dealnews Podcast - Episode 212: Lightning Round!

The dealnews Podcast Episode 212 is ready to electrocute your brains with KNOWLEDGE! This week: Stock tips and legal advice from unprofessionals who you cannot trust at all. Also: the Facebook IPO sitch, Comcast bandwidth caps, public WiFi, how Verizon will kill off your grandfather(ed unlimited 3G plan), and more.

(Run time: 43:03)

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Jeff Somogyi (DealNews)
Sorry about that! Should be all fixed, now. Enjoy!
it's not working... :(
Actually,  Mark Zuckerberg made 1.9 billion dollars from the Facebook IPO. I can imagine Priscella Chan (now Mrs. Zuckerberg) showing her righteous indignation and being PISSSSED about the Cheap ass wedding, especially if her fiance made more money that can be stuffed into the pediatric hospital. It would cause the hospital to collapse because of the sheer weight, and it would probably serves as  fire hazard to the neonates. If I were her, I would divorce him and use the money to clone giant jet sized cranes so I can be ride on its neck and retreat permanently to a beach in the tropics of Cancer and get out of the business of treating children's illness only to have medicaid reimburse 3/4 as much as treating an adult.