Amazon Prime Day 2024: Shop These Top Deals and Save

Get up to 86% off items from big-name brands like Columbia, Crocs, and Yeti.
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After switching up Prime Day dates in 2020 and 2021, Amazon brought the event back to its July roots in 2022 and has kept it there since. But how does Prime Day work? Do you really have to be a Prime member to shop the event?

We answer these questions and more in our guide, which covers everything you need to know about Amazon Prime Day 2024. For more savings info, check out our other guides for the event, on Prime Day Apple deals, Kindle deals, and TV deals!

Top Amazon Deals to Shop During Prime Day 2024

Now is the time to shop the 2024 Prime Day deals! We've picked out a selection of offers featuring impressive savings, and you can learn more about each below.

Prime Video Prime Day Deals from 99 cents: These Prime Video deals are ideal for shoppers wanting shows and movies to watch for less. Select 2-month Prime Video Channel subscriptions have dipped down to 99 cents per month, including those for Starz, Cinemax, MGM+, and BET+. What's more, two months of Paramount+, Discovery+, and AMC+ are priced at 50% off, and you can score discounts when renting and buying recently released movies — think Dune: Part Two, Challengers, and Kung Fu Panda 4.

Columbia Prime Day Deals at up to 86% off: Fans of the outdoor brand can get solid deals on gear this Prime Day — several Amazon pages' worth of deals, in fact! Save up to an impressive 86% on items for the whole family, including hiking boots, shirts, jackets, and shorts.

Household Product Prime Day Deals at up to 47% off: Thanks to this deal, you can stock up and save on those items that always seem to be running out. Get discounts on big-name brands such as Glad, Energizer, Clorox, Swiffer, and others.

Amazon Fire TV Blaster for $15 (57% off): This device lets you use voice controls to turn your TV on or off, or to change the volume on your TV or soundbar. And right now, the Fire TV Blaster is at the lowest price, we've seen, not to mention $20 off. Note that you'll need compatible Fire TV and Echo devices to use it.

Bosch Wiper Blade and Filter Prime Day Deals at up to 54% off: Like many of the offers on this list, this Bosch one is a Staff Pick for being a "best of the best"-level deal. It lets you take up to 54% off a variety of items from the brand, including wiper blades, brake pads, and cabin and oil filters.

Yeti Items at up to 50% off: Considering that Yeti products rarely see discounts, this Prime Day deal on the brand is worth checking out. Get up to 50% off dozens of products, including travel mugs, can insulators, bottle slings, and coolers.

Personal Care Items at up to 50% off: Whichever personal care brand you're loyal to, it's worth seeing if Amazon is offering discounts on it for Prime Day. We found deals going up to 50% off, and a few went even higher. Big-name brands seeing savings range from Degree to Dove and Old Spice to Secret. Score deals on deodorant, body scrubs, loofah sponges, and lots of other products.

Anker Charging Products at up to 51% off: This Prime Day deal features hefty discounts on various charging stations, power banks, USB-C cables — basically any device-charging item you can think of. Savings start around 20% off and go up to 51% off.

Crocs Shoes at up to 67% off: Fans of this brand can save on a variety of clogs and sandals during Prime Day, with discounts starting around 15% off and going up from there. Men's, women's, and kids' shoes are all available.

Prime Gaming Games for free: Amazon is offering Prime members a bunch of free games with this Prime Day deal. For example, you can score Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Chivalry 2 for free, when you'd pay $38 for the games sold separately somewhere else. Note that the games can be redeemed through the Epic Games Store.

Little Giant Ladder Systems Velocity M13 13' Multi-Position Ladder for $139 (46% off): This Staff Pick deal features the ladder at the best price we've seen, as well as a low by $90 today. The weight capacity is listed at 300 pounds.

NOTE: The information below was compiled before Prime Day sales went into full swing. Please refer to the info above before making any shopping plans. And remember that you never have to hold off until Prime Day to save at Amazon. See the best Amazon deals here anytime.

How Does Prime Day Work?

Prime Day is a 2-day sale that typically starts around midnight PT on either a Monday or Tuesday and runs for 48 hours straight. During that time, Prime members can take advantage of a multitude of deals across a number of categories, plus more Lightning Deals than normal. Amazon also frequently offers special promotions for their services, such as Amazon Music Unlimited, Prime Video, Audible, and others.

How to Score Early Prime Day Deals

While early Prime Day deals can start up to a few weeks before the main event itself, Amazon always has a large selection of offers to shop. Check out the Today's Deals page for the best offers every day — no waiting for Prime Day necessary. However, when the early deals do start rolling out for the 2024 event, rest assured you'll find them on the same page, and can expect Amazon to clearly denote they're early Prime Day deals.

Here are steps you can follow to score early Prime Day 2024 deals.

