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Father's Day Gifts Blog Archives

What to Expect From Father's Day Deals 2017

Because no dad wants you to go broke buying gifts, we've combed through the DealNews archives to tell you what to expect from the very best Father's Day deals. Ditch the ties and shop instead for souped-up TVs, all things gaming, and adventurous camping gear.

Last Minute Father's Day Gifts That Are Better Than Nothing, We Guess

You probably spent months preparing for Mother's Day, but when it comes to Father's Day, we all just assume he's gonna grill us some food or something. Though he says he doesn't mind, you really shouldn't show up empty-handed. Why not consider one of these absolutely last-minute gift ideas for Dad?

The Best Father's Day Freebies and Discounts

If your kids' gifts aren't up to scratch, we've found a selection of Father's Day freebies with which you can treat yourself and celebrate your paternal successes in style.

Father's Day: You're Doing it Wrong!

There are a ton of gift options you can consider for Father's Day, and the myriad choices can get overwhelming. Not sure if a tie will be a dud or if your dad actually wants a gadget? Are the numerous food and drink discounts complicating your decision even further? Let's step back and simplify things a bit, because it doesn't need to be this hard.

Everything You Need to Get Free Stuff Online

We all love to get things for free, and there are many opportunities throughout the year to do so. There are your standard everyday freebies, as well as specific points throughout the year in which you can snag something for free. Here's where you'll find all the best ways to get free stuff.

Shopping for Dad is a Pain: Our Awkward Father's Day eCard Guide

Father's Day is right around the corner on June 15, but we're betting you still haven't found a gift. Because dads are notoriously hard to shop for, we've made some Father's Day eCards (with a little help from Awkward Family Photos) to point you towards the perfect gift.

Fantastic Father's Day Food Freebies, from Froyo to Fudge Cake

You don't want to get your dad another tool set or tie this Father's Day. Instead, give him the gift of food! This June 16, fathers across the country can avail of all sorts of free treats from breakfast to dessert.

If You're Spending $35 Less on a Father's Day Gift, You Better Make It Count

If there's one thing our fathers like, it's spouting off irrelevant factoids. So, in honor of dear old Dad, we wandered around in the internet in search of interesting facts about Father's Day. Then we spruced 'em up (using Pop's Pommade and Old Spice) and created this fancy infographic.

Treat Dad on the Cheap with Some Father's Day Freebies

Sometimes we put so much focus on Mother's Day gifts that we run low on ideas (and perhaps funds) for dear old dad come Father's Day. Luckily though, cool freebies abound this Dia de Los Daddies, if you know where to look. We've got a list of free stuff that will make your pappy happy, and you won't have to expend mucho dinero to do it.

The Right Father's Day Gifts for Every Dad

Not all Dads are created equal. Some play golf, others watch baseball. Some like to cook, others prefer fine dining. Some wear suits, some don sweats. But no matter what kind(s) of Dad(s) you've got in your life, Father's Day is that one day a year where the man who has everything deserves a little something more.

The Best and Worst Things to Buy in June

June is the month with the longest daylight hours of the year, so you have even more time to shop! But what should you buy now and what should you avoid? We searched through dealnews' extensive archives of deals to sort out fact from fiction when it comes to getting the best deals in June.

10 Cool Tools for Father's Day

Father's Day is just a few weeks away, and don't you want to bring a smile to your old man's face when he opens up the gift from you? Luckily, most guys are relatively easy to buy for; a new tool usually does the trick. We've compiled a list of 10 cool tools (at a variety of price points) that should delight the shade tree mechanic, the woodworker, or the ardent do-it-yourself on your list this year.

A Father's Day Gift Cost-Per-Use Analysis

While we here at dealnews are big fans of inexpensive purchases, we're also concerned about long-term value. For example, a $10 shirt is a steal, but if you never wear it, it's just $10 down the drain. So, while our readers prepare to shell out some dough for Father's Day, we decided to run a little cost-per-use analysis of some potential gifts to see which options stretch your dollar the most.