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Blog Archives for May 2012

The Best and Worst Things to Buy in June

June is the month with the longest daylight hours of the year, so you have even more time to shop! But what should you buy now and what should you avoid? We searched through dealnews' extensive archives of deals to sort out fact from fiction when it comes to getting the best deals in June.

dealnews Podcast - Episode 213: Glutton for News

The dealnews Podcast Episode 213 will infuse your brain with consumer news. This week: American Express rewards you with free Zynga points; British people hide what they are reading; a DVR that skips commercials gets sued; Olympic fever is under control; a better ketchup bottle, and more.

Theme Parks on a Budget: Travel Tips and Entertainment Discounts

While we know that loyal dealnews readers are tech aficionados, we discovered, somewhat surprisingly, that many of you also harbor a (secret?) love for Disney World and theme parks. And since it's that time of year again, we've put together some suggestions on how to make sure your amusement park experience doesn't turn into a roller coaster of debt.

Smile for These 5 Digital Camera Deals

Has your iPhone camera let you down? Perhaps the novelty of your tiny digital camera from 2007 has also worn off? Don't miss capturing the magic of the moment! We've found deals on digital cameras and carrying cases that are best suited for the intermediate photographer.

Make the Most of Motorcycling in the Summer Heat
 with the Right Gear

Many motorcycle riders react to the summer heat by parking their bike, or shedding clothing. Luckily, there are products on the market today that are designed to help keep riders riding throughout the year, while remaining protected and offering the ventilation they require to remain comfortable.

Rumor Roundup: Pay-Per-Use iPhone 3G? Star Fox / Metroid Mashup?

Are you tired of reading rumors about the latest technology? Sick of hearing insane rumors about Apple, Nintendo, Google, and Apple (again)? Well neither are we! Hooray! That's why we put all the latest biz-buzz from the Internet into one place, the Rumor Roundup! Go on, indulge your guilty pleasures!

10 Popular Merchants that Desperately Need a Dedicated Mobile Site

Smart devices have become a preferred platform for online shopping, but while many big-name merchants have developed dedicated mobile web sites to appease the masses, less than a quarter of specialty stores have followed suit. dealnews has compiled a list of the top 10 merchants that we'd like to see join the mobile web revolution.

Get Your Piece of Puerto Rican Paradise

If you're itching for a beachfront, cultural vacation, look no further than the U.S. Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. From Old San Juan to the dry rain forests in the south near Guanica, there's a place in Puerto Rico that'll suit everyone's vacationing style — and budget — especially with these flight, hotel, and vacation packages.

An Ace Gamer Weighs In: 5 Games for the new iPad

Last week we looked at the best apps for the new iPad. This week we set out to find the best games that make the most of new iPad's design and features. We reached out to Eli Hodapp, Editor at TouchArcade to find out what apps shine in this new world of iOS gaming.

AMD's New Trinity Processor Might Not Beat Intel, But It'll Be Cheaper

Last month, Intel released its latest line of processors, the Ivy Bridge series, and now, AMD has countered with its Trinity line of APUs. While early reviews of the processor series suggest that it falls short of Intel's high standard, the new AMD models will likely result in budget-friendly computers for consumers.

What to Expect from 2012 Memorial Day Sales

Memorial Day weekend is nearly upon us, and you may be planning to spend your day off shopping for deals. But what kind of discounts can you expect? We searched the dealnews archives and found that, unlike many holiday shopping events, Memorial Day sales tend to offer some of the best discounts of the year so far.

dealnews Podcast - Episode 212: Lightning Round!

The dealnews Podcast Episode 212 is ready to electrocute your brains with KNOWLEDGE! This week: Stock tips and legal advice from unprofessionals who you cannot trust at all. Also: the Facebook IPO sitch, Comcast bandwidth caps, public WiFi, how Verizon will kill off your grandfather(ed unlimited 3G plan), and more.