1. Join Amazon Prime

If you're not yet a member of Amazon Prime, the first thing you'll need to do is purchase a membership. You can opt for either a monthly or yearly membership — whatever works best for your needs and budget.

2. Browse Today's Deals

Once you're a Prime member, take a look at the Today's Deals page and filter the deals to Prime Early Access, Prime Exclusive, or both. Prime Early Access deals are special offers that Prime members can take advantage of before anyone else. You can usually get about a 30-minute head start on these kinds of offers, which means you'll be able to add them to cart before they have a chance to sell out.

As for Prime Exclusive deals, those are offers that are only for Prime members, as the name suggests. These can vary pretty widely outside of shopping holidays. For example, at the time of publication, only seven Prime Exclusive deals were available, and they were mainly for gloves and tires — probably not items most shoppers would be concerned about missing out on.

3. Add Items to Your Cart

When you find something you like, go ahead and add it to your cart. That's especially true if it's a Lightning Deal, as that could mean a short time frame of only 15 minutes to complete your order before your cart expires. If that happens, your item will be returned to the pool for other shoppers.

What to Know About Amazon Prime Day

Wondering when the Prime Day deals will start, or the types of discounts you can expect during the event? We looked at data from the 2023 Prime Day sale to give you the info you need to know ahead of this year's event.

What Is Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is an exclusive sale event the online retailer created in 2015. It features deals on electronics, home goods, and practically everything in between. This year's Prime Day sale marks the 10th iteration of the event and because of that, there's a chance we could see even better deals as Amazon celebrates this fact. Given that customers spent $12.7 billion on Amazon Prime Day last year, there's a good chance this year's Prime Day will set a new record for the amount spent, even with shoppers still concerned about inflation.

While many offers are available throughout the event, the best ones are often limited-time Lightning Deals. These last for a short period of time or until stock is depleted — whichever comes first. That being said, the amount of Lightning Deals ramps up for Prime Day, and these offers are introduced frequently.

When Will It Start?

Amazon has announced that Prime Day 2024 will take place on July 16-17. It will start at 3:01 am ET on day one and run all the way through July 17.

Prime Day mostly has fallen during July, with a few exceptions. In 2020, Amazon delayed it until October. The reasons for that seemed to be mainly related to the COVID-19 pandemic. And in 2021, Amazon hosted Prime Day in June, reportedly because of the Olympics scheduled to take place in July, among other reasons. Then in 2022 and 2023, Amazon went back to mid-July for the main Prime Day sale and held yet another Prime-focused event in October as a kind of lead-in to the Black Friday season. The fall sales were called the Prime Early Access Sale in 2022 and Prime Big Deal Days in 2023.

After the changes of 2020 and 2021, it seems like Amazon has cemented the July time frame once again with this year's announcement.

How Long Does It Last?

Prime Day typically lasts 48 hours every year. Expect it to begin at 3:01 am ET on day one, run for 48 hours, and end at around 3 am ET once those two days are up.

Does Everything Go On Sale?

Unfortunately, not everything goes on sale during Prime Day. In fact, Amazon Prime Day is probably best for shopping Amazon brands and services. Amazon's own devices like Echo speakers and displays, as well as cameras, Fire TV Sticks and Fire TVs, and Fire tablets, all tend to see notable offers during the event.

Not interested in electronics? Know that Amazon still has plenty of great deals to shop from their Amazon Basics line, their various clothing brands, and more.

While Amazon brands may have the largest discounts, those aren't the only products you can save on. Prime Day has discounts on fitness trackers, select Apple products, LEGO sets, designer brands, and even Back to School items for early shoppers who want to get a jump on the chore.

Are Early Prime Day Deals the Same as Actual Prime Day Deals?

Don't expect early deals to be exactly the same as the offers during the Prime Day event, but know that deals Amazon has branded as "early Prime Day deals" can indeed be pretty noteworthy. However, if you're simply looking at the best deals that Amazon has to offer currently, they're likely no better than the deals at any other time of year. There may be hidden gems, but overall, you'll want to watch for Amazon to roll out its true early Prime Day deals. These are the kinds of offers that provide perks for joining Prime before July, credits just for using Alexa on your devices, and similar savings.

How Much Can You Save?

While a ton of different items may be on sale for Prime Day, some categories will be more popular than others. Based on the trends seen last year, these are just some of the discounts to watch for:

  • Up to 43% off select Anker charging products: This offer included cables, chargers, hubs, charging stations, and power strips. While that certainly isn't a bad discount, it's less than what Black Friday and Cyber Monday could bring. Those sales could offer up to 60% off many of the same items, if not more.

