How To Save With Lowe's 2024 4th Of July Sale

The home improvement store's sale is already underway!
Lowe's storefront

Lowe's has wasted no time in kicking off their 4th of July sale this year, with discounts on appliances, grills, outdoor equipment, and more already waiting for you. So sit up straight and get the patented DealNews skinny on how to save the most throughout this sale.

Top Lowe's 4th of July Sales to Shop

Lowe's 4th of July SaleLowe's 4th of July Sale
Discount: Up to 60% off
Shipping: Pickup, or free shipping with $35 for members

The main event. The belle of the ball. The Daddy Cool. The Big Kahuna. The Age of Sale. So many ways to describe this, the primary portal of the Lowe's 4th of July sale. They obviously want you to notice their Appliance Sale, and we'll get to that, but there's a lot more to enjoy if you know where to look. And if you don't, a quick glance southwards will confirm that we can point you in the direction of some of the best discounts you'll find in this bonanza.

Lowe's 4th of July Appliance SaleLowe's 4th of July Appliance Sale
Discount: Up to 40% off
Shipping: Pickup, or free shipping with $35 for members

Do you think, as the Founding Fathers put their names on the Declaration of Independence, they did so knowing that, centuries hence, it would be celebrated with discounts on big magic metal boxes that wash dishes, or wash clothes, or dry clothes, or chill food and condiments? That alongside names like Franklin, Jefferson, and Adams, we'd celebrate names like Whirlpool, LG, Samsung, and Frigidaire, on account of they were marked up to 40% off for the holiday? I asked an expert, but he just said "How did you get in my trailer?" and then called for security, who said "I'll make sure it's painful, Mr. Cage."

Kobalt corded chainsawLowe's 4th of July Outdoor Power Equipment Sale
Discount: Up to 30% off
Shipping: Pickup, or free shipping with $35 for members

One thing you'll notice when you open this sale for the first time is that John Deere riding lawn mowers, when shrunk to website thumbnail size, look a lot like brightly-colored children's ride-on toys. Hopefully, their discounted-but-still-spicy price tags will clue you in to their distinctly un-toylike nature, but suffice it to say, do not let your children reenact this gif in one of these. The next thing you'll notice is that garden-fanciers can save up to 30% on a wide range of mowers, blowers, trimmers, saws, and such.

Lowe's 4th of July BBQ & Grills SaleLowe's 4th of July BBQ & Grills Sale
Discount: Up to 30% off
Shipping: Pickup, or free shipping with $35 for members

While it's hard to dispute that grilling and barbecuing is just redirected big arson energy, hey, that energy has to go somewhere! Otherwise you just get some complicated insurance claims. So you may as well enjoy this July 4th-centric savings of up to 30% on grills from brands like Blackstone, Vevor, and Weber. The patties, dogs, assorted meats, and even, begrudgingly, some vegetables, won't know what hit them. (Because hopefully none of it is conscious when grilled. Not even the vegetables, you weird hippies.)

How Long Does the Sale Last?

As is tradition for sales now, Lowe's 4th of July sale started weeks in advance of the actual day in question. June 21 was when we first saw discounts celebrating the holiday. Perhaps obviously, we can expect the sale to last through the 4th of July, ending on the 5. (And if you're someone who prefers shopping in-store over shopping online for certain items, good news: Lowe's is open on the holiday itself.) That adds up to a grand total of just about two weeks of sale-time.

How Can I Save the Most?

  • Sign up for a MyLowe's Rewards account. It's free to join, and you'll start earning Lowe's points on your purchases right away — 1,000 points equates to $5 Lowe's Cash, for future you to note. Plus, while all the non-Rewards clowns and scrubs get free shipping with orders of $45 or more, you'll be scoring it with orders of $35 or more, a champion of commerce.
  • Apply for a MyLowe's Rewards Credit Card. Once you're set up with one, using it means you'll save 5% on most Lowe's purchases, which is an obvious bonus. Plus, you'll be automatically enrolled into the Silver tier of MyLowe's Rewards, which means no-minimum free shipping, and faster point-earning than the regular level. (Entering the Silver tier without a credit card would require spending $500 at Lowe's per year.)
  • Utilize the Lowe's Military Discount. Obviously this is only available to a select few of you, but it's still an option worth mentioning. The 10% discount is only applicable on full-price items, however, so it won't drop any prices in the 4th of July sale any further. But if you see something you'd like to pick up that's not on sale, this is your ticket to savings.
  • Gift cards. If you're looking for every possible way to save a little extra in this sale, keep an eye out for other stores offering discounts on Lowe's gift cards, which effectively translates into paying less to spend the same amount. It sounds like the alchemy of a DIY madman, but by jove it just might work.
  • Shop at DealNews. Not to toot our own horn, but we like finding discounts for you, our attractive and clever readers. Tangentially, not tooting our own horn would be more meaningful if I could be provided with a horn that could be tooted. As it is, the horn is a metaphor, and thus a coward's premise.

How Does Shopping Compare In-Store vs. Online?

Shopping in-store has one major benefit, which is the tactile experience. From seeing how a tool feels in your palm, to getting a better sense of an appliance's size, to getting a close-up view of a paint's actual hue, these are things that the convenience of shopping online hasn't yet replaced.

And yet: shopping online stakes its claim in other areas. Price comparisons become easier by orders of magnitude, with a simple internet search providing every other store's competing price in seconds. (And if you do find a lower price that qualifies for Lowe's price matching policy, all the better.) You can opt to have your order shipped (don't forget — it's only a $35 free shipping threshold for MyLowe's Rewards members) or choose in-store pickup. And the obvious highlight, combining your two main loves: shopping at Lowe's, and sitting comfortably at home.

In the meantime, when you're not busily shopping for tools, appliances, and such at Lowe's, you can download the DealNews app to have our best deals at your fingertips at all times. You can sign up for our DealNews Select newsletter to get a curated list of deals sent straight to your inbox. Or set up a deal alert to get notified whenever your item of choice gets a discount.

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