This Week's Rumor Roundup: iPad, Amazon, Google

Some rumors for your eyes to read:
  • iPad might have an un-announced camera?
    Right. Cuz if it was gonna have one, Steve Jobs would TOTALLY not mention it at the keynote, nor proclaim it to be "magical". Boom.
  • Next Kindle to be full-color, touch-screen, "iPad killer"?
    It'll have everything the iPad does ... except the love and adoration of the publishing industry.
    It'll also have Flash.
  • Amazon to buy Netflix - this time for realsies?
    OK. This one would have some credence IF the full-color / video Kindle rumor is true. Just use what you learned in logic class: IF p = TRUE AND p -> q, then q=TRUE. Remember to show all work.
  • Google adding in-store views to Google Maps?
    Planning a heist? "Casing the joint" just got a whole lot easier!
  • Pegatron will make the next iPhone?
    It's the worst plan the Decepticons have come up with, yet, for world-domination ... and only Androidimus Prime can stop them!
  • PSPgo getting a "relaunch"?
    What happens when your product fizzles out upon release and gets NO attention whatsoever? Well, you wait a couple months, make absolutely no changes to the device, spend another truck-load of cash on advertising, and hope no one remembers it was a failure. It's the formula for success!
Jeff Somogyi is the dealnews Media Editor. He's tried to relaunch himself several times, but NASA's restraining order has prevented it. You can read more of his mind-thoughts by following his Twitter feed @dzheough.
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