  • Up to 35% off Igloo coolers: That might not seem like a huge discount, but Igloo coolers are pretty well-known and can last for decades when taken care of. In this case, Prime Day deals may be better than what we see during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, simply because there's not much demand during colder months. A 25-quart ice chest fell to $65 during Prime Day, but the lowest we saw a 24-quart cooler drop later in the year was $89.

  • Up to 50% off Yeti drinkware: Many shoppers are happy to stock their cabinets with items from the rugged Yeti brand. This offer included can coolers and insulators, and while it's impressive, Black Friday and Cyber Monday could bring better savings. Last year, Amazon took up to 50% off Yeti items during its Cyber Monday sale, but that included more than just the Prime Day selection. Sales at Dick's Sporting Goods during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday time frame also took up to 64% off more drinkware — not just the items for canned drinks.

  • Up to 47% off Bosch automotive air filters and wiper blades: There were select items included in this sale, so it was a good opportunity to swap out these necessities. Compared to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this offer was only slightly better. We saw up to 45% off automotive items during these November sales last year.

  • Up to 39% off select personal care brands: While this offer included select deodorant, body wash, and other items from Olay, Old Spice, and Secret, it was still mediocre compared to what Amazon had later in the year. Last Black Friday, shoppers could save up to 45% on a variety of personal care items.

Do You Need A Prime Membership to Shop?

Amazon Prime Day is only for Amazon Prime members, as the name would suggest. That means you must have a Prime membership in order take advantage of all the deals. You can still shop at Amazon during the event without a membership, but you won't be eligible for the same discounts Prime members get during that time.

How Much Is Amazon Prime in 2024?

The Amazon Prime membership cost is $14.99 per month or $139 per year in 2024. However, Amazon Prime membership deals are available for students and people who qualify for government assistance, and those could be as much as 50% off the standard prices.

The Lowdown on Amazon Prime Day Deals

How Do You Find Prime Day Deals?

The best way to start finding Prime Day deals is by heading to the Today's Deals section on the Amazon website and exploring the deals in the categories you're most interested in. You can also visit the Prime Day page on the website to see which offers are listed there.

How to Get Lightning Deals During Amazon Prime Day 2024

Find Lightning Deals during Prime Day by going to the Today's Deals page on Amazon and clicking on deals with "% claimed" underneath their product names. You can also find Lightning Deals by clicking on the Prime Early Access filter on that page. Prime members get 30 minutes of early access to these Lightning Deals before the general public is also able to shop them.

Add the Lightning Deal to your cart quickly if you can. After that, you have 15 minutes to complete the checkout process. Otherwise, the item will return to the regular Amazon price for the product, and you may not be able to grab it again.

Amazon sees a huge increase in traffic for Prime Day, so you have to be ready to move fast or you risk missing out. Even if you're on the ball, there's a chance you could still lose, as items can sell out extremely quickly.

But not all hope is lost. If an item sells out before you can grab it, you may have an opportunity to join a waitlist. If you do, jump on it. Everybody has 15 minutes to check out with a Lightning Deal in their cart, and if there's a waitlist, all of the stock may be in carts, but not everyone has checked out yet.

Some shoppers drop the item from their carts or just let the countdown expire, so it's worth jumping on a waitlist and trying your luck.

Tips for Saving on Prime Day

Price-Check Before You Buy

Don't assume an item is at a great price because Prime Day is happening and the product is labeled as being on sale. Price-check everything before you add it to your cart and go through with the purchase. Keep in mind, too, that even though Amazon may have the lowest price at a glance, you may find better deals elsewhere. The same products could come in bundles from other stores, or you could get extra savings via other membership programs or payment methods, so don't assume Amazon has the best offer.

Don't Only Shop on Amazon

While Prime Day is an Amazon event, plenty of retailers offer competing sales during or around the same time frame. Even if you're a Prime member, it's worth taking a look at other stores to see what kinds of deals are available so you don't miss out.

Take Advantage of Free Credits

Start watching for credits before Prime Day, as Amazon often has special offers that provide $5-$15 credits for taking advantage of special promotions. In the past, these have been ones like using Alexa to set reminders for Prime Day to earn $10, or uploading your first photo to Amazon Photos to get a $15 credit for Prime Day. Watch for these types of promotions to return.

Read the Reviews

Amazon has a lot of third-party sellers on their site, and that can mean products and reviews that will be too good to be true. If you're looking at ordering an item from a brand you aren't familiar with, consider using the site Fakespot to analyze Amazon pages. It can help you determine whether an offer, product, or reviews seem legit and help you make better-informed purchases.

Consider Shopping Refurbs

Opting for refurbished items is a good way to save on electronics in general, and Amazon offers a couple of options for finding great deals you can trust. There's Amazon Warehouse, which offers pre-owned, used, and open-box products with generous discounts. There's also Amazon Renewed, which provides "expertly refurbished" products backed by a 90-day guarantee.

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