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5 Items You Can Buy Once (And They'll Last)

Sometimes pricier products can save you money over the long term. Learn how to pick out high-quality items and what brands are worth considering.
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Originally working in IT, Elizabeth now writes on tech, gaming, and general consumer issues. Her articles have appeared in USA Today, Time, AOL, PriceGrabber, and more. She has been one of DealNews' most regular contributors since 2013, researching everything from vacuums to renters insurance to help consumers.
DealNews may be compensated by companies mentioned in this article. Please note that, although prices sometimes fluctuate or expire unexpectedly, all products and deals mentioned in this feature were available at the lowest total price we could find at the time of publication (unless otherwise specified).
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India A. (DealNews)
Though I don't use it often, I much prefer the grandmother's cast iron that I inherited to the new Lodge cast iron that I given. Southern Living does have a great article on how to season your cast iron that I found very helpful. Seriously hoping that I can make my grandmother's cast iron last another 60 years or so!
I don't know if they're still as well made as they used to be, but my brother still uses the Waring blender my parents bought in the late 1950's.
Unfortunately, Lodge is the best you'll find on the market today. Doesn't compare to the Wagner pieces I have though.
Jeffrey Contray (DealNews)
For shoes, just two words -- Goodyear welt.

Also second the comment from @Bash -- Lodge cookware is not only durable but, if well maintained, virtually non-stick. (And dirt cheap.)
I don't know any non stick pan that last. I buy it maybe every year. Just get the cheapest one
I would add Columbia into the Clothes, Shoes and Backpack categories. I've got Columbia products that I bought twenty years ago...
bed linens, look for high quality sewing and weaving in the threads. Jacquard snags and tears easily as well as other high poly blend mixes. I like 3 sets of flannel sheets bought at Kmart for $12 each. Same goes for Towels. If the fabric feels weirdly soft (plastic thread like soft) it is likely too weak to withstand years of use. Curtain fabric can be bought at closeout stores sometimes for as little as $2 per yard and sewn into custom curtains. hire someone to sew them for you or sew them yourself.
I bought a set of MAC (chrome molly made in Japan) knives in 1972 and they are still my go to cutlery. No knife will stand the test of time if it is not cared for.
I have a few Lodge cast iron pieces. Cant recommend them enough, but they do require you to care for them. If you dont clean and grease them properly after each use, you'll have a rusted mess to deal with. If you do treat them right, they'll outlast you.
For cooking utensils, particularly knives, STRONGLY recommend Cutco. Lifetime warranties on all cutting edges -- that means the knife's life, not yours. The warranty follows the utensil; people actually will these things to the next generation. Free sharpening forever. Made of scalpel metals, or better.
Scroogus Maximus
Be careful with Calphalon. They make a number of different product quality lines for different stores, and some of these consistently fail the Holds Up Over Time test. Check online reviews of products (preferably from a reputable tester, rather than "I got this for free, and WOOO DOGGIE DO I LIKE FREE STUFF I will give an objective review now..." Have to give credit to Lodge- the stuff they make, if cared for, really does last a lifetime, and it's not expensive, either. Have also tested LLBean's warranty- they deliver. Impressively so.
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