Top iPad Pro Deals in 2024

Looking for the best deals on the iPad Pro? Check out these top iPad Pro deals in 2024, including discounts from Best Buy, B&H Photo Video, Verizon, and Apple.
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The iPad Pro is Apple's top end tablet and as such it will come as no surprise that it's also their most expensive tablet. However, there are deals to be had and it's a good thing too otherwise the presence of the iPad Pro on a website named DealNews would rightly raise some furrowed eyebrows in confusion. Did you know that we used to be called Dealmac way back in the old days of yore? It's true! It says it right there on our Wikipedia page (you can check!), therefore it has to be true.

Your choosing of the available iPad Pro deals will first involve selecting either the 11" or 12.9" models. Then it's onto the all important picking of color, be it Space Grey or Silver. Storage of 128GB all the way up to 2TB is on offer. Finally, WiFi only or cellular data? These are the decisions and only you can make them. Now though, it's onto the main event - the best iPad Pro deals.

What are the best iPad Pro deals right now?

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iPad Pro at Best Buy: Up to an extra $150 off for members

If you're a Best Buy Plus or Total member and in search of iPad Pro sales, you're in luck. They're offering $100 or $150 off respectively for members on the entire range and that includes both WiFi only and cellular models. If you aren't already a member then you'll need to weigh up whether it's worth becoming one for either $50 a year or $180 a year but if you are, this is a reliable pathway to getting what is among the best deal on iPad Pro.

6th-Gen. Apple iPad Pro 11" 128GB WiFi Tablet (2022) for $749 at B&H Photo Video

While the 11" iPad Pro is the smaller size option, the two models have almost the exact same innards so which to go for really does largely come down to whether or not your use case requires the largest screen available. The 11" model is naturally more portable owing not just to its smaller dimensions but it's also about 200 grams lighter than the 12.9" iPad Pro. Should your iPad Pro be destined to leave the household, the lighter frame might very well be a key point in favor of the 11" version.

6th-Gen. Apple iPad Pro 12.9" 256GB WiFi Tablet (2022) for $1,349 B&H Photo Video

12.9" is the biggest screen you can get on an iPad Pro and this size offering also has the distinction of being XDR enabled, which is basically Apple's fancy way of saying it does HDR. The 11" model does not offer such a benefit. While the 12.9" Liquid Retina XDR display is of a slightly higher resolution than its little brother, both offer the same pixel per inch density so you won't really benefit from increased clarity but rather just things being bigger. Bigger screen equals bigger things!

Refurbished iPad Pro Direct from Apple

A used iPad Pro for sale is still an iPad Pro for sale and thus, Apple's very own website should be considered if you're looking for cheaper still purchasing options. They're all refurbished and you have the benefit here of being able to go back and buy from several older generation models if you'd prefer to save even more. All refurbished iPad Pro models come with the same 1-year warranty as a brand new iPad, all manuals and accessories, a new battery and outer shell, and more importantly of all, a new white box. It's great that Apple feels the need to specifically call out that you'll not be missing out on the crucial white box. They know their user base so well.In summary: if you're in the market and looking for a used iPad Pro for sale, buying from Apple directly is a good choice.

6th-Gen. Apple iPad Pro 12.9" 256GB WiFi + Cellular Tablet (2022) for up $180 off with trade in at Verizon

Buying your cellular network enabled iPad Pro from Verizon has the advantage of being able to make use of a trade-in against the cost of the iPad. There's a ton of eligible devices and you can check specifics on Verizon's website. It could net you a total of $180 off. Of course, this is assuming you actually need your iPad Pro to be cell enabled and if you do, there's also the cheaper and potentially more convenient option of simply tethering it to phone's existing cell data network.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does iPad Pro go on sale?

You can get an iPad Pro on sale on a fairly regular basis. It's safe to say these sale options do vary as the year progresses and your odds of getting a better deal around the likes of Black Friday and Cyber Monday are naturally higher. It's worth noting that purchasing the prior generation when a new version has just been released is a valid approach as well, as prices are likely to drop when Apple launches a shiny new edition.

What did iPad Pro 2023 deals look like?

Black Friday 2023 saw the best iPad Pro sale we had ever seen on the 6th-Gen Apple iPad Pro M2 12.9" 128GB WiFi + Cellular Tablet (2022) as it hit its lowest ever price. Amazon offered it for $1,149 in the week before the big day and on Thanksgiving, a roughly 11% reduction in price.

Meanwhile, the Apple iPad Pro 11" 128GB WiFi Tablet (2022) at Best Buy dropped by about 12% off list price from $799 to $699, again an all-time low and the best iPad Pro deal we had seen yet on that particular model.

What are the iPad Pro 2024 predictions?

It's going to be a busy year for the iPad Pro with reliable rumors suggesting a notable product refresh featuring the new M3 CPU, a refreshed design, and most tantalizingly of all, an OLED display. Apple is no stranger to this display technology, having used them in iPhones and Apple Watches for a number of years but bigger OLED screens cost more and it's seeming likely that a price increase will come in tow too. Thus, deals will be more crucial than ever. Long live deals.Since the current models will become last generation's models, we would hope to see them drop in price as a side effect.

How do iPad Pro deals compare in-store vs online?

By and large they're the same in terms of pricing but online shopping offers the great convenience of not having to leave your cozy household to acquire an iPad Pro. It's also easier to compare and contrast deals around the web rather than trundling from store to store in search of That One Great Deal and hassling downtrodden store employees.

What else should I consider when purchasing an iPad Pro?

As a wise fellow once said, "it's nice to have an iPad but it might be even nicer to have an iPad with some accessories." Conveniently, the DealNews iPad accessories page is here to fulfill that very need.

It's also worth pondering whether or not it is indeed an iPad Pro that you need because Apple makes some significantly cheaper tablets in the form of the iPad Air, iPad Mini, and simply titled iPad. Comfortingly, the general DealNews iPad page is here to provide deals across all iPad ranges should your curiosity be peaked.

Top iPad Pro Deals for the Rest of 2024

Between Best Buy, B&H Photo Video, Verizon, and buying refurbished models from Apple directly, there's plenty of great iPad Pro deals and iPad Pro sales to be had now and we expect that to very much be the case throughout the rest of 2024.

We've featured a range of iPad Pro deals and buying tips above, but there's much more where that came from! Check out the best iPad deals we've listed to see additional discounts, and follow us on Facebook to get even more shopping advice.

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