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DealTip: How to Save Deals for Later

Because sometimes you're not ready to "buy now."
Fans of our "Save Deal" button might have noticed that it recently went missing. But there's no need to worry! We've just changed how you save a deal.

You can still save all your favorite offers — but now, you'll click a heart in the top right corner of the image, like this:
saved deals

You'll be able to save more than just deals, too. Deals, coupons, and blog posts can all be saved for later viewing. Simply click or tap the heart. If you aren't currently signed in when you click a heart, you'll be prompted to sign in or to create an account.

Saved something you didn't mean to? Click the heart again and it'll remove it from your saved section.

When you're ready to check your saved deals, go to your MyDealNews page by clicking on your profile name on the top right corner of the page, pictured below. Not seeing your name? Click here to sign in or to create an account.

saved deals

Once logged in, you'll see your recently saved items. Want to see all of your saved content? Click "view all", or the heart next to your name or in the navigation header on mobile.

Readers, what do you think of this latest change? We want your feedback! Go explore and save, and tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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dealnews-bmckenzie (DealNews)
Hi everyone,
As promised I have an update on the heart icon. As of today you should see a change. When you choose to save an item a checkmark will appear within the heart.
Again thank you all for your feedback.
Thank you for listening to our issues and working to resolve them.
dealnews-bmckenzie (DealNews)
Hi everyone,
Thank you all for the feedback. I have two updates:
1) We have recently updated and the fix for the ipad is live on our site.
2) Regarding the heart icon, we have looked into the solution and are actively working on updating that as well.

**Saved feature across the site + tips on how to manage your "saved item" page.
- as "The Oracle" has stated, you can save an icon anywhere on the site by tapping/clicking on the heart icon.
- If find that you saved the wrong item tapping the icon again will take it from your saved list.
- Managing saved items on the "Saved Item" page:
-> if you choose to unsave an item, the item will stay visible to you while you are on that page. It will disappear once you have either navigated to another part of our site or choose to refresh the page.

Again, thank you for helping us continue to improve our site.
@ORACLE...yeah is still there but I have done a contact me to help
The Oracle (DealNews)
@quiksilver3 - You can click the heart icon again to re-save a deal.
The Oracle (DealNews)
@chocolatedeath - Are you still seeing this issue? Please contact us directly so that we can further assist you.
It took a while for me to figure out what happened to the "Save" link before this notice was posted. I liked the old way better. The red does not show up that well on my computer when you click the heart.
What if I delete a saved deal by accident? How do I get it back?
it says I have one deal saved however when I touch it and the screen comes up nothing is there. But here it is still says that I have one saved item. Help I don't know what to do.
Love your site, but the old "save deal" text link worked better. The color of the heart is sometimes hard to distinguish when over certain images. Can't tell if it's gray or red at that point. I am guessing colorblind people would have some issues with this new system as well.
I don't know what everyone's so pissy about, me and a lot of people here are just thankful this website exists. It's saved me a lot of money throughout the years and I'm not actually paying anything for this website so i just want to say thanks and ignore the haters.
Found another item that goes to the details instead of letting me save it.
I found a deal you can test on an iPad. The one posted today about Black Friday with the pumpkins on it is really sensitive to touch. I was able to touch it to save, but when I touched it again to unsave, it went to the page with the deal info. It did it to me twice, and I had to slowly, carefully, barely touch it before it unsaved. Hope it helps you solve the sensitivity issue with iPads.
The Oracle (DealNews)
@Blagla - I checked our system and see that we did respond to you about how to save deals on August 22. We are sorry if you did not receive this email.
thank you for that, i e-mailed a while ago and got no response expect a computer generated message back, moral of the day if its not broke, it does not need to be fixed. kinda disappointed on no response back though.
389Philly, if you want to remove an expired deal, you would go all the way to the top, next to your name, there is a counter of your saved deals, click on it, you will be put into another screen of your list of saved deal, click on any "heart" to undo the save. That's all to it.
The old way, with the text link (instead of the icon), was better. It's too hard to tell when something is saved or not. And the new icon approach is harder on people who are color blind.

DealNews gets so much right -- that's why I visit daily -- but this redesigned interface for saving deals is lousy, IMHO.
After months long frustration, I stumbled onto how to delete expired deals, with no help whatsoever from dealnews. Features that can only be found by randomly clicking around on a site - beyond stupid. Reminds me of a quote from a Douglas Adams book: It was on display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying 'Beware of the Leopard'
How to 'delete' or 'remove' a deal from the saved list once they are expired? Worthless 'feature' without a way to prune info when it no longer has any value.
Thank you for incorporating the Save feature again. I use my iPad to access Dealnews and view the Deals and haven´t had any issues whatsoever when saving the Deals!
YEAH! I really missed my save button! ;-)
Good! I was just wondering why Save Deal disappeared!
dealnews-bmckenzie (DealNews)
"Dealgeek", thank you for letting us know about the experience you are having with saved items. We are looking into any possible issues with iPads.
The change is nice, but sometimes tapping the heart symbol takes you to the site instead of saving the deal. It has happened quite a few times to me when using my iPad.