What It's REALLY Like to Buy a Mattress Online

You'll probably have a pleasant experience — as long as you do your research.
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Buying a mattress isn't something to be taken lightly. It comes with all sorts of concerns, like what you'll pay, how the mattress feels, how it'll age, and whether a salesperson will cut you a deal.

An online mattress purchase brings up similar questions, but buying a mattress online is one of the most common ways to get a new bed now. Gone are the days when you had to go to a showroom and flop down on a display model. Now you can browse tons of sites for online mattress companies, and prices often beat what you'd see in a brick-and-mortar store.

Not sure where to start? Check out the best mattress brands of 2021 here. Whether you're actually in the market for a new mattress, or you're curious about all those online mattress brands, here's everything you need to know.

What It's REALLY Like to Buy a Mattress Online

Curious about what it's actually like to buy a mattress online? We decided to survey everyone at DealNews (again!), and ask those who have bought mattresses this way to tell us about it. As you'll read, most of their experiences have been positive, and none of our colleagues have had to return their mattresses. Even better, everyone we spoke with recommended going the online route, based on their own experiences.

Everyone we spoke with recommended going the online mattress route, based on their own experiences.

One thing that many people seemed to agree on is that research is key. You might be aware that different pillows are better options than others, depending on the position you sleep in — whether it's on your back, your side, or your stomach. Sleep position is important to consider when buying a mattress, as well.

Additionally, consider the firmness of a mattress if you have chronic pain. The right level of firmness can help when trying to manage back pain, for instance, and too soft of a mattress could be a problem. (Consult your doctor about back pain or any other medical issue.)

Reassuring Return Policy

Stacey Wheeler, President of DealNews

Bought from: Loom & Leaf by Saatva

Did you experience any problems?
No problems with the purchase or delivery.

How does this mattress compare to others you've bought?
The Loom & Leaf mattress is made of memory foam, rather than a traditional innerspring mattress. As a side sleeper, it's more comfortable to me. Memory foam is usually a love-it-or-hate-it-type thing, but I love it.

Would you recommend this company to others?

Would you recommend purchasing a mattress online to others?
Yes, as long as you've done your research and know what type of mattress is comfortable to you. Are you a hot or cool sleeper? Do you want a double pillow-top so you can flip the mattress? Are you a back, stomach, or side sleeper? Once you know all of that, I would recommend reading online reviews from customers that have purchased from the brand and have owned the mattress for more than a month.

What's the weirdest thing about buying a mattress online?
For me, not being able to lay on a mattress and test the comfort level before I made a purchase was a bit uncomfortable. Loom & Leaf has a generous return policy, so some of that fear was relieved knowing they stood behind their product.

Were you happy with your purchase?
I continue to be very happy with the purchase. In fact, my parents have since purchased a similar mattress online because of my experience.

Go for the Higher Price Point

Kristen Harris, Executive Assistant to the President

Bought from: Amazon (Casper mattress, but wanted the Prime delivery)

How does this mattress compare to others you've bought?
I used to have a standard pillow-top mattress, which I love and sometimes miss, but I feel like a foam mattress has been pretty okay. I would definitely get the nicer, higher-priced Casper mattress next time (I purchased the Essential).

Would you recommend this company to others?

Would you recommend purchasing a mattress online to others?
Yes! Now you can buy Casper mattresses at Target, Costco, and other stores, and it's delivered right to your doorstep.

Also, shopping online made me more aware of things I needed to look for to ensure my purchase was protected, such as the warranty details. If I had purchased in-store, I may have overlooked the fine print. My parents once bought a mattress that had a 7-day return policy — after that, you'd be lucky if you'd get 50% back.

What's the weirdest thing about buying a mattress online?
I didn't find any of it weird — maybe it's being a late millennial in the internet age, but I saw it the way I see any online purchases.

Were you happy with your purchase?

'The Best Mattress We've Ever Purchased'

Chuck Phillips, Director of Client Success

Bought from: Nest Bedding

How does this mattress compare to others you've bought?
It's still the best mattress we've ever purchased.

Would you recommend this company to others?

Would you recommend purchasing a mattress online to others?
Based on this experience, yes.

What's the weirdest thing about buying a mattress online?
Seeing the mattress arrive in a box the size of an end table and then a few minutes later... boom, you have a king-size bed.

Were you happy with your purchase?

How has your purchase held up?
It's been exceptional. We haven't experienced any sort of breakdown in the integrity of the mattress. No dips or low spots around pressure points.

