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Tools & Hardware: The Basics

When you think about tools and hardware deals, your mind might automatically go to a drill or some garage shelving. But the category is so much more than that! The experts at DealNews constantly scour the internet for the best deals on your favorite tools and discounted hardware. Here are the basics to consider when shopping for tools and hardware. There are four categories of tools and associated products the average person shops for:

1. Hand Tools

Most people are familiar with the basic hand tools . You have your hammer, screwdriver set, and maybe an SAE or metric socket set lying around. But have you ever found yourself working on a DIY task at home and just can't figure out how to finish it? Here are some common hand tools we recommend and often list deals for:

Measuring Tape : A good, sturdy measuring tape — usually 25 feet long — is highly recommended. Some even have cool features like a built-in pencil, or a magnetic plate that makes the measuring job much easier.

Magnetic Reach Tool : If you work on cars or trucks, this is an absolute must! You will inevitably drop something into the engine bay, or behind a seat, and have no way of getting to it. A good magnetic reach tool can grab it, and save hours of digging around.

Utility Knife: There are so many household uses for a good quality utility knife! This is certainly a situation where you get what you pay for, so look for a deal on a quality brand.

2. Power Tools

Modern cordless power tools offer tremendous advantages over their corded ancestors. They are also lighter, just as tough, and come with lithium-ion batteries that last long enough for virtually any project.

One tip that experts recommend is to select and stick to a particular brand ecosystem. If you like DeWalt tools , for example, purchase the latest battery technology they offer — in the case of DeWalt, it's the 20v Flexvolt system . This allows you to save money on expensive batteries and by buying bare tools (battery-powered tools that are sold without a battery). You simply swap the batteries in and out when changing tools.

3. Tool Storage

Workshop, garage, and closet storage systems can make or break your DIY project. It’s the difference between finding that drill bit you really need right away, or spending an afternoon digging through bins. Consider these types of storage improvements for your home or workshop:

  • A rolling toolbox or tool chest with high quality sliding drawers offers the ability to house and neatly display large volumes of tools — even heavy ones!
  • Wire shelves are easy to install and allows better visibility of objects stored underneath them.
  • Tool cabinets are great for storing liquids and chemicals out of sight and away from kids.
  • Portable tool boxes are great for gathering a set of tools for a particular project and carrying them directly to the project location.
  • Standing shelves are essential for organizing both large and small items.
  • Tool wall systems create a dedicated storage for hanging up frequently used and awkwardly shaped tools.
  • Hardware organization bins are one of the most time-saving types of storage you can have! Take the time to organize all your nails, screws, nuts, bolts, and washers now, so the right type of hardware is always easy to find.

4. Hardware & Accessories

Hardware is all the things that hold your project together. Whether you’re fixing a kitchen cabinet, or hanging a picture frame, the hardware you use can make or break your efforts. Here are some recommended hardware buys you should consider to fill out your tools & hardware setup:

  • Multi-fastener set
  • Wood glue
  • Multi-purpose tape
  • Lubricant or parts grease
  • Wall anchors
  • Degreaser
  • Multi-purpose cleaner
  • Picture frame hanging kit

Tools & Hardware Blog Articles

We’ve gathered some of our most popular blog articles about tools & hardware to help you with your next project:

5 Power Tools That Every Home Should Have

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Secondhand Tools

The Beginner's Guide to Saws

9 Must-Have Tools for Your College-Bound Kid

Power Tools for the Garden: From Chainsaws to Leaf Blowers

Trade and Professional Organizations

Not everyone is a shadetree mechanic or DIY-er. Some shoppers are part of the construction, building, and maintenance trades. If there’s a trade profession that interests you, here are some of the major professional organizations and government agencies you should be aware of:

Occupational Safety & Health Administration

US Department of Labor

US Federal Labor Relations Authority

National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence

American Institute of Contractors

National Institute of Building Sciences

American National Standards Institute

Popular Tool Stores

In order to help in your search for your next tool & hardware deal, we’ve listed some of our most popular stores below that we often see running tool sales:

Northern Tool

Home Depot

Ace Hardware



Harbor Freight Tools

Popular Tool Brands

Once you find a tool brand you love, you typically stick with it — and tell everyone you know about it. Here are some of our a favorite tool brands:








Pro Tip: Keep in mind that in some cases, a cheap tool will do the trick but investing in a quality brand could mean that tool will last you for years to come. Higher end tool brands also make their tools servicable and have large networks of services centers. DeWalt, Milwaukee, and Bosch are great examples of this.

Industry Statistics

We’ve scoured the web for the latest DIY and tool statistics you can share with your buddies around the watercooler:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between metric and imperial wrenches?

Metric and imperial are two standardized measurement systems for wrenches such as box ends or sockets. Metric wrenches are usually in millimeter increments, while imperial (sometimes referred to as Standard or SAE) wrenches are typically in fractions of an inch. The fastener you’re using will determine which type of wrench you need.

What saw should every home workshop have on hand?

Out of all the saw types available on the market, the most versatile and easy-to-store saw is the circular saw. It’s used to make straight cuts in wood (or other materials) that are typically up to 2 inches thick. You can change the blade type based on the material you are cutting, and adjust for variables like cutting angle or depth based on the type of cut you are making.

What are the benefits of a multi-purpose cordless drill/driver?

A multi-purpose drill/driver combo tool is a must-have for any workshop. It combines 3 tools in one:

  1. A standard drill for creating holes in soft material like wood or drywall
  2. An impact driver to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts
  3. A hammer drill to make holes in masonry, stone, and other hard materials

What safety gear should you wear when using power tools?

Below is some safety gear to have on hand when taking on your next DIY project with power tools:

  1. Eye protection (usually goggles)
  2. Gloves to protect your hands
  3. A face mask, especially if there will be dust or other particulates in the air
  4. Long — but not loose — sleeves and pants to protect your skin from sparks, splinters, or caustic materials
  5. Steel-toe boots to prevent foot injuries from stepping on or dropping items
  6. A hat or hair tie to keep long hair from getting caught in a power tool

How many coats of paint should I use for my walls?

There are several factors to consider when determining how many coats of paint your walls need. First, if you are painting over a bright color with a lighter one, you will need at least two coats. The quality of the paint is also a significant factor, as a higher quality paint will roll on smoother and coat better than a cheaper paint. Also bear in mind that some paints combine paint and primer in one — these paints will usually let you get away with fewer coats.

What are the top tools every home workshop needs?

Experts suggest having the following tools in a basic home workshop:

  1. Screwdriver set
  2. Socket set
  3. Box-end/open-end wrench set
  4. Crescent wrench
  5. Plier set
  6. Measuring tape
  7. Pencil
  8. Stud finder
  9. Level
  10. Drive/driver combo
  11. Drill bit set
  12. Driver bit set
  13. Hammer
  14. Wire cutters
  15. Duct tape
  16. Zip ties
  17. Circular saw
  18. Electrical test kit
  19. Allen key set
  20. Shop vac
By: Gennady Lager, Senior Director, Search Marketing

Gennady loves writing about tools and home improvement on a regular basis. He's currently building his own workshop in his home, and loves wrenching on his car.

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