Which One of These Amazon Shows About Death Is the Comedy?

The online retailer offers up a second round of original pilots to vote on — and apparently has an interesting interpretation of the comedy genre.

Amazon's first foray into original programming gave us the comedy series Betas and Alpha House. And while these shows were generally considered to be solid efforts, they weren't winning any Emmys either (unlike Netflix's House of Cards). So Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is taking another swing at scripted success with a new batch of pilots. Like last year, the decision to develop the ideas into a full season will be an open process in which anyone can vote on the series they want to get produced.

Along with a selection of children's programming, Amazon has offered up several adult shows for your viewing pleasure:

Amazon Originals Pilots

What we'd like to call your attention to is the "Comedy and Drama" section [emphasis ours]. That's because, despite the label, the selection offers an assortment of shows that are variously described with the words "violent world," "serial killer," "sex," "drugs," "husband suddenly dies," and "dramatic admission." So, which ones are the laugh-out-loud comedies, again? Maybe they're dark comedies ... like really dark comedies. As the body counts rise, so do the laughs! (Or maybe Amazon just finds death funny.)

Either way, do any of the pilots catch your eye? Which would you like seen made into a full series? Let us know in the comments below!

Jeff Somogyi
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The After caught my eye and I watched the pilot. I thought the pilot was suspenseful and intriguing and I will continue to watch it if it gets picked up. The other show that I will probably watch next would be Mozart in the Jungle. It seems like an interesting topic as I can see how drugs could become part of that musical world.
Didn't we already do the 'husband dies [/gets caught in the bathroom with another man] and the widow [/ex-wife] gets the football team? Didn't it star Delta Burke? Wasn't it somewhat awful then? Plus ça change....