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Best Black Friday Storage Deals: Lowest Price Ever for a 128GB USB Drive!

Storage might not have been on your shopping radar, but you should definitely check out these offers! Our roundup has the best storage deals to fulfill whatever storage needs you might have.

Amazon Fire TV vs. Fire TV Stick: Which One Should You Get?

Amazon isn't the biggest name in streaming devices, but has two worthwhile options. We break down the details to help you find out whether the compact Fire TV Stick or the more expensive Fire TV has the features you need.

10 Handy Tips to Make Your Laptop Run Faster

Whether you're Team Mac or Team PC, we've found 10 simple tricks you can try out on your laptop to improve its performance. If your rig is running slower than molasses, these tips can help restore your productivity.

9 Alternative Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for the Modern Romantic

Love-sick lads and lasses who are tired of shopping for chocolates and flowers will be inspired by ~!our selection of adorable alternatives to the more typical heart-filled and sweet-smelling Valentine's Day options. The spoils include a bouquet of unicorns (oh yes) and a pair of mittens that's been sickeningly crafted for two.

DrivePop's Double Cross: What to Do When an "Unlimited Deal" Expires

DrivePop's offer of "unlimited lifetime" cloud backup service for a fixed, up-front price turned out to be too good to be true. Can consumers do anything when a company cancels an unlimited deal?

How to Get 83GB of Free Cloud Storage

Using cloud storage allows you to access your files at anytime from anywhere. It's as easy as creating an account and connecting to the internet. And if you utilize your free cloud storage resources wisely, you won't ever have to pay for the privilege!

High-Capacity SSDs Finally Match the per-GB Prices of Smaller SSDs

Although solid state drives are still costlier than traditional drives, prices on SSDs have fallen to the point where outfitting a laptop is no longer a luxury. But in terms of price-per-GB, are you better off buying a low-capacity drive or will you (and your wallet) benefit more from investing in a high-capacity SSD?

Breaking Down Storage Options: Is Brand Important? What Formats See Deals?

As the amount of digital content we consume increases and the quality of that content improves, we turn to bigger and better digital storage options. But how much storage do we really need? And does buying brand name storage matter?

Low-Cost Computing: What Can the $35 Raspberry Pi PC Do for You?

The Raspberry Pi: Not your father's build-it-in-the-basement computer. At the size of a credit card, and a digestable $35, will this mini PC change the way people compute at home?

When Should You Buy Apple's New MacBook Pro Laptops?

Apple refreshed its entire fleet of laptops yesterday, and before you sprint to the nearest Apple Store, we recommend waiting patiently for a modest discount. But how long will you have to wait, and how much can you save?

Today's Hard Drive Deals Feature 2010 Prices, So When Might They Stabilize?

It's been roughly six months since the devastating floods in Thailand, and the storage industry is still struggling in the wake of the destruction. Analysts predicted hard drive prices would increase in the months following, and unfortunately, that's precisely what we've seen. But where do we stand now, and how long will it take for prices to stabilize? We looked at price trends in the dealnews archives to get a better picture.

11 Things That Will Be More Expensive in 2012

It's inevitable that as the New Year creeps closer, we begin to muse about what's to come in the next 12 months. So dealnews is taking a look at what price adjustments consumers can expect to see in 2012. This week, we read the economic tealeaves to see exactly what will be more expensive this year. Some increases seem almost customary, like ever-rising gas prices, while others, like a potential 25% hike on tap water, are more surprising.

Hard Knock Hard Drives: Seagate and Western Digital Slash Warranties

It's been a rough couple of months for hard drives; deals on HDDs are still in short supply due to flooding in Thailand, and now both Seagate and Western Digital have announced that they will slash warranties on their new drives in 2012.

Data Storage Deals: Free Cloud Space & 4 Editors' Choice Drives, more

Most of us don't go around thinking about the joys of data storage, and then it happens: Your computer crashes, or you're in immediate need of a flash drive to hand-off an important document. We've got five data storage deals — four of which are Editors' Choice-caliber — that will address all aspects of your storage needs, from thumb drives to an SDHC card.

Will Floods in Thailand Raise the Price of Hard Drives and Computers?

Thailand has been bailing out of its rainy season, but the flooding in some areas has been severe, and numerous factories have been shutdown. Considering the country produces 25% of the world's hard drives, some analysts are concerned about a long-term hard drive shortage — which could mean fewer deals for consumers.

dealnews Price Trends: Is Now the Right Time to Invest in an SSD?

You might think fitting your laptop with a solid state drive (SSD) is a luxury, but the truth is — it's not. We dug into the dealnews archives and discovered that prices on both 64GB and 128GB SSD drives have seen significant price cuts since last summer. So if SSD drives are now ripe for the picking, what prices can you expect?
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