Convenient Delivery

Gennady Lager, Senior Director of Search Marketing

Bought from: Casper

How does this mattress compare to others you've bought?
It is the best mattress I've ever bought. I've only ever bought a few mattresses in my life, so it's not hard to be best. With that said, I do like it. The delivery and free return option was a big selling point.

Would you recommend this company to others?

Would you recommend purchasing a mattress online to others?
Yes, with the caveat that if you have to move it yourself, like upstairs or something, you will need help. These things are heavy, especially if you get a king!

What's the weirdest thing about buying a mattress online?
Not trying it first, although there are now physical stores where you can try out an online mattress before buying it.

Were you happy with your purchase?

How has your purchase held up?
I'm still very happy with my Casper. It's been over three years and it still feels new.

We'll Never Do Innerspring Again

Julie Ramhold, Blog Senior Staff Writer

Bought from: Costco (a Novaform Serafina Pearl mattress)

How does this mattress compare to others you've bought?
This is the second memory foam mattress we've purchased, and we definitely splurged on this one more than the first. But it's even more comfortable than the other one we had, and thicker as well. Definitely not sleeping on innerspring again if I can help it.

Would you recommend this company to others?
Absolutely (both Costco and Novaform).

Would you recommend purchasing a mattress online to others?

What's the weirdest thing about buying a mattress online?
The fact that it's vacuum-sealed and has to expand before you can use it.

Were you happy with your purchase?
Very happy with it.

How has your purchase held up?
Extremely well. We've only had this mattress for about a year, and it still feels brand-new.

Most Supportive Mattress Ever

Keira Wagner, Assistant Editor

Bought from: Amerisleep

How does this mattress compare to others you've bought?
This is the most supportive mattress I've purchased, and I noticed a difference immediately.

Would you recommend this company to others?

Would you recommend purchasing a mattress online to others?
Yes, but do your research first.

What's the weirdest thing about buying a mattress online?
Nothing stands out to me, but I know some people worry about purchasing something they can't try out first. Since so many places offer guarantees now, you don't really have to worry about whether or not you'll like your mattress. Just do your research to make sure there are no hidden fees for returning it if you aren't happy.

Were you happy with your purchase?

Make Sure to Do Your Research

Heather Lovett, Senior Director of Public Relations

Bought from: Overstock.com

How does this mattress compare to others you've bought?
It's my favorite.

Would you recommend this company to others?
Yes, the delivery is pretty quick. I have returned other items to Overstock before and there was no issue at all. I would compare them to Amazon when it comes to the ease of returns — even for large products.

Would you recommend purchasing a mattress online to others?
Absolutely. Even if you go in a furniture store, you don't always get to try out every single item. I feel like there are more options for buying online. Even though returning it would be a pain, it's worth it if you can get quality on a budget.

What's the weirdest thing about buying a mattress online?
Nothing weird comes to mind. I think if you do your research, you'll end up with something that you like.

Were you happy with your purchase?
Yes, I have actually bought this same brand online several years ago, so I was confident I would like it. Though there's always some anxiety around making a big purchase online when you don't get to try it out ahead of time.

How has your purchase held up?
I still love it. I will probably end up buying this mattress again.

lifting mattress

What to Know About Buying a Mattress

When to Replace Your Mattress

Conventional wisdom used to recommend replacing your mattress anywhere from every seven to every 10 years.

These days, there are so many types of mattresses that there's no hard-and-fast rule to conform to. How you care for the mattress (and what it's made of) can determine how long it lasts. As long as you're sleeping comfortably and taking good care of your mattress, it should easily last several years.

In-Store and Online Mattress Shopping

Many shoppers think that buying a mattress involves going to a showroom and trying it out in person. This allows them to test the bed, and maybe even negotiate for a better price. Thus, they might feel reluctant to make that kind of purchase online. However, shopping in-store won't always pay off. If you're unsure, you can utilize both methods and go with the one that works best for you.

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For instance, you can do a bit of research online and narrow your choices down to a handful at most. Then see if there's a local showroom where you can try those same models out in person. Before you visit, make sure to note the online prices (including delivery costs and return windows). That way, you can see the differences in-store and try to haggle for a better deal.

10 Online Mattress Brands to Check Out


Starting price: $265 for twin-size The Allswell

What to know: Allswell has four models to choose from: The Allswell, The Brick, The Luxe, and The Allswell Supreme. They range from 10" to 14" in height. Shop other bedroom items, too, including bed frames and toppers; bedding; decor like pillows and throws; and even bath and spa items, like towels, robes, and candles. The retailer also has a Littles line that includes crib mattresses, as well as other baby items.