New Ivy Bridge Laptops Are Falling Fast in Price

Today's premium laptop shopper has a serious decision to make: Do you save a few bucks and buy a previous generation Sandy Bridge-based desktop replacement (many of which are currently undergoing all-time lows), or do you spend a little more on a laptop packing Intel's just-released Ivy Bridge CPU? Although common logic would suggest that the older tech will provide the better value, our deals in recent weeks suggest otherwise.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1" Reviews: Who's Saying What About the New Tablet

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1" Android Tablet has hit stores, and the reviews are starting to come in. Priced at $399.99, it's being marketed as the "budget-minded" follow-up to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1", but how do the Tab 2's features, design, and usability compare to other tablets? And did the manufacturer cut one too many corners in order to make this a budget-friendly device? We scanned the internet for reviews from the most respected and revered electronics outlets, to see what the general consensus is about Samsung's latest offering.

10 Cool Tools for Father's Day

Father's Day is just a few weeks away, and don't you want to bring a smile to your old man's face when he opens up the gift from you? Luckily, most guys are relatively easy to buy for; a new tool usually does the trick. We've compiled a list of 10 cool tools (at a variety of price points) that should delight the shade tree mechanic, the woodworker, or the ardent do-it-yourself on your list this year.

Rumor Roundup: Eminem for Wii U? Next-Gen Xbox Name?

Are you tired of reading rumors about the latest technology? Sick of hearing insane rumors about Apple, Xbox, and Apple (again)? Well neither are we! Hooray! That's why we put all the latest biz-buzz from the Internet into one place, the Rumor Roundup! Go on, indulge your guilty pleasures!

Cotton Prices Are Down! Does that Mean T-Shirts Will Cost Less Now?

After years of escalating prices, the cost of cotton has finally reversed course this month. So, if cotton is less expensive, does this mean that the price of cotton goods — namely clothing — will drop as well? Not exactly.

Summer's Calling: Your Myrtle Beach Vacation Beckons

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is home to many resorts and beachfront properties and attracts 15 million sun-seekers each year. Ready to be one of them? We've got flight, hotel, and vacation packages deals to get you there.

8 Apps That Maximize the new iPad Experience

Some of the new bells and whistles to the extremely popular new iPad include an advanced display and processor, and you'll naturally want the best apps to take advantage of those upgrades. So we talked to an app expert to unearth the top apps that are optimized for the new iPad experience.

dealnews Podcast - Episode 211: A Trusted Brand Since 2012

The dealnews Podcast Episode 211 is ready to be heard by you lucky people! This week, our panel complains about allergies, upgrades to Windows 8, builds their own desktop PCs, and chooses price over brand.

Necessary Tools for Burgeoning Photographers: Free Photo Editing Software

With every generation, digital cameras get better, but that doesn't mean everyone's snapshots are picture-perfect from the start. Some of the more well known image editing software options, like Adobe Photoshop, are expensive, have a steep learning curve, and may be overkill for many shutterbugs. But these free photo editing software and apps are easy to use and will turn your image into a masterpiece in no time.

The Best Gift for Your Favorite Grad: A Job

Kids are graduating all over the place, these days! For those in college, this often means returning home to mooch off of the old folks for some time. That's why we suggest you get them the gift that keeps on giving: a job!

dealnews Price Trends: Desktop Replacements Hit All-Time Lows

The days of paying a premium for a desktop replacement have come to an end. Over the past 10 months we've seen deals on fully equipped 17" quad-core laptops drop in price from an average of $900 to an astonishingly low price of $550. Here's what you need to know to score a deal on a premium desktop replacement laptop.

Rumor Roundup: Apple's iTV to Feature Siri? Xbox Fitness?

Are you tired of reading rumors about the latest technology? Sick of hearing insane rumors about Apple, Nintendo, and Xbox? Well neither are we! Hooray! That's why we put all the latest biz-buzz from the Internets into one place, the Rumor Roundup! Go on, indulge your guilty pleasures!

7 Hidden Pitfalls to Buying Store Credits on Daily Deal Sites

The emergence of flash sale sites has meant bargains galore for a growing segment of consumers, including the novel concept of buying a discounted store or restaurant credit. Often these "$30 for $15" credits seem like a no-brainer, if the store appeals to you; it's like free money! But as is the case with many things in life, credits have their own pitfalls and caveats. We've put together a guide to help you avoid disappointment when purchasing store credits.

dealnews Podcast - Episode 210: This One's for Lindsay!

The dealnews Podcast Episode 210 is ready for consumption by an earger populace (that's YOU guys!) This week, our panel appeals to their higher-ups, then talks Amazon's Cloud Drive, The Avengers (in a non-spoilery way), in-movie texting, Xbox subscription service, Wii U launch titles, and more.

