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dealnews Podcast - Episode 241: CES So Far

The dealnews Podcast Episode 241 sees our panel return from a 2-week holiday. They are refreshed, rested, and ready to tackle CES. (Oh, not by going there! No, they'll leave that to the 1 million other reporters who want to put up with that mess.) This week's stories include: 4K TVs, NVIDIA's portable gaming console, Walmart's VUDU movie plan, reusable Starbucks cups, and more.

dealnews Podcast - Episode 238: Santa, Baby!

The dealnews Podcast Episode 238 is like Janus, looking forward towards the holidays, while looking backwards at Black Friday. This week, the panel talks about Redbox Instant pricing, more Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales numbers, the "True Cost of Christmas," better gifts to buy people who don't really understand what they want, and more.

dealnews Podcast - Episode 225: Apple Wins Lawsuit, Samsung Pays $1+ Billion

The dealnews Podcast Episode 225 can, again, be seen and heard this week (choose from the audio or video version, or collect them all!) The novelty is wearing off! Talked about by our living faces: Apple wins its patent lawsuit against Samsung and what that means to you, the consumer. Also: Pandora and Spotify have a terrible business model; something is coming from Amazon, and more.