How Late Does FedEx Deliver? 2024 Delivery Times and Hours

For most customers, you can expect to receive a package by 8 pm.
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These days, our lives are fully scheduled and managed by calendars and reminders on our mobile phones. We also have to prepare for unexpected events that arise daily, but missing your FedEx delivery shouldn't be one of them. This guide will help you understand the times that FedEx delivers, and other delivery-related FAQs so you never miss a package again.

What Are FedEx's Delivery Hours?

You can usually expect your FedEx deliveries to arrive during their normal operating hours of 8 am to 8 pm, Monday through Friday. FedEx Ground service covers all 50 U.S. states and territories in one to five business days. International shipments can take up to eight days, depending on the destination country. Residential and business deliveries may differ slightly, depending on the service used. If your package is expected by the day's end, it should arrive before 8 pm. During peak times like Thanksgiving through the New Year, deliveries are often made past 8 pm because couriers are working longer hours to meet the increased demand.

What Are FedEx Store Hours?

Store operating hours vary by location, and the most accurate way to check would be through FedEx's store finder. Here you'll be able to see operating hours and services provided, including packing, shipping, printing, and pick up and drop off.

Are There Deliveries on Holidays?

The only holidays that FedEx observes are Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day. There are some special deliveries on those holidays, but it is only Critical carrier services.

Managing Your FedEx Deliveries

Most people aren't home during the day when packages are delivered. Work, school, and daily activities keep everyone busy and out of the house. However, you can easily manage your deliveries and take control of your shipments with the help of FedEx. Grab your tracking ID and easily have your package redirected to a convenient pickup location near you by contacting customer service.

What To Do if You Missed a Delivery and Received a Door Tag

Some packages require a signature and are not able to be left at the delivery address if no one is home. In this situation, FedEx will leave a door tag for pickup. If you receive one of these, just follow these simple steps to get your item.

  1. Use the door tag number or tracking number to see where the item is being held.
  2. Bring your door tag and a government issued photo ID to the pickup location indicated.
  3. Present your door tag to a team member and sign for your package.

What if You Need To Reschedule or Change Your Delivery Time?

If you have a FedEx account, log into the Delivery Manager. From there you can view upcoming deliveries, update the delivery address, or make changes to delivery times.

How to Track Deliveries

Tracking your package and expected deliveries with FedEx is easy. First, you'll need to get the identifying number for your package. This would be either your reference number, tracking number, transportation control number (TCN), FedEx office order number, or the number from your door tag. Once you have this identifier, you can use the online tracking tool, the mobile app, or you can even text the word "follow" to 48773, along with your door tag number.

FedEx Tracking Statuses and What They Mean

Once you've tracked your item using one of the methods above, you may be wondering what exactly that status means. Here's a handy chart to give you more detail.

Package Status Translation
Delivery exception This means an unexpected event is preventing your package from being delivered. Examples include customs delays, security restrictions or documentation issues, holiday closures, etc.
Your package is in transit Your package is on its way to its final destination but can be either at a FedEx facility waiting to move on to the next destination or already in transit.
There is no scheduled delivery date at this time This means there is no delivery estimate because the label was created but FedEx has not received the package yet. It could also be caused by an unknown delay.
Your package is out for delivery "Out for delivery" means your package was scanned by a package handler and is either queued up to be loaded on a vehicle for delivery, or it's already on the truck and on its way to you!
Your scheduled delivery is now pending This means the delivery date has changed because of some kind of delay. FedEx suggests customers to check back in a day or two, and if it has not updated by then, to contact customer support for more information.
No status available FedEx has not taken receipt of your package yet. A delivery date will be added as soon as it's been scanned by them.
Canceled This indicates that the package was canceled by the shipper and will no longer show tracking progress.
We have your package This shipment has been either picked up or dropped off to a FedEx Office location and is being processed.
At the drop-off point This means a package has been dropped off at an authorized retail location and has not yet been received by FedEx.

How To Return a FedEx Package

To start a return, the first step would be to create a return shipping label. This can be created online or in person at a participating FedEx location. If you already have your label ready, simply pack your box and drop it off at any drop off location. Participating retailers like Walgreens and Dollar General also accept FedEx drop offs.

Why Isn't a Delivery Date Scheduled for Your Shipment?

No delivery date listed usually means that FedEx hasn't taken possession of the item yet. It also could be that the system hasn't updated yet either — so it's recommended to check back at the end of the day, especially if you dropped off your parcel yourself.

How Long Will FedEx Hold Your Package?

For FedEx Ground and FedEx Express deliveries, your package will be held at a FedEx location for up to seven days, before it is returned to the sender. Be sure to pick it up before it's returned, to save yourself a lot of hassle.

Why Hasn't Your Package Moved?

If you check your package tracking status and its been a few days and it doesn't look like its moved, the frequency of scans can vary between locations. It's not unusual for packages to go more than 24 hours without an update, especially for longer transits, so give it a few more days before reaching out to customer service.

What Can Affect Shipments From Being on Time?

In a perfect world, packages are delivered on time and never get lost. As much as the "Big Three" — FedEx, UPS and USPS — strive to deliver as promised, millions of packages are in transit at any given time and in the shipping world, not everything can be controlled. Common causes for late deliveries include:

  • Lost packages
  • High shipping volume around holidays
  • Inclement weather
  • Failed delivery attempts
  • Traffic and congestion
  • Illegible or damaged address labels

Domestic FedEx Shipping Services

Check out our chart below for the different services FedEx provides for packages shipping within the United States, and how long it will take to get there.

Delivery Service Delivery Area Delivery Times
FedEx Ground All 50 states 1 to 5 business days in contiguous 48 states, 3 to 7 for Hawaii and Alaska
FedEx Express Saver Contiguous 48 states only, not available for Hawaii and Alaska 3 business days, by 4:30 pm for businesses and 8 pm for residences
FedEx 2Day All 50 states 2 business days, by 4:30 pm for businesses, 8 pm for residences
FedEx 2Day A.M. 49 states, excluding Hawaii 2 business days by 10:30 am for businesses, 12 noon for residences
FedEx Standard Overnight All 50 states, but Hawaii is outbound only Next business day by 4:30 pm for businesses, 8 pm for residences
FedEx Priority Overnight All 50 states Next business day by 10:30 am for businesses, 12 noon to residences
FedEx First Overnight All 50 states Next business day by 8 am, 8:30 am, or 9 am to most areas

How Does FedEx Compare To UPS and USPS?

Let's do a little side-by-side comparison with the three main shipping providers in the United States in terms of reliability, costs, and services, as well as what each of them specialize in.


  • FedEx: reliable for express services and international shipments
  • USPS: reliable for regular mail and small packages, domestic service
  • UPS: known for guaranteed delivery service and quality customer service

Costs and Services

  • FedEx: faster shipping times but higher costs
  • USPS: best rates and lower prices, known for being the most cost effective
  • UPS: ideal for heavy packages and express service, rate prices are considered affordable for the service provided


  • FedEx: fast international shipping
  • USPS: lowest prices for regular mail and domestic lightweight packages
  • UPS: high value item shipping, insured up to $50,000, excellent ground delivery service, and tracking

FedEx is one of the most popular shipping companies in the Unites States, and for good reason. They have trucks out delivering packages all the way to 8 pm or later, striving to make sure your items are delivered in a timely manner.

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