VIDEO: Would You Want Amazon to Deliver Your Packages via Drones?

Could Amazon really make autonomous, robotic package delivery a reality, or is this nothing but a pie in the sky idea?

Recently, CBS aired a 60 Minutes interview with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, in which he revealed that his company plans to create autonomous flying drones that will deliver packages within 30 minutes of when an order was placed. Fittingly, the internet went crazy about the news, resulting in gems like this.

In this brief — yet lively — video, our experts discuss the feasibility and desirability of delivery drones.

What about you, readers? Does 30-minute delivery via flying robot sound awesome? Tell us your opinions in the comments below.

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Its going to take a lot of battery's to fly to Hawaii.
@HarryTuttle Well then who will deliver the 3D printer & materials right to our doorstep? Amazon delivery drones, that's who

9 times out of 10 I won't buy something on Amazon if it isn't cheaper than my local brick & mortar options. That being said, I buy a lot of different stuff on Amazon from PC gear to kids toys to food. I think I get a diverse sample of what Amazon has to offer. Of course, I also shop elsewhere and when things go on sale or are discounted then it can beat Amazon's price. I consider Rakuten Amazon competition but I seem to buy less from them currently. Also, I'm sure there are a plethora of dodgy, no name websites that can beat Amazon's base price but they usually recoup that by large shipping fees and scant return policies. I rarely seek those kinds of thrills these days.
yes-so I can use my shoulder mounted drone killer
amazon drone attack
Skeet Shooting with Prizes!!!
Dan de Grandpre (DealNews)
@Batman0055 I can't recall where I read it, but the notion that Amazon leads on price most of the time is a falsehood. It only leads on price 20% of the time or so. Got to find that article.

Heck, every day, DealNews finds like 200+ products that are cheaper elsewhere.
Come on people !

Once the the 3d printing technology gets going and we all have terminals these drones are gonna be junkyard relics.
I absolutely love this idea. Everyone is imagining every single package being delivered this way with thousands of drones flying around. That is not the case. @Slaz5, I disagree with your logic of going to the store if you need something now. I would say then you disagree with the postal service coming to you instead of you standing in line to pick up your mail. Is that correct? Do you never get pizza delivered to your house, when you can also drive across town yourself and get it? What about when the roads are icy. I'd rather have a drone safely deliver my package(assuming storm is over) than chance it to go pick up something. I think people need to think beyond Amazon, as Mr. Bezos's "crazy" ideas of how to run a warehouse have also been found to be a vast improvement to logistics companies. Think beyond ordering a DVD from Amazon. He is an innovator, and crazy things now may increase efficiency and safety down the road.
Slaz5, what happened to the sci-fi loving kid in you? don't you remember all those shows that show the future with cars and drones flying around? Amazon pushed the envelop multiple times and were successful (kindle is still the best selling ereader! who would have thought the company that started as a book warehouse would disrupt the industry with ereaders?). I am curious to see what Jeff has in mind :-)
In response to Slaz5,

Amazon has better prices for, not all, but the majority of their products. In my experience they are 10-25% cheaper for most of the items I buy, that's one of the primary reasons I shop. If it's the same or more (yes some items are expensive) I just go to the store unless their is a convenience factor. Another reason I shop there is because Amazon doesn't charge sales tax in Illinois. Probably because none of the 14 fulfillment centers they have are in Illinois or through some deal made between Amazon and Illinois.

As far as the actual Prime Air, too early to tell but if it can be made cost effective it will probably happen even if it has a limited service area. UPS is also working on it so maybe there is some legitimacy to it.
I think it rocks! Something from the Jettsons and about time!
This just seems rather unnecessary to do. Their shipping is already rather fast, if you can't wait two-three business days for something, just go to the store where whatever you are buying is probably very close to Amazon's price.
They have fulfillment centers in just about every state, so you will still pay tax online versus in store. If you need something NOW you should be getting off the computer and heading to Target. It's worth the extra few bucks in price to not wait for shipping.

We don't need drones delivering packages. There comes a point where technology and innovation just becomes too much and goes too far. Sure it's cool, but it's still unnecessary. What will prevent some punk kids or unruly adults from "shooting it down" so to speak. Some kid might see it and want to throw a baseball at the drone or something. I just don't see how it will be more cost effective when people start messing it up.