Online mattress warranties often last for 10-25 years.

Allswell mattresses are hybrids, constructed with high-performance memory foam and individually wrapped coils. They're designed to work with a number of setups, including with box springs, flat platforms, adjustable frames, and slatted frames.

Allswell offers free ground shipping on orders over $35, expedited 2-day shipping if you want it, and 30-day returns. Mattresses have a 10-year limited warranty and qualify for 100-night risk-free trials, with the exception of crib mattresses. Returns are limited to one per household, per year, with crib mattresses being the only exclusion. Another perk of Allswell? They provide optional mattress removal, so you don't have to find a way to ditch your old bed yourself.


Starting price: $999 for twin-size Green or Vegan

What to know: Choose from five Avocado mattresses for adults, including the Green, Vegan, Latex, Vegan Latex, and organic Luxury Plush. There are also two crib mattresses: the Organic and Luxury Organic. Additionally, the retailer offers toppers, bases, pillows, bedding, protectors, and bed frames and other bedroom furniture.

Avocado mattresses are constructed with natural materials: 100% certified organic latex, cotton, and wool, though note that the vegan models do not use wool. The company reportedly raises their own sheep to meet organic standards, and cleans and processes the wool naturally. They also own their own rubber tree farms and make their own latex foam cores. Their mattresses are certified nontoxic, and Global Organic Textile Standard certified for ecology and social responsibility. Environmentally conscious consumers may find this an easy brand to get behind, but the benefits don't stop there.

Avocado mattresses — except crib mattresses — come with a 1-year trial period, with free returns and shipping. However, the company does require that you give the mattress at least 30 days of use before requesting a return. There are also no charges for restocking or return pickups. All the mattresses — yes, including crib mattresses in this case — come with an astonishing 25-year limited warranty.


Starting price: $395 for twin-size Element

What to know: Casper has four different mattress models to choose from: the Wave Hybrid, Nova Hybrid, Original Hybrid, and the Element. Casper also sells pillows, bed frames, bedding, and accessories and gifts that include items like silk or graphic pillowcases, mattress toppers, crinkle pillows, glow lights, dog beds, and nap pillows.

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The Wave and Nova models come in either Hybrid or Hybrid Snow iterations, with the latter featuring an advanced cooling layer on top. Both of these are also constructed with foam, gel pods, and "resilient springs," as the company puts it. The Original Hybrid is made with "resilient springs," but this model also comes in the all-foam Original style, as well, if you don't want a hybrid construction. The Element is Casper's most affordable option and is only made with foam.

Casper is another company that requires you to take a 30-day adjustment period, but they do offer free returns and a 100-night trial, so you can figure out if you love your new bed. If you do decide to return it, the company will hire a courier to to pack up and remove your mattress, and then their team will do their best to donate the mattress or recycle it.


Starting price: $699 for twin-size Standard models

What to know: Helix has three model lines to shop: standard, luxe, and organic mattresses through their Birch line. The company also sells pillows, bases, and bedding.

Both the standard and luxe product lines are constructed with foam and individually wrapped coil units to create hybrid beds. They also both feature soft, medium, and firm feels, and the standard line is 12" tall, while the luxe line is 14" tall. Luxe mattresses have upgrade features, too, which include zoned lumbar support, a premium quilted pillow-top, a breathable Tencel cover, and additional comfort layers. Mattresses in the Birch line are made with wool, cotton, latex, and steel to form a hybrid model that's eco-friendly.

Both Helix and Birch mattresses come with a 100-night trial period, are made in the U.S., and receive free shipping. Helix mattresses come with a warranty lasting 10-15 years, while Birch mattresses come with a 25-year warranty.


Starting price: $799 for twin-size Original

What to know: Leesa has three main mattress models to choose from: the Original, Hybrid, and Legend. Like other online mattress companies, Leesa doesn't just sell beds — they also sell bases and accessories that include things like pillows, protectors, sheet sets, duvets, and even seat cushions.

Like other retailers, Leesa offers a 100-night trial period and free delivery.

The Original mattress is made of all foam and measures 10" high, while the Hybrid is made of foam and one layer of pocket springs, and measures 11" high. The Legend, meanwhile, is constructed with foam and dual springs, and comes in at 12" tall. Pocket spring coils are individually wrapped, while the dual springs in the Legend mattress consist of a layer of individually wrapped pocket springs and a layer of micro-pocket springs. The Original features a soft, seamless fabric cover; the Hybrid has a soft, quilted fabric cover; and the Legend has an eco-friendly, organic cotton cover.

