How to Save More With a Target Reloadable RedCard

This version of the RedCard is easy to set up and provides a flurry of great perks for Target shoppers every day.
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Regular Target shoppers know the bull's-eye retailer offers plenty of ways to save on everything from clothing to groceries, and if you have a RedCard, you can save even more. But not everyone wants to apply for another credit or debit card. If you've been avoiding this Target payment method, there's good news: Target has a reloadable RedCard now.

Read on for our breakdown of all the RedCard types, as well as info on how the new reloadable RedCard differs. Plus learn how to get started on whichever RedCard you choose.

How to Save With a Target Reloadable RedCard

What Is a Target RedCard?

A Target RedCard is a method of payment specifically for Target purchases, although you can use some iterations elsewhere, as well. Previously, only two versions of the card were available: a credit card and a debit card. They both had the same benefits, although the debit card also let shoppers pay for Target purchases directly from a checking account and withdraw up to $40 in cash at checkout.

All Target RedCard versions offer the following perks:

  • 5% off every day at Target and
  • No annual or monthly fees
  • Free 2-day shipping on select items online
  • RedCard Exclusives, including special items and offers
  • More return time at Target
That extra return time is significant, too. Using a RedCard to pay for your purchases nets you an additional 30 days to return and exchange items.

Additionally, if you opt for the Target RedCard Mastercard, you'll get all of these perks and earn 2% on dining and gas purchases, plus 1% everywhere else outside of Target.

How Does the Reloadable RedCard Differ?

The new Target RedCard Reloadable Account has the same five perks that the other cards do, but it also gives you the ability to add cash for free at Target — and then use your reloadable RedCard anywhere Visa debit is accepted. It also shares the perk of allowing withdrawals of up to $40 at checkout.

Target's reloadable RedCard offers many of the same perks as the other RedCard variations, like 5% off at Target and

However, the reloadable RedCard is not eligible for paying directly from a checking account, but that makes sense, as it's not connected to your bank. And even though you can use it like a Visa debit card, you won't earn extra cash back on those purchases outside of Target. Other than those two exceptions, the reloadable RedCard is like the other options and just as good!

How to Get a Target RedCard

Have a certain Target RedCard version in mind? You'll want to head over to the retailer's RedCard portal first. There you'll find a breakdown of each type and the benefits they come with, as well as buttons to proceed further.

If you'd like a RedCard credit card, you can fill out the Target credit application here, but you won't be able to choose which card you get. Instead, you'll go through the application process, and then Target will decide which card you receive if you're approved.

You'll also have to apply for a Target RedCard debit card if you want one. The application for that starts out much the same way as the credit card version. Around step 3, though, you'll have to link and verify your personal checking account. Target states that it may also get information about current account balances, which could be used to set initial daily limits for your debit card.

However, the process of setting up a Target RedCard Reloadable Account is much easier. You just have to meet a few requirements:

  • Be 18 years old in most states (19 in Alabama and Nebraska)
  • Provide your Social Security number
  • Have a valid email address
If you check those boxes, you can proceed to the next page. That's where you'll go through initial account setup, including putting in a username, email address, and creating a password. After that you'll provide the necessary personal details, and then you'll be able to open your account.

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While you can add cash to your account for free at a Target store, there's also an app for Android and iOS users. You'll need that app for reloading your card, so go ahead and download it, even if you aren't interested in the other capabilities like viewing your available balance, details of transactions, and on-the-go management.

How to Use the Reloadable RedCard

If you're shopping at Target online, you'll simply need to enter your reloadable RedCard information into your account's wallet so it'll be available for payment. Then you can shop online or via the Target app as normal and choose the reloadable RedCard during checkout. You can also set it as your default payment, if you prefer.

And if you're shopping in-store, you can use the card like any other debit card. If you add it to your Target wallet and have the app downloaded, you can even scan your app's bar code to redeem offers and pay for your purchases without having to pull the card out.

How to Add Money to a RedCard Reloadable Account

As mentioned above, if you want to reload your Target reloadable RedCard with cash, you'll have to do so in-store. You'll need to download the app, then generate a bar code and scan that as part of the process to add funds at your local Target.

You'll have to download the RedCard Reloadable app to facilitate adding funds in-store.

While there are some fees associated with this RedCard, you'll only run into them in certain situations. These include check-cashing via third-party services, out-of-network ATM withdrawals, over-the-counter withdrawals at banks, international ATM withdrawals, and foreign transaction fees. For standard everyday uses, like purchasing online or adding money at Target, there is no fee.

You can also transfer money from an external bank account or money app, but the transfers have to be initiated through them, as the RedCard Reloadable app doesn't have that capability.

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