The 9 Best Items to Sell Online in April 2021

When in doubt, go outside! Popular products in April could include grilling and gardening items, patio furniture, and outdoor storage products.
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"April showers bring May flowers," as the saying goes. But if our readers' shopping preferences are any indication, those showers didn't stop people from enjoying time outside in April 2020 — or at least preparing for it.

We delved into the DealNews archives to see what items resonated most with our readers last April, and products for the patio, backyard, and outdoors in general came up big. Now 2020 was far from a "normal" year, of course. We think examining these popular items could serve Marketplace sellers well, though, helping them figure out what to sell in April 2021.

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Along with a list of items to consider selling in April, we also offer a comparison of our shopping trends from April 2019 and 2020. After all, consumers' priorities last year may not be the ones they'd have in a typical year. And we look at items you may want to sell later in 2021, to give you a full picture of what you should list — and not list — this April.

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The 9 Best Items to Sell Online in April 2021

Grills and Grilling Accessories

When you think of grilling season, summer may come to mind instead of spring. But grills, and especially gas grills, were popular with our readers last April. Perhaps people were prepping for summer grilling, or were ready to get started ASAP. Remember that much of the country was under stay-at-home orders in April, and grilling offered a way to enjoy the outdoors when people couldn't go much of anywhere. This grill-buying trend could always repeat itself this April, as well.

Note that grills come in many different sizes and price points, too. You have the larger gas grills with side burners, of course, but smaller portable grills are also an option. That begs the question of whether April 2021 will be a good time to sell grilling accessories, as well. You could look into offering grilling brushes, pellets, tongs, gloves, and more.

Indoor and Outdoor Storage Items

Another product category our readers were drawn to last April was outdoor storage products. They included deck storage boxes, greenhouses, and sheds. With people spending more time at home, they might have decided now was the time to upgrade their outdoor space.

In the case of sheds, some shoppers could have been using them for a non-storage purpose, too: working! USA Today reported in September that "an increasing number of Americans are buying and building backyard sheds [to] use as home offices. For some, it represents a chance to get work done away from the kids as schools practice remote learning.... For others, it's a necessity because there's no room for an office setup inside their home." The news site also stated that Google queries for office sheds started to go up in April, according to search data.

Last year, the most-popular April Mother's Day sale among our readers featured everything from small appliances and homeware to clothing and electronics.

Indoor storage items were also a draw last April, and may be worth selling in April 2021. Think products like shoe racks, trash cans, storage cubes, hampers, and more. Spring is often a time for around-the-house work anyway, so we wouldn't be surprised if shoppers were drawn to items that could help them get organized this year, as well.

Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day is May 9 this year, and that means many (non-procrastinating) people will be shopping for their moms in April. Last year, a few different Mother's Day sales resonated with our readers, so perhaps this April would be an ideal time to offer a Mother's Day promotion or coupon. You don't have to stick to traditional Mother's Day gifts like flowers or jewelry either. Last year, the most-popular April Mother's Day sale among our readers featured everything from small appliances and homeware to clothing and electronics.

Items for Outdoor Fun

Just like with grills, outdoor recreation items allow people to get outdoors while remaining close to home — or at least socially distanced. And these products seemed to be a big hit with our readers last April. They included outdoor games, toys, sporting goods, and fitness items.

Also popular? Bikes! According to The NPD Group, "April sales for traditional bikes, indoor bikes, parts, helmets, and other accessories grew a combined 75% to $1 billion compared to last year." The company added that "typically, April sales fall between $550 and $575 million."

If listing bikes seems like it wouldn't work for your business, there could be opportunities in bike gear and accessories. Items to consider selling include helmets, as well as bike baskets, locks, and lights.

No time to read? Check out this edition of the DealNews Seller's Guide!

Garden Items

In our article on "The 10 Best Items to Sell Online in March 2021," we recommended May and June as great months for selling lawn and garden products. Turns out, April could be a good month for listing these items as well. Considering the popularity of sheds among our readers last April, we're not surprised that gardening items also resonated with them. These can include outdoor power tools (more on those below), insect habitats, and even outdoor fencing.

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The coronavirus pandemic spurred a gardening trend, and maybe the first-time gardeners from last year are ready to take their gardens up a notch now. So you could benefit from selling shovels, planters, and other garden tools and accessories this April.

Home Office Products

In the year 2020, many people went to work… from home. And reports indicate that many folks want to keep their bedroom-to-office commutes, which indicates that there's continuing opportunity in the home office market. Among employed adults who say that their job responsibilities can mostly be done from home, "more than half say, given a choice, they would want to keep working from home even after the pandemic," according to a Pew Research Center survey.

