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Skip Newt's $50 Photo Fee, Get a Pic with a Presidential Candidate for Free

Yesterday, news spread that Newt Gingrich's campaign had decided to charge $50 a pop for photographs taken with him at a campaign speech in Delaware. Now, we don't report on political issues, as we are, after all, a shopping website. But we do report on deals. And we just couldn't help but point out that there are some more thrifty options available for our Republican readers out there.

Photo and Video Preservation Services: The Price of Digitizing Your Images

Thanks to digital photography and video, the photos and films you capture now can be easily preserved as 0s and 1s, but what about all those cherished images of your youth and your family's lineage? How can you protect these pictures and recordings from the wrinkly fingers of Father Time? We've singled out five deal-friendly digitizing services that convert your physical photos and videotapes into digital formats to not only save your memories, but to also save you money along the way.

Photo Printing Services: The Price of Your Pictures

A lot of people thought that digital photography would make physical photographs obsolete. But it seems people still want photos to hold onto, to press into a scrapbook, or to stuff in a shoebox. In fact, the competition between photo printing services is so fierce that vendors, from pharmacy chain stores to exclusively online picture services, are vying for your business with enticing promotions. We look at six deal-friendly photo printing services to see what they have to offer for the money.