worms for a pet bearded dragon. She didn't keep the package, and the lizard got his snacks back.

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