Home Depot Delivery Cost: What to Know in 2024

Don't be surprised if you have to meet a minimum order amount to get free shipping from the retailer.
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Home Depot is one of the most popular stores in the U.S. Around 69% of all U.S. households shopped at the retailer in 2023, and its first-quarter online sales grew 3.3% in 2024 compared to last year.

Home Depot is also one of the more preferred stores for home improvement projects. It doesn't matter if your project is large or small, the store likely has options to meet your needs. There are plenty of ways to shop, too, whether you want to visit the store yourself, order online and pick up the goods, or simply get them delivered to your home at a convenient time.

Speaking of delivery, read on for all you need to know about Home Depot's delivery costs and options, plus get more helpful info on shopping at the home improvement retailer.

Using Home Depot's Delivery Service

While you might ordinarily pick up smaller items available in-store and transport them home using your own vehicle, this might not be convenient if the items are too large and heavy. In this case, the better option would be to use Home Depot's home delivery service.

Home Depot Delivery Options

There are a handful of ways to get your Home Depot product delivered. For example, you can pick it up at a store locker in a designated store, choose the same-day delivery option, purchase goods online and pick them up in-store, or schedule the 2-day delivery option.

Also, Home Depot tends to offer free delivery with standard shipping on all orders above $45. For orders of appliances, though, the store offers free standard delivery if the items cost $396 or more.

How Does Online Delivery Work?

After you've picked out your goods online, you'll then select the desired delivery option and schedule the delivery. You can check whether delivery is available in your area from a particular store using the ZIP code for your address. You can choose a delivery date and time window by scheduling it on the displayed calendar. Then you confirm it and wait for the order to arrive. You can track the delivery status of your order. Just use the My Account option and go to the order number. You can see when the goods are scheduled to arrive and manage the delivery.

Standard Delivery

The standard-delivery option allows delivery of the parcel to an area outside your house. This is useful if you're away from the location at the delivery time.

Threshold Delivery

The threshold delivery option involves the delivery person placing the item across your first access point, such as a room, garage, or doorway. It may also incur additional charges.

Also note that same-day and 2-day delivery may incur additional charges. These will depend on the size of the order or its weight. Same-day deliveries are usually available for in-store and in-stock items within a specified area. You can select the store using the Make This My Store option on the site, and they will arrange the delivery for you.

What Factors Are Considered in the Delivery Cost of an Order?

Many factors go into the total cost of an order from Home Depot. The size and weight of the items is one consideration. They also look at whether the item is in-store or in stock at one of their warehouses and the cost to ship it to the customer. The delivery cost may be quite high in some cases, even where the products don't require special handling.

The delivery cost can go up if you need a special delivery truck to get the items to your house. Occasionally, there might be free delivery offered on some items, but don't count on it.

Dimensions of the Items

The delivery cost of an order is directly impacted by product size and weight. If your items are large and/or heavy, that will add to the cost because they'd require special trucking considerations. When you're ordering online, Home Depot lets you know about the delivery costs of the items, so there are no surprises.

Distance to the Delivery Point

It's only natural that the cost of a delivery is affected by the distance from the store to the destination point. Home Depot can transport the goods from its warehouse or another location to your desired delivery area. Delivery costs may go up if goods are transported to remote locations or destinations far from city areas.

Speed of Delivery

How fast the product needs to be sent to the destination also affects delivery costs. The most cost-effective option would be standard shipping. If you use express delivery, same-day delivery, or 2-day delivery service, this will increase the cost of sending the goods to their destination. Buyers are advised to compare the costs of quicker delivery to the normal shipping fare, to see whether getting the product faster would offset the additional costs.

Total Order Amount

Home Depot often offers free shipping on small items priced above $45. Free shipping is also available on large orders costing $396 or more. Orders below those amounts may come with delivery fees, unless you pick up the items in-store.

How to Manage Delivery Costs

You don't have to be perturbed by the high costs of delivery. There are many ways to manage delivery expenses. Some of them are described below.

