How to Save on the Best Father's Day Gifts for Dad

Score deals on presents for Pop, whether he's a gamer, fitness buff, or lover of all things tech-related.
Father and daughter watch movie on laptop.

Father's Day is June 16 this year, but in many ways, every day is Father's Day, so long as you believe. And even if you don't celebrate Father's Day, days are still days, and any day's a good day to score some deals. But we're specifically here to talk about the best and most meaningful — or depending on when you're reading this, the best last-minute — Father's Day gift ideas. (We're assuming your dad considers convenient and fun refrigeration methods meaningful. It's a guy thing.)

So read on for our list of the best Father's Days gifts you can save on right now. Whether Dad's a sports fan, a cookout king, or a big ol' lovable nerd, we've got you covered.

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Best Gifts for Dad

Gifts Under $50

Kershaw Downforce Lightweight Keychain Multi-Tool for $14.66

Kershaw keychain multi-tool

The best Father's Day gifts don't have to be flashy or big, or even very expensive. If your dad carries this around in his pocket for the next few years, and thinks of you every time he tightens a screw or cracks open a bottle with it, that's mission accomplished.

ConairMAN Even Cut Cordless Rotary Hair Clippers for $29.99

ConairMAN rotary hair clipper

Every dad yearns to cut his own hair. It's economical and practical, plus it avoids putting you in a position where you might have to make small talk with no hope of escape. Give your dad this hair clipper, and you're really gifting him permission to happily wear a uniform short cut for the rest of his days.

Minecraft Red TNT 9-Can Mini Fridge for $13.47

Minecraft mini fridge

About a decade ago, someone decided that nerdy things are cool, and that's why we've had what seems like 6,000 Marvel movies in the years since. Now someone has decided to take that original decision literally, and so we have this Minecraft fridge. This unconventional gift idea for your dad contains 100% fewer quips than a Marvel movie, but also potentially a lot more refreshing beverages and enjoyable snacks. It's a win-win.

Gifts Under $100

REI Co-op Trailgate Vehicle Shelter for $73.83

REI Trailgate vehicle shelter

Even if your dad ends up never using this Trailgate vehicle shelter, he'll forever appreciate you gifting him the fantasy of it. Camped out, cold beer in hand, protective polyester overhead. Heck, just set it up for him in the driveway.

Seagate 2TB Game Drive for PS5 for $79.99

Seagate game drive for PS5

Games are big these days, and we don't mean that in a "popularity" sense, or even in an "Assassin's Creed will take eight months to play to completion, if you skip half the side quests" way. If you're not an avid gamer, you might not realize quite how big much space a game takes to install. This might be the most meaningful Father's Day gift idea for the gaming dad: temporary freedom from limited install space.

ASICS Trail Running Shoes for $59.95 via Code "SPRING20"

ASICS trail running shoes

Dads wear shoes. You can't ignore it, it's an absolute fact. Editors, leave this in, it needs to be said: shoes and dads go together like wine and popcorn. That makes shoes one of the best Father's Day gifts, and makes these ASICS shoes, all discounted via coupon code "SPRING20", a very tempting way to explore that idea this year.

Best Home and Garden Gifts

Blackstone Duo 17" Griddle and Charcoal Grill Combo for $179

Blackstone grill combo

Here we go: Grilling! The primal relationship between man, food, and fire gets explored once more. As gifts for dads go, they don't get much more clichéd, and we all know clichés are clichés for good reason. This Blackstone grill features 486 square inches of prime Father's Day gift idea.

De'Longhi All-In-One Pump Espresso and 10-Cup Drip Coffee Machine for $149.98 for Members

De'Longhi espresso and drip coffee machine

Coffee dads go one of two ways. There's the artisanal coffee drinker, who insists on the finest beans pressed with a delicate touch into the most succulent brew, or the voracious drinker, who insists on COFFEE NOW PLEASE OR I WILL EXPIRE. This machine is probably geared more toward the latter, but if that sounds like your dad, this is the gift for him. This deal is for Sam's Club members only.

Best Electronic Gifts

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic LTE 46mm Smartwatch for $82.99

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 smartwatch

This smartwatch is a fine gift for dads who enjoy fitness or just goofing around with techy stuff. That captures a vast swathe of fathers, I think, making this a good catch-all Father's Day gift idea. Who doesn't enjoy telling the time and learning you have a worryingly high resting heart rate before it's too late?

Bose QuietComfort Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones for $249

Bose QuietComfort headphones

If you want to gift your dad some serious ear candy, this is a good bet. These Bose headphones are incredibly popular, very well-reviewed, and, most importantly, explicitly designed to give your dad the ability to tune the rest of the family out. Best Father's Day Gift 2024 by a mile.

Best Clothing Gifts

Coach Outlet Men's Mott Driver Shoes for $53.40

Coach Outlet men's driving shoes

They're called driver shoes, but you don't have to tell your dad that. That way, he can wear them anywhere and anytime he wants. That's not just a great gift idea for dads, that's a great idea for shoes in general. Down with labels and needless specificity, up with freethinking and not owning a pair of shoes for every separate activity.

The North Face Men's Eco ThermoBall Coat for $107 via Code "SPRING15OFF"

The North Face ThermoBall coat

In this case, you do want to tell your dad the name of the thing, not just because The North Face is a well-known brand that can earn you some brownie points, but also because "Eco ThermoBall" is fun to say. It sort of sounds like a Bond movie if it was made as an environmental PSA. "Not now, M, I have to stop the ThermoBall from melting the polar ice caps." It would definitely be a Roger Moore Bond movie.

Casio Men's G-Shock Digital Watch for $49.88

Casio G-Shock digital watch

This watch has everything: water resistance, solar technology, a keen sense of late-20th-century nostalgia — everything a mid-2020s dad will really cherish. It's a great alternative to the Samsung watch above if your dad is less technologically inclined.

Father's Day Gifts FAQ

What Are Some Meaningful Father's Day Gifts?

Gifts for Dad can be easy to figure out once you key into his interests. If he's a big sports fan, you know a jersey, some licensed memorabilia, or even an MLB.TV subscription would make his Father's Day. If he leans geekier, maybe a LEGO set, some desk decorations or — let's just say it plainly — Funko Pops, or even a puzzle book could be the ticket. And 90% of dads will likely appreciate a good whiskey or some associated paraphernalia. Think decanters, cool glasses, or books on cocktails, rather than whiskey stones, which are broadly useless.

Your dad likes to look good and take care of himself? That opens up a whole world of fitness gifts, from activewear to exercise items, or even a good water bottle and apparel. Just keep those gift receipts handy in case of odd fits. The final type of dad is the best: the one who makes you delicious food, either indulging his inner Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen or cooking up a storm at the grill. And you're sure to see deals on Father's Day for lots of grills, grilling utensils, and cookware. All else fails, get a funny apron. Be resourceful this Father's Day.

What Else Should I Consider When Looking for the Best Gift Ideas for Dad?

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