This 6-Second Video Perfectly Sums Up Amazon Prime Day

Did you try to get one of those flash-sale deals? Nice try.

One of our editors tried to buy an Amazon Prime Day deal last night (a particularly choice TV sale, to be exact), and he managed to capture this moment below, which we think aptly represents the frustration behind flash sales.

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

Did any of you encounter this while shopping yesterday? (We imagine the answer is probably yes.)

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I lost out on a deal because I relied on the Amazon iPhone app to alert me that my place in the waiting list was active. As instructed by Amazon, I downloaded the app. But what they failed to mention was that I'd actually have to go into the inner recesses of the app and change a setting in order to have Amazon message me about Lightning Deals. Niiiiiiice. :(
Most of the deals were of no interest to me. I do buy a lot of stuff from Amazon Warehouse, especially video games and electronics, and those two categories were an additional 15% off so that was actually a great deal. Got Destiny on PS4 for $11.54 and a Nexus 7 case for $3.44.
Another win for Walmart. I ordered the new FitBit Charge HR and got free shipping on it. They said it would arrive Wednesday 7/22, but the FedEx guy just delivered it. Another point for Walmart over Amazon.
Anything that worth buying or a little interesting to me are sold out instantly. And the registering system is broken too. Amazon did drop the ball, if they weren't planning for this.
Prime day was all hype and all mind games. We all got fooled! lol
i used the $20 off $100 coupon for amazon visa to clear my wish list.., and save $0.50. on some fish tank filters.., got a couple of things for the kids, but a lot of useless junk on sale, but the lightning week sale around thanksgiving also can be full of junk they need out of the warehouse.., overall, i was happy to come out a little ahead..,
Love Jing, useful software.
Hahahahahahahahaha. (Don't usually rant like this but..) What did u expect, Christmas, errr Thanksgiving in July?? Can't we as a society just be present in the moment with those we are with? We are slowly filling every week of the year with some "reason" to mindlessly consume! Some 'madness' or 'sale-abration' or black this or blue that or cyber-something, etc. etc. etc.
Jokes on you as mega corporations further break down long held family traditions by training the public to fill their days and nights with never ending advertising, subscribing, streaming, selling, buying and just flat out consumption of everything, all the time!!! Check yourself, a couple movies to "consume" that put it in perspective: Idiocracy & Wall-E. I'm off to the beach now
I didn't bother with Prime Day at all. Those lightning deals are just a waste of time if it's a popular item. The amount of anger & anguish isn't worth it, unless it is actual Black Friday, and you just want to self hate as you blow all your money on gifts for people.

If they say too much stress can shorten your life, then those lightning deals are just zapping the life out of you :P
Get this, I Was waiting for mattress topper to go live. Amazon price was $159.99 so when the time came I clicked add to cart and I got it! When I checked the price it was only 6% off for total of $149.99 and I didn't think that was much of a savings so I cancelled my order. I received a email from Amazon saying my order was cancelled. I woke up this morning to find I was charged $159.99 for the mattress topper.

Looking at the email Amazon sent me, is small print at bottom it says of you use a debt card for a transaction you may be charged and then see a refund in 1-2 business days.

So yeah I was not happy about prime day.
It was a waste of time and effort. If you even had the chance to click on the purchase, it was sold out or waiting list is full. I literally watched as a lightning deal was available...down to the seconds. As it flashed to allow to click on the was 100% Claimed and Waiting list full. Now, this was a watch... just a plain ole watch at a good price. What they only had one available?
I didn't see anything that reminded me of black Friday. Seen some other website saying that the deals were cheaper than last years black Fridays deals. Well ya the electronics are almost a year older now and all the new stuff is out how does that even compare. I got my best deal at newegg yesterday,
I was initially excited by this sale because several items I had been waiting to purchase were going to be lightning deals. However, the sale was a total frustration and waste of time. Most of the worthwhile items seemed to be instantly sold out with hundreds on the waiting list. Items that didn't sell out instantly could be found for sale elsewhere for the same or less. You couldn't bookmark items to get back to them quickly at sale time, but had to scroll through until you found them. Thank you LIndsay, for reporting on this & capturing our experience in video.
I had this happen on a fisher price item... thought it was my eyes. Tried a different item that was 0% claimed. When I clicked add to cart immediately after the button appeared, the window changed to 100% claimed and added me to the 500th spot on a waitlist - where my chances were listed as poor... thanks Jeff.
I foolishly spent several minutes waiting online for a Lightning Deal to become available on a DVD. I clicked through immediately, and the item was shown as already sold out AND the waiting list was full. Within seconds! Seems like a classic bait-and-switch, with largely fictitious discounts and virtually no stock actually available. The purpose of this event was to make me happier about being a Prime member. Instead, I now have a very negative feeling about Amazon's honesty.
I encountered the same thing on the same item - over and over again! SO not happy with wasting my time on that sale!
this amazon day was a total waste of time there were way more and better deals at walmart and newegg yesterday .
Greg the Gruesome
@bitinerant +1

@everyone else
They should've called Amazon Garage Sale Day instead.
Anthony S Jennings
I grabbed a bucket (yes, bucket) of Laffy Taffy during Prime Day. I'm pleased. I never go after impossible "deals" like cheap big screen televisions, or similarly priced laptops. I'm sure Jeff Bezos et al are sitting back giggling today at all the Prime membership signups they got yesterday (which was the point of Prime Day).
I clicked add to cart when the item became available and I got "You are on the wait list" right away. Waited 4 hours and it never pop up saying it available for purchase. Worst than Black Friday.
I clicked on an item immediately when it became available and got a message that I was 3rd on a wait list and the chances of getting it was good. I never got it, never even heard another thing about it AND I didn't buy anything on the sale. Complete waste of time.
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
@jeffcdealnews You clearly spent too much time hovering your mouse around the "add to cart" button.
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
@bitinerant Sorry, we were able to capture this moment via Jing, which appears to require Flash. I'll see if I can change that here, but we'll keep that in mind for the future.
DealNews, please don't require Adobe Flash. Those of us who care about security would also like to see the video. :-)
Jeffrey Contray (DealNews)
Mind you I saw this happen not only moments after the TV went on sale but also a full half-hour (when this screen cap was taken) after it had already sold out.
I was really disappointed with the "deals" yesterday. It really wasn't anything more than their regular daily lightning deals, with just a lot more items thrown onto the pile.

I have to tip my hat to their marketing folks though...a lot of people obviously jumped on the buying bandwagon, and Amazon got a lot of free promotion off of this was even mentioned on the NBC national news...twice.
Yep, happened to us too. @dealnews-mbonebright Bees? For real?
I guess that lightning lasts longer than that deal.
michael bonebright (DealNews)
I saw the same exact thing happen on a pair of shoes adorned with bees. BEES.