The Next Massachusetts Tax Free Weekend Begins Soon!

Bay Staters can shop for practically anything during the state's tax holiday, as long as each item is under $2,500.
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More than a dozen states have annual tax free weekends — also known as sales tax holidays. They give you the chance to buy essentials sans sales tax for back to school, disaster prep, and other occasions.

The Massachusetts tax free weekend is nearly here, and its free-for-all approach to exemptions makes it one of the better tax holidays to shop. Read on to learn all about this Bay State savings opportunity.

When Is the Next Massachusetts Tax Free Weekend?

Massachusetts has announced the dates for its 2019 sales tax holiday. This year, the event will take place on August 17 and 18.

The Massachusetts sales tax holiday will take place on August 17 and 18 in 2019.

What Items Qualify for Massachusetts Tax Free Shopping?

During the August sales tax holiday, consumers won't pay sales tax on what Massachusetts calls "tangible personal property." Unlike most states, which have a back-to-school or disaster prep focus, Massachusetts exempts nearly everything with a single-item value of less than $2,500.

What Items Aren't Eligible for Massachusetts Tax Free Status?

Very few things won't qualify for a sales tax exemption in 2019. There is one thing on the list to pay particular attention to, though. According to the state's FAQ, "recent legislation excludes meals tax from the sales tax holiday exemption." Items exempted from the sales tax holiday include:

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Motor vehicles, including ATVs and snowmobiles

  • Motorboats

  • Restaurant meals

  • Telecommunications services, including prepaid phone cards

  • Natural gas, steam, and electricity

  • Tobacco products

  • Marijuana or marijuana products

  • Any single item with a price higher than $2,500

While motorboats were not eligible last year, canoes, kayaks, and rowboats without motors still qualified. Cell phones were exempt in 2018, too, despite the exclusion of telecom services.

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More Massachusetts Tax Holiday Tips

Internet sales qualify for the exemption, as long as the item is bought and paid for during the tax holiday. Actual delivery or shipping times don't affect the exemptions. Additionally, all purchases you make must be for nonbusiness reasons. Anyone using a business credit card or checkbook will be charged sales tax.

For complete details on the Massachusetts sales tax holiday, see the regulation page.

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I live in Massachusetts. Can I place an order at Amazon during the tax-free weekend and they won't charge tax? If it isn't automatic, is there easy recourse?