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What's Worth Buying in the Steam Summer Sale?

We've done the work for you! Here's the most exciting price drops from Steam's biggest event — and the better deals you can find elsewhere.

No matter what your gaming personality, the Steam Summer Sale shouldn't be missed. Steam's competitors are certainly paying attention, as they've matched or beat the prices on several of the sweetest discounts. We rounded up the best bets from Steam and others, so you can keep your backlog stocked for the foreseeable future.

Gamer beware: Although many of these deals have an end date of July 5, there's always a chance they could end sooner. If you've been holding off on one of these popular titles, now's the time to buy!

What's Worth Buying in the Steam Summer Sale?

Dive Into Danger

Abzu for Windows
Store: Steam
Price: $5.99 (a low by $12)
Expiration: July 5

The art director of Journey is behind this underwater adventure game, which earned an overall rating of 83 from Metacritic. You'll float into the depths of the ocean, and view bright colors and a variety of life. But, the deeper you go, the more dangerous it becomes, so maybe avoid this one if you suffer from thalassophobia.

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Soul-Crushing Fun

Dark Souls III for Windows
Store: GamersGate
Price: $21.84 (a low by $38)
Expiration: June 26

The overall consensus at Metacritic is a rating of 89 on this critically-acclaimed, award-winning title. The third in a series known for being challenging, this game has players searching for a way to survive the nearing apocalypse. You'll be immersed in faster gameplay and more intense combat across numerous locations in this RPG.

Close prices: GameStop and Steam both charge $23.99, and CDKeys charges $22.99.

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Knightly Adventures

Hollow Knight for PC or Mac
Store: Steam
Price: $9.89 (a low by $5)
Expiration: July 5

Enjoy a 2D-style game with this indie adventure that overwhelmingly earns "very positive" user ratings on Steam. Explore the world of Hallownest in a classic side-scrolling design, battle over 130 foes, and befriend bugs.

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Carry a Torch

Torchlight II for PC or Mac
Store: Steam
Price: $4.99 (a low by $15)
Expiration: July 5

IGN gave this dungeon crawler a rating of 9.1 out of 10, and calls this title "one of the finest loot-driven action-RPGs available." Customize your characters, play with your friends, enhance your game with mods, and more.

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Feeling Hunted

Prey for Windows
Store: Steam
Price: $39.59 (a low by $20)
Expiration: July 5

It's the year 2032, and you've just awoken aboard a space station named Talos I. Unfortunately, it's been taken over by hostile aliens, who are now hunting you. This FPS was released just last month, and earns a rating of 8.0 from IGN.

Of note, Amazon offers it for the same price.

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It's Getting Hot in Here

SUPERHOT for Windows
Store: GamersGate
Price: $12.30 (a low by $2)
Expiration: June 28

Time keeps on slipping... as long as you keep moving. In this first-person shooter, time moves when you move. Plus, there's no regenerating health bars and no ammo drops. You must fend off your enemies (who consistently outnumber you, by the way) with the weapons they lose when they fall. PC Gamer gives this one a score of 84, and praises it for its stylish look.

Of note, Steam has it for a close price of $14.99.

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Take Revenge

Dishonored 2 for Windows
Store: Steam
Price: $19.99 (a low by $20)
Expiration: July 5

Take on the role of supernatural assassin to seek your revenge in this first-person action adventure title. Trusted Reviews gives it the highest praise with an excellent score of 10 out of 10. It calls out the stealth gameplay, eye-catching world, well-designed missions, and more.

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Stuck in the Middle(Earth)

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor for PC or Mac
Store: Steam
Price: $3.99 (a low by $16)
Expiration: July 5

Fight through Mordor and confront the evil of Sauron in this open-world, fantasy adventure game. IGN gave it a rating of 9.3 out of 10, praising it for its combat and enemy progression. Play carefully, since dying matters in this game, and ultimately discover the origins of the Rings of Power.

Of note, Amazon has it for the same price.

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Abzu plus the digital soundtrack is available for $5.61, cheaper than buying Abzu alone. Go figure.
I'll second OminousG best bet on portal and portal 2! Great games, dirt cheap.

Also of note is Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 for $2.99. There's a massive amount of zombie fun here, and the price is incredible.
Prey is a mixed bag with great looks, but overly repetitive play as many of the review note, so the price is dropping like a rock.
Shadow of mordor is an overrated game in my opinion that is propped up by the middle earth fans. This monstrosity of a game is 43 gigs and the only thing you do is kill orcs using the batman combat system, basically a giant orc killing simulator.
Dishonored price 2 seems fair for being so new

As Omi mentioned, both portals is a great deal.

For the most part the bi annual Steam sales are basically the same things every six months and as mentioned many steam game prices can be beat by others out there if you look or wait patiently. Quantum break is 20 on steam now, but it's been 20 bucks many times on Amazon since it came out.
portal 1+ 2 for $2 is by far the best deal this sale if there is anyone out there who hasn't played the series yet.