The 10 Most Talked About 2015 Super Bowl Ads You Can Watch Right Now

From the selfie-obsessed Kim Kardashian to a Mercedes-Benz-driving tortoise, we've got a full look at some early Super Bowl XLIX ads.

This Sunday, millions of spectators will tune in to watch the New England Patriots take on the Seattle Seahawks during Super Bowl XLIX. But while most eyes will be focused on the battle that happens on the field, ours will be focused on the showdown that occurs off it, namely those 30-second spots which vie against one another for your attention.

In the past, Super Bowl ad productions have commanded upwards of $12 million dollars, so naturally we're a little curious to see what agencies created for this year's game. And remember, you can always grab a quick refresher of last year's 2014 Super Bowl commercials right here.

So just what can you expect from this year's ads? Get a sneak peek below.


Quick Take: In a 1994 Today Show outtake, Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel are stumped by the Internet and all of it's weird symbols, so they turn to their assistant, Alison, to help explain the purpose of the @ symbol in an e-mail address. Fast forward to 2015 and the two can't grasp the concept behind BMW's new electric i3, so again they call Alison for an explanation. Is the i3 as revolutionary as the Internet? Definitely not. Can celebrities who don't understand tech afford to buy it? Of course!

Bud Light

Quick Take: Bud Lite's #UpForWhatever campaign is back, and this year its 90-second spot is dripping with 80s references, from a life-sized Pac-Mac maze to a Richard Dawson-like game show host who prods the unassuming Bud Lite drinker into the aformentioned maze. Our only suggested edit: replace the Pac-Man ghosts with Buzzsaw and Fireball for a true 80s feel.


Quick Take: Mercedes-Benz is going back, way back to your childhood with its modern-day take on an Aesop's Fable classic, The Tortoise and the Hare. In Mercedes' take, the tortoise naturally wins the day (and the hare's girlfriend) thanks to his 2016 Mercedes AMG-GT.


Quick Take: GoDaddy is taking the puppy route with its Super Bowl ad, but before you reach for the Kleenex, know that the ad has already been pulled due to the harsh criticism it's received from early viewers. The ad follows a golden retriever puppy, who accidentally bounces off a pickup (ouch), and then makes his way home through harsh terrain. However, instead of a tear-filled reunion, his "owner" celebrates the puppy's return because she's just sold him online on her GoDaddy-hosted website.


Quick Take: If it's a tear-jerker you seek, Budweiser's ad promises to hit you in the feels. The premise is simple: Last year's adorable Budweiser puppy has gone missing. Will the lil' pooch be reunited with his equine buddy before the inclement weather and hungry wolves tear him to shreds? He certainly won't be sold online, that's for sure!


Quick Take: Speaking of feels, Dove's Super Bowl ad is a 1-minute montage dedicated to dads across the world. What the ad has to do with soap, we're not sure, but Dove's message is clear — caring men are masculine. We assume that also includes men who chug beer, have no kids, live in apartments, and watch the Super Bowl.


Quick Take: The Un-Carrier network is spending a pretty penny winning over new customers with this Super Bowl ad, which has Kim Kardashian touting her, ahem, assets alongside the company's data rollover plans in this mock public service announcement.


Quick Take: Paralympian Amy Purdy can snowboard, run, dance, and bike all while tweaking her own prosthetic legs in her spare time. If that's not enough to get you off the couch, perhaps Muhammad Ali's voiceover will, as he proclaims he's so mean he makes medicine sick.

Victoria's Secret

Quick Take: After a 7-year hiatus, Lima, Swanepoel, and the rest of the Victoria's Secret Angels are back in a cleavage-packed promo designed to remind us that Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Just remember, we reminded you first. Albeit without the jiggling.

The Lucy Foundation

Quick Take: What starts as an epic game of dogs-versus-cats football ends with a swift kick in the heart when the Lucy Foundation "interrupts" a tie-breaking pass to announce that over 80,000 of our furry friends are euthanized every week at shelters across the nation. It's not the kind of ad we're accustomed to seeing on Super Bowl Sunday, but one with an important message nonetheless. Perhaps the folks at GoDaddy could take a hint.

Naturally, there will be many more ads debuting on Sunday, but what do you think of this first batch? Any likes, dislikes, or potential classics? Let us know in the comments section below.

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The most important one that you neglected to mention was the one for domestic violence. It's heartbreaking & brought tears to my eyes.