Plan Ahead

If you can anticipate your need for items, you can order them in advance using the standard shipping rates. This can help you avoid the additional expenses of a rush-order delivery. Another way to reduce extra shipping fees is to combine small orders into one large package that can be delivered in one piece.

Make Use of Free Shipping Offers

If you see an item that is offering free shipping if you order a certain quantity or size, you can use this to benefit from the free delivery. You just have to order the minimum amount to get the shipping perk.

Participate in Loyalty Programs

You can always join loyalty programs or sign up for newsletters to get exclusive discounts or promotional offers. As a member of a loyalty program, you may get access to reduced shipping rates and other perks, offsetting the cost of delivery over time.

Compare Delivery Options

It is always advisable to compare the cost of different delivery times. Where the delivery of the goods is not urgent, you can make use of standard delivery rates to get the goods at a lower cost.

Comparing Home Depot and Lowe's

Home Depot has around 2,300 stores in North America. It is one of America's largest chains of home improvement stores, offering everything from tools, to lumber, to paint. Home Depot has stores available in both urban and rural areas, so there is bound to be a store in your vicinity. You can shop Home Depot online, too, comparing prices of different manufacturers and ordering quickly using different shipping options.

Lowe's, which can be considered a direct competitor to Home Depot, has more than 1,700 stores in the U.S., in both urban and rural areas.

Delivery Options and Costs Compared

Both Home Depot and Lowe's have comparable delivery options and costs. The minimum free-delivery requirement for items from Home Depot is typically $45 for small items and $396 for large and bulky items. Lowe's, meanwhile, offers a free standard shipping service for orders of at least $35 for MyLowe's Rewards members. And Silver Key members at Lowe's receive free standard shipping on all orders. Otherwise, you can get free standard shipping from Lowe's with orders totaling at least $45.

Lowe's has a standard delivery time of one-to-seven business days, and large and bulky items tend to arrive in seven-to-10 business days, which is comparable to Home Depot.

The ordering options are pretty much the same at the two retailers. You can order delivery and use curbside, in-store, and locker options. The communication process at Lowe's may be easier, as you simply select "I'm here" via your phone while visiting the store to pick up your order. And for locker pick-ups, you'll receive a barcode that you'll scan to access your locker.

How Do I Find the Cheapest Shipping Option?

Go on the website and see if there are free or discounted deliveries if ordering a minimum amount. With Home Depot's standard shipping, you can expect free delivery if the order is above $45 for small items and $396 for large items.

How Long Does Home Depot Take to Deliver?

Home Depot has a same-day delivery service that delivers the same day, especially if the order is placed before noon. This is for in-store and in-stock items. The 2-day delivery service takes two business days. Express delivery uses air couriers if needed.

Is There a Minimum Spend for Free Delivery?

Yes, you may have to spend a minimum of $45 for small orders and $396 for large and bulky items or appliances to get free delivery.

Home Depot Sales for Special Occasions

Home Depot has a long tradition of having sales for special occasions. For example, Home Depot's Presidents' Day sale this year offered a discount of up to 60% on select items like furniture, small kitchen appliances, and home decor. It ended on February 29.

Then there's the Home Depot military discount. It involves a discount of 10% for all veterans, retirees, and active and reservist members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, National Guard, Space Force, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps (USPHS). Spouses are eligible, too. You have to register using SheerID, and you can save a maximum of $400 per calendar year.

What Is Home Depot's Return Policy?

Home Depot's return policy is quite simple. You can return new items within 90 days with proof of purchase, either in-store or by mail. Major appliances must be returned within 48 hours, while the upper limit is 365 days for credit card or commercial account owners. Returns are refunded via the same payment method originally used. Defective store stock items being returned in-store must be exchanged for the same stock item within the 90-day period.

How Do Surcharges Work?

Surcharges have been levied at 15% on all special orders that have been canceled. There is no charge on other orders, but they all have to be returned to the same location from which they were purchased.

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