Can you save money, in the short-term, by quitting cigarettes?

Most people, when you ask them why they won't quit smoking, simply stare at you like you've asked them to smother their grandmom with a dead cat. Some of them, however, say, "It costs MORE money to quit than it does to keep smoking!"

Many of us believe that, but has anyone ever really "done the numbers"? We all know that in the long-run, a smoker could save buckets of the green by kicking the habit. Unfortunately, we're a species of short-term, instant-gratification man-children. We often cling to these insane notions with vice-like grips, simply because we don't want to do anything that will give us rewards "down the road."

You could also rationalize it like this: I don't have hundreds of dollars to spend on the gum / the patch right now, but I do have $10 in my pocket to buy a pack of smokes.

Money, in small amounts, over time, somehow doesn't really add up to a lot of money.

But, back to the part where quitting equates to "long term savings." We decided to crunch the numbers and see exactly how long someone would need to stay smoke-free to "break even" monetarily.

The numbers are quite surprising.

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