Rumor Roundup: The Rectangular iPod nano Is Back?! Amazon Phone? More?

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When the Internet runs out of news, they start making things up. We think this is funny, so we round up all the lies and speculation and put them here. We call it "Rumor Roundup" and we do it all for you! This week:

  • Apple's iPod nano Update Will Return to a Rectangular Form-Factor?
    A square IS a rectangle, people. So it's returning to another rectangular form. Sheesh! Am I the ONLY pedant on the planet? [PC Mag]

  • Amazon Will Ship a Smartphone this Year, Sell It at a Loss?
    They sold the Kindle at a loss and made the money up on eBook sales. They will sell their Kindle Phone at a loss and make the money up in phone book sales. [CS Monitor]

  • iPad Mini Will Be Built in Brazil?
    This rumor is nuts! (Brazil? Nuts? Brazil Nuts? Sam Lowry? ... ?) [MacRumors]

  • Next Batman / Arkham Game Will Be a Prequel?
    Thrill as you play a young Bruce Wayne — pre-tragic death of his parents — navigating a way through school. [Crave Online]

  • Tablet-Only Newspaper, The Daily, to End Publication?
    It reportadly lost $30 million a year. With News Corp.'s expertise, they could have easily hacked everyone's phone and installed it on there to insure a wider subscriber base, but they didn't. Shouldn't that count for something? [New York Observer]

Jeff Somogyi is the dealnews Media Editor. He is consoled by the fact that, lax as his journalistic integrity is, he can still look down on somone else! Thanks News Corp.! See more of his yellow journalism on Twitter or on his blog.

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If you have one of the Kindles that has wireless as well as WiFi, you are already using Amazon's free global system that runs on the cell phone network.  It might not be such a big deal for Amazon to offer phone service for an Aphone.  They will make up the cost by selling MP3s and requiring an Amazon Prime contract.
Ha nothing really factual to say here just an opinion but the last nano was too small for me. I bought one and it was great and all, but it was so small that not only was the touch screen difficult at times, but I also lost it several times and eventually washed it with my clothes by mistake because it was still attached to my shorts.

The nano doesnt need to be that small, it just needs bluetooth support and a decent size for an arm strap. They should use the screen flex skin technology that samsung has and make a nano that is waterproof, flexible, light, and has a arm strap feature on it. After all it was kind of built more for the gym I felt like. Make it mostly cloud storage with like 2gb and 4gb of storage, just enough for a couple workout playlist, battery life to about 4 hours (to keep the weight down and ability to flex by having a small battery, plus more cost effective), no physical button features, built in bluetooth and wifi, and I think you will see sales skyrocket. People are tech savy enough now to know how to use the cloud, and this would be another way apple could promote its cloud usage. Bluetooth headset devices are becoming more and more reliable and abundant in todays society. Apple could even come out with their own bluetooth headsets and I am sure people would purchase them at a seperate cost without even blinking an eye.

The iPhone and iPad are still the best devices for most users, with the exception of people who love to ROM their droids, but the competition is catching up on all fronts including the PC. I feel like for Apple to continue to be that "it" brand, they need to have another jaw dropping moment, this is the way to do it. It will make people realize that the Steve Jobs era, although unbelieveable, is not the end of this company.

If Apple is not carefull then the next decade could belong, as it once did, to Microsoft. People were dissapointed with the iphone 4s not being "the iphone 5". Its a sensative couple years for both Apple and Microsoft, as this could really be the decade that defines where both companies are headed. I leave google out of this argument because their laptops are so far a bust, and although I love my EVO LTE, they need to find a way to integrate all their devices to receive updates at the same time like Apple is able to do across their devices.