Super Bowl Ticket Prices Are at Their Lowest in a Decade Because of the Cold

Apparently, no one wants to pay thousands of dollars to sit in the cold for a few hours.

As football fans clamor for the arrival of Super Bowl Sunday, where the Seattle Seahawks will face off against the Denver Broncos, you may be surprised to know that it's not too late to buy a ticket to see the game in person — and that it's the most affordable Super Bowl in years. This isn't to say that a trip to the Super Bowl is a budget buy, but with ticket prices hitting as low as $585 on TiqIQ (they have since jumped around a lot, currently resting at an increased price of $1,363), it's shaping up to be the least expensive Super Bowl since 2002. But why are prices bottoming out?

Cold Weather on the Horizon

Super Bowl XLVIII will take place on Sunday, February 2 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. This is an outdoor stadium in the northeast, with temperatures predicted to be in the 30s come game day — it's the first time the Super Bowl has been played outdoors in a cold weather city.

Though meteorologists suggest snow isn't on the agenda for this Sunday, it's also not outside the realm of possibility — and either way, the weather will definitely be cold. Even for the NFL's biggest game, outdoor seating in that weather — especially for the premium prices Super Bowl tickets tend to go for — doesn't appeal to everyone.

While lower demand has led to lower prices for outdoor seating, prices for the stadium's club seating, which includes access to indoor lounge areas, has remained relatively high at $2,000 and up. For the more luxurious all-indoor suites, prices are hitting record highs — the lowest prices start around $470,000 and only go up from there. And as game day closes in, you probably won't be able to find any at all.

There's No Home Team to Root For

While the game is on the east coast, the teams that are playing are rooted firmly in the west, which means many diehard fans making the trek out to see the big game likely have a lot of miles to travel. Seattle is over 2,800 miles away from East Rutherford, while Denver is over 1,700 miles away — neither a short journey. And when you combine a long trip and freezing temperatures, fans are a lot more likely to stay home.

If local teams like the Jets, Giants, or Patriots had made their way into this year's Super Bowl, we might have seen a different story for ticket sales, with locals jumping on the opportunity to support their home team. However, with prices continuing to drop as game day approaches, it's possible that locals will decide catching the game in person is worth their while — even without their home team on the field — especially if the forecast warms up.

Readers, what do you think? Would you ever spend money to sit in the cold of New Jersey on Sunday? How low do you think ticket prices can go?

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Fidel Goodell blew it choosing the NE in the middle of winter. The 'regular' fans who have regular seats will likely have to endure about 7 hours outside in the cold weather- one of the sports channel gurus estimated.

Mandatory early arrival for the extra security measures, pre game atmosphere, the 1st half, half time show, 2nd half and then a long trudge back to hotel if a losing team supporter, celebration/ paint the town red mode if part of the victorious team.....

I think ticket prices will drop low enough to get the local NY/NJ area football fans to take in the big game. The overly inflated normal prices will likely jump back up on the day of the game.
@latintrident What about Ring worms?
Fans of both teams are too stoned to care.
And your Ring Pop must taste lake grapes... sour grapes.

Greg the Gruesome
I heard on the news on the radio today that rates for hotel rooms have dropped, too:
There are a lot of Manning fans out there but no many marquis players on Seattle. QB Wilson has lots of appeal, but big mouth Sherman doesn't draw fans.
Regardless of teams, if the game was in a warm weather place, Tampa, Miami, San Diego, or even an indoor stadium up north, it would be an easy sell out at higher prices.
Poor location for the big game.
I followed the link and the cheapest ticket is $1400. If it was really $585 as reported then I would have been in for a couple at least.
Haha! I'm a Niners Fan since I was a kid. Born and raised in SF. The reason why the price is low is because the SeaSucks are playing the Broncos. The only rings I hope Seattle takes home are Ring Pops.
LOL...cold my foot...boring teams playing!