Embrace Your Weirdness With These Picks on Sale at ThinkGeek


We've come a long toward accepting traditionally "nerdy" pursuits as normal, but some interests will always remain a bit niche. Never fear — ThinkGeek has those covered, and is taking up to 60% off select items until October 13 as part of its Friday the Halloweenth Sale. (Shipping starts at $5.95, or spend $75 for free shipping.)

Here are seven picks that skew a little weird, but in the best way.

7 Weird but Cool ThinkGeek Picks

Yer a Wizard

Technomancer 2.0 Digital Wizard Hoodie for $49.99 ($100 off)

So far, this is the closest humanity has come to actual wizardry for everyday life. Your movements control the sounds and LED lights in this jacket, allowing you to "cast" nine different "spells." You're unlikely to produce any actual fireballs or shockwaves, but the effect will still be pretty cool.

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Wield the Blade

Mass Effect Omni-Blade Cosplay Weapon for $39.99 (a low by $4)

Cosplaying has gone pretty mainstream, but not "casually carry video game weapons wherever you go" mainstream. So what, though? This resin piece is so awesome that no one could question your desire to wear it. The pointy part even flips down, for safety reasons.

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Doctor Who Women's TARDIS Romper for $17.99 ($12 off)

Rompers are divisive to begin with. Add the element of geeky fandom, and you're really headed for disagreement. Luckily, you can just channel your inner Bill Potts and not concern yourself with how other people feel about the things you like.

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To Rule Them All

Gold-Plated Tungsten Carbide One Ring for $79.99 (a low by $20)

Tolkien made clear that the One Ring's corrupting power was absolute, so it's a little hard to imagine why anyone would want to wear it. This replica, though, is almost certainly free from evil magic, so it's totally allowed in your accessory collection.

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Alter the Deal

I Am Vader Men's Button-Up Shirt for $19.99 ($30 off)

Darth Vader would never wear short sleeves, but some of us don't have the luxury of living so near the cold vacuum of space. This shirt lets your rep the ultimate dad without breaking a sweat while you man the grill, hit the theme park, and fulfill your other fatherly obligations.

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10th Doctor Programmable TV Remote for $68.99 ($31 off)

Based on a 3D scan of David Tennant's actual screen-used prop, this remote ranks high on the list of items that might be technically uncool, but are still somehow amazingly rad. Use it to control your electronics via gestures, then enjoy its lights and sound effects in between channel hops.

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Now You're the Copy Robot

Mega Man Lounger from $19.99 ($30 off)

You're lying if you say you've never wanted to try on Mega Man's iconic armor. But all that metal is probably super heavy and way uncomfortable, and how would you even get it on? So here's the next best thing, a softer version of his uniform that you could even sleep in.

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Readers, what geeky interests do you proudly flaunt? Has anything from ThinkGeek's Friday the Halloweenth Sale made it onto your wish list? Let us know in the comments!

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