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Buy This, Not That: 11 Holiday Gifts to Skip (and 11 Sweet Substitutes)

You'll always have that one person on your shopping list wanting the latest, most expensive tech, or that impossible-to-find toy. That's why we've rounded up 11 sweet substitutes to this season's hottest items.

5 Ideas for Bridesmaid Gifts That Don't Suck

After all the hard work, tears, and taffeta, your squad deserves the very best bridesmaid gifts. We waded through the customized trash and boring bling to find only the gifts that will help you win back your friends after you've gone full Bridezilla.

How to Find Discounted Gift Cards & Sell Unwanted Gift Cards Online

Didn't get the gift card you wanted this holiday season? Whether you're buying a card at a discount or selling the one you have, we've created an all-inclusive guide for all of your gift card queries.

So, You've Dropped the Ball This Christmas: VERY Last-Last-Minute Ideas

Is your favorite Christmas tradition forgetting to buy gifts for people? Do you find yourself without a single present for anyone you care about? Fear not! We've compiled a list of last-LAST-minute gifts you can give to save your skin. Barely.

Here's the Hidden Subtext Behind Everything You Already Bought for Christmas

Think Christmas is simple? Think again! Each gift you receive brings with it a mess of subtext. Before you accidentally offend someone this year with a misguided present, read through our list of the hidden meanings behind some of the most popular Christmas gifts.

How Good Is the Amazon Gifting Tool? We Assess Our Personalized Lists

Just in time for the holidays, Amazon has launched its Friends & Family Gifting tool, which curates gift ideas based on Facebook "Likes." But does it really churn out good suggestions? We showed dealnews employees the items that Amazon selected for them, and asked: do you even want this? The results were sometimes pretty amusing.

Will There Be More Free Expedited Shipping Upgrades This Year?

The pressure is on to get all of your online shopping done in time for Christmas, but what happens if you miss all the standard shipping deadlines? Our deal archives show that soon enough, many online retailers will begin to offer discounted expedited shipping. But when can you expect these promotions, and from what stores?

Retailers Combat Holiday Discounting with Exclusive Merchandise

Bargain seekers who love to price check the items they purchase, beware: some of the season's hottest gifts this year will be exclusive to certain retailers, which will complicate price comparisons.

Retailers Are Already Warning Shoppers About Christmas Shipping Deadlines

Think the Black Friday hype started way too early this year? Consider the fact that Christmas, still six weeks away, has been marketed to consumers since mid-October. And while we're used to the usual premature Christmas ads, many stores have already begun mentioning shipping deadlines in your shopping cart "Christmas creep," it seems, has infiltrated checkout.

5 In-Store Deals for Christmas: Shop at Old Navy, Barnes & Noble, more

You've made your list, checked it twice, and just realized you forgot to buy a few gifts. And since no one likes a sad present-less meme, the elves at dealnews central have accessed Santa's secret database to share some hot, last-minute gifts. With these deals, you can buy online and pick up at the store.

Last-Minute Shopping: Stores with Christmas Eve Pickup and Extended Hours

Have you put off your holiday shopping until the absolute, very last minute? Well fear not. You can still find gifts for your loved ones thanks to in-store pickup. Here's a list of national and regional "click-and-mortar" stores that'll let you shop online and pick up your gifts through Saturday, December 24.

Watch Your Wallet While Shopping for Airport Electronics

In the next few days, airports nationwide will be flooded with travelers en route to see family or friends for the Christmas weekend, and many of them may be shopping at the increasingly popular terminal electronics stores. Travelers often look to replace headphones and chargers, while some might be hoping to pick up last-minute forgotten gifts. But how much will it cost you to buy electronics at the airport? dealnews investigated by gathering data from five different airports — and we discovered that you could be paying 34% more than you should.

In-Store Last-Minute Holiday Gifts for Everyone on Your "Almost Forgot" List

We know, you're an Internet maven. You pride yourself on your navigating skills and your e-shopping acumen. But now that we've passed the date of safe standard Christmas shipping for most stores, you may find it necessary to get out of the house and go to a retail store — those are places where people traditionally interact with other humans while shopping. We've rounded up a few excellent deals with in-store pickup for you. Now go! Because you still need time to wrap them!

Credit Where Credit is Due: 5 Credit Deals for Your Favorite Merchants

Some deals are a no-brainer, and that includes discounted credits for your favorite stores. If you're sure to be shopping at American Apparel in the near future, for example, then why not jump on a deal that takes 50% off a credit? Inside, we've rounded up five deals that will please your closet, taste buds, and iTunes library.

Christmas Price Index (Bob and Doug McKenzie Version)

Every year, PNC Bank calculates the cost of all the gifts given in the classic song "The 12 Days of Christmas". They call this their "Christmas Price Index" and they say it can be viewed as an indicator of how the economy is doing. This year, the magic number for all those birds and lords and ladies is $101,119.84. But here at dealnews, we're all about bargains. So we went looking to see if there was a better "12 days" that would be more in-line with our cost-saving perspective. We found just such a list in Bob and Doug McKenzie's version of the classic.

A Buyer's Guide to Extended Holiday Returns for Christmas 2011

Making gift returns after the holidays can be a stressful task, since you're receiving an item that could have been purchased several weeks earlier. Fortunately, a handful of merchants have relaxed their return policies for the holidays, giving consumers until January to make any returns. Inside, we've got a cheat sheet of stores that are and aren't offering extended return periods.

Expanded Christmas Shipping Deadlines for 2011

Christmas is right around the corner, which means we're approaching numerous shipping cutoff dates. If you're still planning on placing online orders, then be sure to check out our expanded roundup of shipping deadlines.

Another Roundup of Deals to Score Free Gift Cards

'Tis the season for gift cards — regardless of whether you're looking to give them or receive them. We've rounded up some current deals that come with free gift cards so you can score credits to buy future gifts, for yourself or someone on your holiday list.

Tips to Safely Shop Flash Sale Sites for the Holidays

The temptation to shop enticing flash sale sites like Gilt and One Kings Lane for holiday gifts may be strong, but there are numerous caveats you should be aware of before you buy. Make sure you get your goods on time, and more, with our flash sale shopping tips.

Christmas Shipping Deadlines for 2011

It's never too early to start thinking about Christmas, and with just 24 days left 'til the big day, we've examined some important shipping deadlines for 15 of your favorite stores. Take note, dealnews readers, so you can avoid paying hefty expedited delivery fees later this month!

How Will You be Doing Your Holiday Shopping this Year?

We've acquired data about last year's shopping trends, to see what we can expect from this year's holiday season. But we want to hear from you! When are you doing your shopping? Will you buy mainly online or in-store? And what products are you planning on getting? Click here to read the infographic and take our poll.

Staff Picks: Halloween Movies

Halloween comes but once a year. So don't blow your chance to watch a good scary movie. Use our suggestions as your guide!