Like other retailers, Leesa offers a 100-night trial period and free delivery, and all mattresses have a 10-year warranty. Additionally, Leesa gives back — for every 10 mattresses sold, they donate one.


Starting price: $798 for twin-size Nectar memory foam

What to know: Shop three different mattresses at Nectar, including the Nectar, Nectar Premier, and Nectar Premier Copper. The company also sells bed frames, bedding, other furniture, and dog beds.

The mattresses from Nectar are constructed with multiple layers, including a quilted cool cover, Nectar smart layer (with upgrades in the Premier and Premier Copper models), dynamic support layer, stay-stable base layer, and a slip-resistant lower cover. They're fully made of gel memory foam and topped with the cooling cover that's made with heat-wicking fibers and can offer a more breathable, soft experience compared to standard cotton covers.

Nectar also provides a 365-night trial for each of its mattresses, plus free shipping and returns. The company gives you a "Forever Warranty," meaning they guarantee their beds for as long as you own one.


Starting price: $599 for twin-size Purple Mattress

What to know: Purple has three mattress models: the Purple Mattress, Purple Hybrid, and Purple Hybrid Premier. The company also sells pillows, seat cushions, bedding, bed frames, pet beds, and now they offer kids mattresses, as well, designed for those aged up to 14 years old. They have sheets, pillows, and protectors for their kids' line, too.

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The Purple Mattress is made with 2" of the No Pressure Purple Grid on dual-layered comfort foam, while the Purple Hybrid is made with the same 2" Purple Grid and has responsive support coils. The Purple Hybrid Premier is noted as being the bestselling model, and it comes with either 3" or 4" of the Purple Grid, plus the responsive coils.

You get free shipping and returns with every Purple mattress, as well as a 100-night trial to put it through its paces. The mattresses also come with a 10-year limited warranty.


Starting price: $849 for twin-size Saatva Classic

What to know: Saatva actually has a few different lines to shop, with three models in the innerspring line, one model in the memory foam category, and two specialty models. The company also sells bedding, frames, and bases.

As the category suggests, the mattresses in the innerspring line all have coils as part of their construction. The Saatva Classic has high-density foam and individually pocketed coils, while the Latex Hybrid has 5-zone Talalay latex and zoned pocketed coils. The Saatva HD also has the 5-zone latex, high-density foam, and a core support made of high-density memory foam and support foam. The Loom & Leaf mattress is the only one in the memory foam category and is made of "ultra-premium memory foam," according to the company. Saatva's specialty category has the Solaire Customizable, which is an adjustable air mattress, and the Zenhaven Latex, which is reportedly made with 100% natural latex.

Every mattress Saatva sells comes with a 180-night trial period, but the warranty lengths vary. For instance, the innerspring mattresses have either a 15- or 20-year warranty, depending on which model you buy. The memory foam mattress has a 15-year warranty, the Solaire has a 25-year warranty, and the Zenhaven has a 20-year warranty.

Tuft & Needle

Starting price: $450 for twin-size Original

What to know: Tuft & Needle sells three different mattresses, including the Original, the Mint, and the Hybrid. The company also offers bedding and furniture, including bed frames, dog beds, meditation cushions, end tables, and nightstands.

Tuft & Needle sells both hybrid and all-foam mattresses.

The Original mattress is 10" tall and made of two layers that are all foam, including 3" of adaptive foam with graphite and cooling gel, and 6.5" of support foam. The Mint is 12" tall and made with three foam layers: 3" of adaptive foam with graphite, 2" of adaptive foam with ceramic cooling gel, and 6.5" of support foam. Then there's the Hybrid, which is 12" tall and constructed of five layers of both foam and springs: 2" of adaptive foam with graphite and ceramic cooling gel, 1" of transition coil, 1" of adaptive foam, 6" of pocketed springs, and 1" of support foam.

Tuft & Needle mattresses receive free shipping and returns. Additionally, each mattress comes with a 100-night trial period and 10-year limited warranty.


Starting price: $106 for twin-size Tight Top Spring Mattress

What to know: Zinus has nearly 20 different mattress options, including a platform bed and hybrid mattress set for sale. Zinus also sells mattress toppers, bed frames and foundations, box springs, sofas and loveseats, tables and shelves, and even outdoor furniture.

There's a wide variety of beds to shop, from spring mattresses to hybrids to all-foam models. Prices also vary, but Zinus is by far one of the most affordable online mattress retailers, no matter what model you want. Additionally, every order ships free and the mattresses come with a 100-night trial period. And if you need help, Zinus has customer support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Ready to shop for a new mattress? Check out the best mattress deals right now!

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