Skip Newt's $50 Photo Fee, Get a Pic with a Presidential Candidate for Free

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Photo illustration by Jeff Somogyi

Yesterday, news spread that Newt Gingrich's campaign had decided to charge $50 a pop for photographs taken with him at a campaign speech in Delaware. Now, we don't report on political issues, as we are, after all, a shopping website. But we do report on deals. And we just couldn't help but point out that there are some more thrifty options available for our Republican readers out there.

First of all, don't rule out the possibility of stealth photography; we've already detailed numerous items that feature hidden cameras, so we think you could pretty easily have a friend snap your photo while just talking to Newt. Or, while pretending to talk to him, but actually talking to the air several feet behind him; the same perspective trick that has allowed millions to fool their friends into thinking they're holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa will believably make it seem as if you're having an intellectual conversation with Mr. Gingrich. No one will even bother asking why your head seems kind of smaller in comparison.

Alternatively, who doesn't have some form of photo editing software these days? You don't even need to meet Newt Gingrich at all, and you can still have a braggy Facebook picture with him. We've already created a helpful template above! Just lasso your head in Photoshop or some budget editing program, hit COMMAND + C, and paste that sucker into immediate friendship. Excluding the cost of the software, that's the lowest price we could find for a personalized photo with Newt Gingrich by $50. [CBS News]

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