Rumor Roundup: Facebook on Kindle? nano Speaker? Fiennes as Bond Villain?

By , dealnews Media Editor

If there's one thing that there'll be plenty of, come the holiday season, it's rumors!

  • iPod nano getting a built-in speaker?
    Who said that Apple would never innovate in the same ways, once Steve Jobs passed away? [via AppleInsider]

  • Facebook not releasing an offical app for Amazon's Kindle Fire?
    ZDNet seems disappointed that the Facebook "app" that Amazon says is coming is only going to be a dolled up version of the Facebook website. Um. Weren't apps invented because the experience of using websites on a tiny phone was annoying, at best? So why, when we have bigger tablets that display websites just fine, are we concerned with still having apps for web content?! Wake up, sheeple!

  • HP to put webOS up for sale again?
    The appeal to buyers would not be the OS, says SlashGear, but the patents and the guts of the thing. Like a poor man hoping to marry his daughter off to a rich man, so she can escape poverty, only to have her taken by a cruel old miser who only wants her healthy organs. (Was that an Edward Gorey story, or am I about to write the thriller of the century?!)

  • HTC Edge will be the first quad-core smartphone?
    Not to sound like an old curmudgeon, but: How much power do our phones need?! Also: I don't understand the music the kids are listening to these days! What is "rolling in the deep" anyway?! Is it dirty?! [via DigitalTrends]

  • Apple needs to add LED back-lights to the new iPad?
    See, everyone thinks all Apple rumors are fascinating and "sexy", until one about the internal LED lighting bar components comes around. Then it's all, who cares, just make it work! [via DigiTimes]

  • Ralph Fiennes will play Ernst Stavros Blofeld in the next Bond film?
    "No, Mr. Potter! I expect you to DIE!" mash-ups will be ALL OVER THE INTERNET. [via AceShowbiz]

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