10 Ways to Save to Pay off Student Loan Debt

Student loan debt can put recent grads behind in their new adult lives, so any way they can pay it off more quickly is beneficial. Here then are a few basic cost-cutting measures that will add up to savings that can be put toward paying off student loans as quickly as possible.

Nintendo Banking on Wii U to Reverse Fortunes, But Our Survey Says Few Care

With a lukewarm response to the 3DS, an aging Wii console, and pressure from Apple and other smartphone/tablet manufacturers, Nintendo was pushed into its first ever annual operating loss this year. Given the current state of affairs, the manufacturer is understandably hoping for a successful launch of the Wii U come November. But is the new console strong enough to take on its competition?

The Contract-Bound Xbox: $129 More Than Buying a Console & LIVE Separately

Microsoft officially announced its new contract-based Xbox promotion yesterday, which entails getting the 4GB console with Kinect for just $99 — if you sign up for a 2-year Xbox LIVE Gold membership in the process. But the prospect of being locked into a static LIVE membership plan, with unchanging rates, raises the question: Is this intriguing promotion actually a deal at all?

5 Handy Tool Kits: Sets of Wrenches for Your Home and Car

Rather than assemble a tool kit piece by piece, it's smart to pick up a put-together tool kit with every tool you'd need to handle minor to moderate repair jobs. And here you'll find deals on just the right tool kits for your home, your car, and more.

Watch Out for These Strict Electronics Return Policies

Ordering a new laptop or electronic device that isn't quite right is disappointing enough; imagine discovering then that you also can't return it. We surveyed the electronics return policies for a number of retailers regularly featured on dealnews and found that some policies are surprisingly strict. So before you snatch up the next deal that appeals to you, make sure you know what you're committing to.

Rumor Roundup: Apple to Stream Movies? Star Wars Land? Hulu Lock-Down?

Are you tired of reading rumors about the latest technology? Sick of hearing insane rumors about Apple, Netflix, and Xbox? Well neither are we! Hooray! That's why we put all the latest biz-buzz from the Internet into one place, the Rumor Roundup! Go on, indulge your guilty pleasures!

Macy's to Embrace In-Store Technology for Shoppers — Including Free WiFi

While retailers have typically tried to prevent shoppers from using smartphones in stores, it's become increasingly clear that blocking signals and limiting Internet access to prevent deal seekers from price-comparing on the spot was a quick fix for a bigger problem. Now, retailers like Macy's may be finally willing to embrace new technologies in ways unheard of in the past, to actually enhance the in-store experience.

5 Video Game Deals: Several Editors' Choice Titles, Bundle Deals from $20

Ah, we remember the days when we'd play Atari, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Super Mario Brothers. Today's best video game deals might not cater to your nostalgia, but these discounted titles are sure to keep your thumbs busy and wallet full. Expand your collection with new and used games for Wii, PlayStation 3, XBox 360, and more.

Readers Declare They Want Hybrid Windows Tablets, But at What Cost?

Last week, many of our readers declared in a poll that they'd happily welcome hybrid Windows tablets later this year, claiming that they'd appreciate the convenience of a laptop and tablet in one. But what will the Windows hybrids cost, and how do they stack up to competitor devices in the same price range?

dealnews Podcast - Episode 209: DealVengers Assemble!

The dealnews Podcast Episode 209 is ready to Hulk-out, suit-up, hammer-wield, and ... um ... hawk-eye? This week, the assembled deal-men talk BEES, Microsoft partnering with Barnes & Noble, Google's Drive, Apple hooking up with EPIX, Walmart's cash payments for online purchases, and more.

Get Your Head in the Cloud: A Guide to Your Cloud Storage Options

Since we now have a multitude of electronic devices that serve different purposes in our lives, while at home and on the go, isn't it about time we organize and streamline the ways in which we access our data? Take a step into the cloud, that ethereal place that seamlessly syncs files across multiple platforms, with our guide to the numerous free providers that can house your data on the web.

The Best and Worst Things to Buy in May

It's easy to know that you're getting the best deal around when shopping through dealnews, but sometimes you want to plan for purchases in advance. So to help you out, we've mined our archives of product prices, sales, and coupons to see what consumer goods are the best buys for the month of May.