This Week's Rumor Roundup: Microsoft, Xbox, Tony Hawk, more

This week, we're seeing Apple-levels of rumors surrounding Microsoft. (Yeah, it made me feel weird, too.)
  • Microsoft to buy Yahoo!?
    It's back! Or is it just that Big, Bad Ballmer doesn't have that thing in his head — that the rest of do — that EDITS thoughts before they become words?
  • Microsoft to buy Blackberry?
    Take THAT, iPhone! There is no loss of market-share that MS can't throw enormous amounts of money at to gain an upper-hand! (This one is a re-do, as well, by the way! See: 2005)
  • New Xbox to be "forwards compatible"?
    Supposedly, this means that all your old games will look and perform better on the new console then on the current one. You know, just like all your old software was supposed to look and perform better on Vista than on XP...
  • Tony Hawk game to come with a skateboard?
    Sure. Why not. I still have a free square-foot of floor space in my apartment that isn't already cluttered up with game peripherals.
  • No Apple rumors this week?
    That's the rumor, going around. Kinda makes your head hurt, to think about, doesn't it? At least the $899 laptop rumor was dead on. Er....
Jeff Somogyi is dealnews' Media Editor. He is both backwards and forwards compatible, but with serious driver issues and multiple crashes. (That sounds like the punchline to a joke that starts, "How is a new car owner like a Microsoft product?") You can read more of his inane ramblings on his blog, The Somogyi Perspective.
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