Last April, many of our readers gravitated toward items that would make working from home easier. They included desks of all kinds, including the following:

  • Writing desks
  • Hutches
  • Corner units
  • Adjustable standing desks
  • Lift-top coffee tables
  • Nesting tables

Beyond furniture, office supplies could also be worth listing this April, as could computer accessories like ergonomic keyboards.


Some shoe styles for men, women, and kids were popular with our readers in April 2020. They mainly seemed to be footwear from casual or sporty brands, such as Nike and Reebok. One type of shoe you may not want to list for a while? Dress shoes. As reported by the Chicago Tribune in December 2020, "overall footwear sales were down 20% between March and October compared with the same period last year, but dress shoe sales plunged 60%, according to The NPD Group." Instead, shoes that were winners during that time included slippers, cold-weather boots, and Crocs.

Outdoor Furniture

Yet another "spruce up your outdoor space" category on our list is outdoor furniture. Among the items resonating with our readers last April were patio dining sets, pop-up gazebos, and outdoor items like hammocks, loveseats, chairs, and conversation sets. If shoppers are going to buy a grill in April, after all, they might as well have patio furniture so they can eat al fresco, too.

Reports indicate that many folks want to keep their bedroom-to-office commutes, which indicates that there's continuing opportunity in the home office market.

Though the pandemic has fueled a boom in outdoor furniture items, it seems to be a good springtime selling option in general. As reported by CNBC in May 2020, "While Overstock usually sees increases in outdoor item sales around springtime, the huge spike this year has been driven by the pandemic as people stay home more, [Overstock's chief sourcing and operations officer Ron] Hilton said." Additionally, "furniture retailer Frontgate said the anticipation of warm weather is always a factor in driving up outdoor furniture sales at this time of year," according to CNBC reporting.

Power Tools

It seems that with people staying around the house more last April, they also found more projects to do! That could explain the growth in popularity of power tools among our readers that month. And we bet consumers will still find plenty of DIY opportunities this April, too.

Trending items last April included chainsaws, blowers, saw kits, and mowers, in addition to circular saws, drivers, screwdriver sets, and oscillating tools. Our readers went for brands such as DeWalt, Milwaukee, and Ryobi.

Besides the power tools themselves, you might want to look into tool accessories for April, too. Last March, these items were trending among our readers, and among them were power-tool parts that need replacing from time to time. These included a 5-pack of cutting wheels and bit sets for drill/drivers.

No time to read? Check out this edition of the DealNews Seller's Guide!

How Did April 2019 and April 2020 Compare?

We've given you a rundown of items to consider listing in April, but were the best things to sell online different in April 2020 vs. April 2019? As shown above, the pandemic seemed to influence consumer buying decisions last April, and it's hard to say what this April will look like exactly. So if you're trying to decide on items to list in April 2021, you may want to consider our readers' shopping trends from both 2020 and 2019.

Here's a rundown of notable items that were popular with our readers in our April 2019:

  • Men's shirts, including polo shirts and T-shirts
  • Refurbished electronics, plus other secondhand items
  • Watches, both smart and non-smart
  • Laptops
  • Home improvement items like ladders, air filters, and Lowe's gift cards
  • Bose headphones

Looking at the list above, you could make the argument that laptops count as a home office product. But in April 2020, popular home office items were more furniture products than electronics. One area of overlap we did see in April 2019 and 2020 was in storage/organization products. Popular April 2019 products included hose storage and closet organizer systems, though not the sheds of 2020.

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Both months also featured popular power tool offerings. In April 2019, that meant products like sliding miter saws. Given the power tool and storage overlaps, plus the appearance of home improvement items in April 2019, it seems like home improvement products should still be a safe bet for sellers this April.

So should footwear and bikes — two other areas where we saw overlap in April 2019 and April 2020. It's also worth looking into headphones, as Bose products seemed to be trending during these times. And note that readers gravitated toward Apple offerings in April 2019 and April 2020, as well. In the former year, popular items were the Apple Watch Series 3 and refurbished iPhone 8; in the latter year, it was the newly released second-generation iPhone SE.

What NOT to Sell in April 2021

Not every item will be great to sell this April. We expect consumers to purchase more of the following products later in 2021, based on our shopping trends. So if you're weighing which items to list, you may want to wait on these.

Item When to Sell Why?
Computers June or later We expect laptops and other computers to be bigger sellers starting in June, when people start thinking about products for school. Back to School sales really tend to ramp up in August, especially.
TVs July If you're listing larger electronics, maybe wait until July to go full steam ahead with your selling. TVs seemed to be a big draw for our readers in July 2020, especially 58" and 65" 4K smart sets from Samsung.
Shorts and Other Summer Clothes July Summer is in full swing come July, and based on last year's popular offerings, it seems like that's when our readers will be ready to buy shorts, T-shirts, and other summer clothes.

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